Ok, so let's say that four of you have been assigned a group report and presentation on the continent of Europe, and as usual, the report needs a map. Researchers at Kent State University waded through thousands of reports that tackled how students study. If you haven't read Part I of Tricks for Avoiding Plagiarism on this site, you've missed the clues that warn you about the worst types of plagiarism. Although you are probably more into texting and social networking than emailing, there are times when you'll need to use email.
No matter how you use your digital devices to communicate, it helps if you use them cleverly and constructively. Tap room opens at 12PM to get help you get over those Monday blues with Happy Hour kicking off at 4PM. One of your group volunteers to search for a map online and download it for the group report and color it in-just like everyone else will do. This article is for students who write research papers and reports trying to follow all the guidelines for avoiding plagiarism. The purpose of this series is to demystify what teachers are looking for in an assignment when various technologies are involved.
They know you are excited about learning how to text and how to use shortcuts when you text and chat, and they will want to make sure you know when you can use those shortcuts.How You Talk Think about it. It's a quick response barcode that looks like a black and white square with smaller squares inside it. Enjoy 50% off core beer growler fills every day during GROWLER POWER HOUR 12PM-1PM using your Wynwood Brewing growler.
Your group's work will end up being the usual boring report with the usual boring map probably part of a PowerPoint or other similar slide show presentation. That's because your parents and teachers probably encourage you to underline and highlight what you read. While some teachers are very clear on what they are looking for, others are not for a variety of reasons. You talk with your friends differently than you do with your teachers, and you talk with your grandparents differently than you do with your brothers and sisters. Sure, we know you are capable of getting messages out and faster than we do, but before you send your messages, we're willing to bet that you don't do everything that could make your life and those who get your messages easier and more pleasant.
Sure, we know you know how to get a message out, but before you send your messages, we're willing to bet that you don't do everything that could make your life and those who get your messages easier and more pleasant.
Just present your Beertender with a business card, work schedule, pay stub, or come in uniform.
Our tasting room is open every Monday from 12PM-10PM, so you can get your liquid bread on straight from the source. We know there are kids who copy entire papers and hand them in, and we know there are kids who mix up a bunch of other people's work and submit that as their own. Of course, all of this is further complicated when some students think just because they use technology they should be rewarded with a high grade. You've learned that rules vary depending upon where you are and the people you are with.How You WriteIt's the same with writing. It takes forever to read them and find the stuff for the project.Your teacher gave your class her email address and explained that you could email her with questions you might have.
Just present your schedule, pay stub, or business card to your Beertender and let the pours begin! Just show your Beertender your work schedule, pay stub, business card, or come in uniform and enjoy 25% drafts ALL DAY.
Happy hour kicks off at 4PM where everyone can kick back and enjoy $4 fresh pints of our handcrafted ales.
You might pass it around the room for classmates to see, but by the time it gets to the second row, another group will be up front giving a report. These kids know they are plagiarizing-word stealing from other authors.Sometimes plagiarism is unintentional.
But when you start writing, you give credit for some of the ideas and words that came from others, but you also insert some passages that you don't properly identify. How an assignment is turned in may be changing, but what a teacher is looking for is not really a secret. Just present your Beertender with your business card, work schedule, pay stub, or show up in uniform. Just show your Beertender a copy of your work schedule, pay stub, business card, or come in uniform after work. Tonights class will start at 7PM and will be paining an acoustic guitar (see previous posts for image). Unless you are meticulous about your note taking and source citing, you could fall into what teachers and professors consider word theft, which translates into falling grades or worse. It may only seem that way and using our Teacher's Secrets Series checklists can help you figure it out.  Does it sometimes seem that when you go to do an assignment, especially one involving technology, you are not sure exactly what your teacher is looking for on the technology side of things? It's all English, but it's a different kind of English-different coding for what you want to say. It's just a silly joke, but your friend doesn't understand that you are joking and thinks you are making fun of her.Some kid sends you a not-so-nice-email. Stock up for the week on your favorite Wynwood brews with a fresh growler fill straight from our taps. Your group can download map pieces in printable sections and then put them together for a giant display. If you do read and want to get the best grades, hide your highlighter and get going with what's proven to work.NUMBER 1 BEST STUDY TECHNIQUETake your time learning the material. The answer is to be paranoid about plagiarism-so much so that you polish up your note taking and source citing and put some of these plagiarism detection tools to work:Turnitin's Write-Check not only checks your work against billions of resources, it helps you improve grammar, spelling, and style.
Sometimes this happens because you are a sloppy note-taker or are rushing to get the paper done, but sometimes you know what you are doing and think that if some parts are cited correctly, your teacher won't notice the parts that aren't.MASHUP - If you are a Mashup creator, you take parts from different sources and mix them to make them seem like a paper written by you. Sure you know how to turn in all the basics of a paper-based assignment, but when it comes to technology, do you wonder a bit?
One of the big problems with multiple codes is that sometimes when you are writing, the wrong code seeps into places where it shouldn't be.
