Too many people consider Human Resources within an enterprise as one of those necessary evils that one must have to stay out of trouble. Therefore, Human Resource Management should be one of the critical core functions present at the highest levels of corporate leadership. 2.Forecasting future human resources needs , which includes both the employee requirements or demand needed to achieve corporate goals as well as current supply. 4.Ensuring that HR strategies and execution can leverage existing capacity and develop new resources to meet requirements. In addition, Molly summarized the important industry trends that need to be considered while doing strategic planning. In part 2, I will expand on how my two areas of expertise, diversity and career development, are central to human resource strategic planning and corporate success. All organizations, no matter how large or small, have three critical resources that must be used effectively for the organization to be successful. The main driver in the use of its resource is the mission and vision of the organization; these identify the reason for the use of the resource. The finance resource refers to the money or capital that is used to pay for or fund all the organization’s activities.
The amount of money required to successfully run an organization is calculated by the managers as they determine their needs for the accomplishment of their departments’ goals and objectives.
The human resource refers to the people whose knowledge, skills, and abilities are utilized to create and deliver the product and service.
There are three areas where plans are developed for effectively utilizing the human resource. Successful organizations have the right types and amount of people to perform the required duties to achieve the organizations’ objectives. When developing strategic plans, the management team ensures that the plans for each of the resources are developed in conjunction with each other. Andrea Soberg completed a Masters in Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto in 1984 and has been a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) since 1999. HRMA’s Job Board is BC’s only targeted HR career site — an online HR job board exclusive to our members. HCM expands their value even more – with enterprise solutions that transform your legacy HR program into a strategic asset for your mission and organizational goals.
They supply the workforce visibility needed to ensure personnel readiness and effective use of resources across organizations, in other words, the right talent in the right place at the right time.

Successful organizations have strategic and business plans that are specific to how these three critical resources are managed and utilized. This resource could be as simple as a pen used to write invoices or as sophisticated as a computer system that is used to design a product.
This typically includes identifying the costs of running the business and developing a budget for the ongoing expenses of the department. Each could be developed separately, but before a strategic plan is finalized there needs to be a matching of the requirements of each to the other. She is currently Dean of the School of Business at Trinity Western University and also leads the HR specialization for the School. Thank you so much for the great help that you have given me and thanks for sharing this info about strategic planning and hr planning. They automate and optimize the entire life cycle of HR activities – from hiring to retiring. The management team within an organization identifies the appropriate technology that is needed to achieve the mission of the organization. Once the type and amount of technology is identified, plans on where to purchase them or build them are developed. It also includes any capital assets that could be sold or used as collateral toward further loans or grants. These expenses include all those required for purchasing, maintaining and adapting technology and compensating all employees for the time spent working.
This is due to the fact that an organization could not be managed or products and services created and delivered without the use of the KSAs of people.
Once these people are working for the organization, their KSAs need to be kept current for the technology they are using or the clients with whom they are interacting. The interdependence means that the result of whatever is planned for and acted upon with one resource will have an influence on the plans of another resource. Organizational effectiveness is achieved when there is alignment between the technology, finance, and human resource strategic plans, and these plans are focussed towards achieving the mission. For the last 25 years she has also operated a consulting business that specializes in strategic human resource planning. And for personnel in any organization, public or private, modern enterprise HCM solutions provide immediate online access to reliable information and personalized self-service.
The type and amount of technology is determined by how much of a service or product the organization wants to create or deliver.

Just like the technology resource, there are three areas where actions are identified for the finance resource. Technology and money are also required to achieve the goals of the organization, but these resources cannot be utilized without some assistance from people. The management team and the HR professional must understand the link between the three resources and how best to develop strategic plans for each resource. The management team is responsible to the organization’s stakeholders to utilize and manage the three critical resources in a responsible manner.
Andrea has regularly volunteered for BC HRMA as a mentor, delivered workshops on HR planning, and was on the national team developing the exam questions for the National Knowledge Exam (NKE). An amount is identified by the goals outlined in the vision statement of the organization and in the strategic plan. Since organizations don’t usually want to lose a resource in which they have made an investment, they develop and implement systems that retain this resource. As the management team identifies the extent to which the technology, the money, or the people will be used the impact on one another is calculated. The type is identified by what is currently used in the industry and what would be most effective for the organization and its mission. These systems include identifying appropriate human resource management techniques to motivate the performance of the employees.
This picture shows that each resource is equal in importance and is connected to each of the other. This impact analysis is included in the development of the strategic plans for each resource. To effectively manage these new requirements, some technology may need to be adapted to deliver the product or service in the new way. If adaptation of the technology does not sufficiently address the need, organizations may resort to obtaining new technology.

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