I discovered Shannon's blog, Smile and Write, a couple weeks ago and learned that she had a very cool link-up that happens every Thursday! This is my first time joining in with this link-up, but I'm excited to get started and I think I picked the perfect time to start! Words have the power to harm, but they also have the power to speak love, truth, encouragement, and healing.
Enjoy and I hope they speak some encouragement to you today!  There are a lot of things in this life that can hold us captive.

Whether we are high on the mountaintops or down in the valleys, His love will find us there. One of the most interesting things about God's love is that it "surpasses knowledge." No matter how hard we try to understand, no matter how much we try to find logic in it, no matter how many times we crunch the numbers, we will never fully understand His love.
Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually there are so many things we can keep learning and adding to our lives.
He moved west to Salt Lake City, lived in Nevada for a time, moved to San Francisco, went to Hawaii, traveled to the Mediterranean.

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