Camelot, the operator of the National Lottery, has today launched an out-of-home campaign that matches messaging to live train departure times at railway stations. The geo-targeted boards reveal the number of people in the UK who are expected to become scratchcard winners before the next train departs, using data from National Rail and Transport for London, cross-referenced with scratchcard data. They feature an image of people forming a “human counter’ that displays data on their T-shirts. Commuters will see messages tailored to their location and the next departing train, such as, “Winners before the 09:05 to Norwich leaves?

The campaign was planned and bought by OMD UK, Havas Media and Talon, with production and technology by Grand Visual.
The train data is syndicated using OpenLoop, the digital out-of-home campaign management system. Additional contextual messages will run on supporting screens along key commuter routes, and on large screens in city centres. The results of the latest lottery draw are now on-line – click on the link to see if you’re a winner, and Good Luck!

It pulls in train data before contextualising messages for each individual site and pushing them live to the billboards.
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