According some mathematical whiz kids the truth is you can win the lottery without having to rely on luck.
If we are to believe the stories of some multiple jackpot winners then we must concede that there are multiple ways to beat the lottery – all legal and proven to work. On review page you will also find a lottery comparison chart for each of the systems reviewed for ease of use.
How Can I Win the Lottery?In order to guarantee yourself a lottery prize you need to start playing smarter not more often nor do you need to spend more money.
In fact you can even guarantee a jackpot win the first time you play by using proven mathematics. On this site you will find lottery advice from a 7-time lottery winner and 10 solid tips to help you play lotto games in ways that increase your odds of winning – by an enormous percentage (sometimes millions to 1). But, before you learn and use this lottery advice you should first understand why these tips work. You have obviously landed on this page because you are interested in gaining a win on the lottery. Most players would like to know if there is a way of beating the incredibly bad lotto odds a standard ticket purchase gives so they can gain a life-changing win. I realise that there may be a multitude of reasons for you being here and wanting a lotto win.
Or, perhaps you are like many other people who simply want a win because in order to carve out a better lifestyle; a life with all those little luxuries that only money can buy. I truly and sincerely hope that you are not in a similar situation to the one I once found myself in when I was struggling to pay the bills just to keep food on the table and the bailiffs at bay! Whatever your reason for being here I know that there is only one outcome that interests you so I won’t bore you with my story as I have already mentioned it in previous pages on this site and, after all, this about you not me.

Your first step to success in any lottery game is to make sure you are playing the smart way and not wasting your money on tickets that will never win. With astronomically bad odds of approximately 14 million to 1 against winning a standard 6 from 49 lottery jackpot I would strongly suggest you avoid using the same tactics as Ray Otero which, unfortunately, about 99% of players do.
You may be surprised to learn that the information I am about to reveal could indeed be worth millions to you just as it has been to so many others.
Well, although the lottery is often associated with blind luck, and many winners certainly are lucky, you should bear in mind that the lotto is a game of probabilities not a game of luck. Luck may be involved to a certain degree but the game itself is based in the law of mathematical probabilities not in blind chance or luck. For those of you who want to win lottery prizes this small distinction in description is very big big news when playing!!! You see the thing with a game based on probability rather than luck is that anything that is based on the law of probability can be manipulated.
By using the correct mathematics and working with the law of probability you can greatly decrease the odds of losing while increasing the odds of winning. When probability is understood and utilized in lottery games the results can be spectacular. Two of the most famous cases involve a man with a mathematics PhD., and a lady with a Statistics PhD. Although Ginther has never acknowledged that she used a system to win it seems unlikely that a Professor of statistical analysis relied solely on luck to beat a game that is based on probabilities!
With standard odds of millions to 1 against picking the correct winning lottery numbers prize to win more than once strains the theory that luck is the sole factor (if even a factor at all) in the lotto success of people who have had enjoyed owning more than 1 winning lottery ticket. Smashing the OddsWhen we look at Ginther’s wins from a statistical point of view we can clearly see that they are just too incredible to be due to luck alone.

How could this be down to pure blind luck when the probability of winning the lottery just once is so low and the chances of winning four times are so high? Blair openly admits that he used a system to beat the lottery which he shares on his website for a fee. Because the law of probability is at play in any lottery game there are ways to play the lottery that will mean you will almost certainly lose and there are ways to play that will greatly increase your chances of landing a top prize. It starts by learning how to wheel numbers so you can increase your odds of landing a big win by playing with more numbers than you normally would.
Top 10 Lottery TipsNext we give you 10 solid tips based on advice offered by 7 time winner Lustig. If you are interested in learning more about these proven strategies then watch the short news reel below for proof that such systems really do exist.
I have also added a review of each of the top ranking lotto systems that have each produced multiple winners. You just need to understand how lottery games are constructed to give each player an extremely low chance of winning so that you can employ proven mathematics to play in ways that increases your chances very significantly.
Maybe you are struggling financially and experiencing hardship – left only with the belief that nothing short of a lottery win will get you out of debt. Following these tips will help you to increase your odds of winning the lottery by many millions to 1 while at the same time greatly increasing the chances of winning smaller prizes.

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