We also have T-shirts, Work Shirts, glass wear and… There are still spaces available for Vine Club! Enjoy 50% off core beer fills using your Wynwood Brewing growler during GROWLER POWER HOUR daily from 12PM-1PM. Ferlinghetti when, at ninety years of age, he read at City Lights Books in San Francisco, and signed that very edition of the magazine for me, inspiring me all over again.A A On this website, you'll not only find photos, videos and more that have to do with my life as an author, but other things that are important to me, too. You can wow your audience with a map that will fill up a wall or maybe you'll decide on one that's the size of a large tabletop. Your paper is returned just like it was when you submitted it-except that it will have corrections and suggestions on it. You don't bother to credit your sources, for you write without citing-either mistakenly thinking that what you are writing is yours or intentionally trying to make it look like yours. Introduction - Everyone is going to be evaluating your podcast right from the first note of music, background sound effect, or word out of the narrator's mouth-so be ready to make an impression right from the start. That's why computer slang, expressions, and abbreviations came about.So, when you are texting a friend, you use a certain code-a fast way to write on the computer. With so many people having smart phones (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) and iPod Touches today, think of how handy these codes could be, for instance, if they were in your textbooks. The class is only $35 and includes the lesson along with all materials and your choice of a Wynwood brew. A I enjoy hearing from people who've read my work, attended one of my workshops or conferences, or whom I've met at one event or another.A  I'm always interested in people who live somewhere I don't or think differently than I do.
Read the material carefully when it is first assigned, and then read it over from time to time before the big test.
We know it can get confusing when you've spent lots of time learning about your topic and sometimes, unless you've been meticulous with your note-taking, you may start thinking that the ideas came from your head. Be sure to:draw the audience in by starting with a catchy first line or posing a clever question or a question that your audience can relate toidentify who is speaking, when the podcast was produced and where the speaker is locatedestablish the purpose of your podcast3. That is the way it has always been at school - all teachers are different and none of them create assignments in the same way.Here is a checklist that can help you produce a quality PowerPoint (or Keynote or other slide presentation) the next time one is assigned.

You have an aunt who loves photography, so she sends emails with huge files of her best work.
All you'd have to do is to take a picture of the code and the code reader could give you a URL for a specific video showing you how to solve a math problem or text information to help you with what you are studying.Reading and Generating CodesOn DesktopsTo read QR codes on desktop computers, you'll need to make sure the computers have QR Reader and Adobe Air installed. I spend some time every day if I can on social networking sites, because the world and the people in it are all interesting. You write on combining what you've learned into a Mashup, which won't do much for your grade.404 ERROR - Maybe you know lots about your topic and decide to just go ahead and write without bothering to look up sources to find out anything new. They are worried about whether there will be chaperones, but you say you can take care of yourself and it will be embarrassing not to go. It makes you so angry that you post some pretty bad things about your parents on your social networking site.
All your group has to do to get started on your map making is to go to National Geographic's MapMaker Kits and select the map you want. Delivery - How you deliver the information in this format is certainly almost as important as what you deliver so:rehearse the WHOLE podcast just the way you are going to deliver ituse a conversational style - this is not just a report you are reading out loud instead of delivering it in class enunciate, use an expressive voice, and try to establish some kind of rhythm to keep the audience listeningmake sure your grammar is correct!5.
Your participation may count for a grade, so you'll want to know what code is acceptable for this type of schoolwork. One of the big problems of knowing two codes (regular English and text code) is that sometimes when you are writing, the wrong code slips into places where it shouldn't be. When you see it, you can't imagine why anyone would send something like this, but the sender looks like it's you. Then you remember that your teacher requires a certain number of sources, quotes, and all that. It's from your email address.You send an email to your social studies teacher and keep waiting for him to reply.
Join us this Holiday for our Toy Drive: TOYS FOR PINTS and help us donate gifts to less fortunate children in our community. Viper is a free service available to MS Windows users that calls itself a Turnitin alternative.
You find parts of your paper that you can make look like quotes, and you cite your quotes by making up sources that sound good to you, but don't actually exist. You'll need to:ask open-ended questions be ready with follow up questionstry to keep the information you get from the interviewee relevant 6.
He finally sends you the answer-three days later when you don't need the information anymore.One of your best friends thinks it's cute to write emails in lots of colors and to add those silly clip art animations. When you see it, you can't imagine why anyone would send something like this, but the sender looks it's you. Going MobileTo read the codes on your mobile device, you'll need to install a QR reader (see Sites to Check below on selecting your reader) on your phone or iPod Touch. Until December 22nd if you bring a nice, new, unwrapped toy, worth $10 or more you will receive one FREE 16oz. That way your brain will be able to better absorb it and remember it.PUT YOUR DIGITAL DEVICES TO WORKWhy not try an app like Quizlet?
It compares your work, like Turnitin, to over 10 billion resources, allows you to test any length paper, lets you resubmit your revised paper, and gives you a side-by-side comparison to copy that appears to be plagiarized.
You might also cite sources that exist, but don't have much to do with what you've written. Graphics, Music and Sounds - Remember these elements need to:assist in presenting the overall theme and enhance what is being said in the podcastbe copyright free or copyright cleared with appropriate documentation7.
Introduction - This is the first slide (or set of slides) the teacher is going to see, so be careful to: present the overall topicdraw the audience in by using a compelling question or a stunning or startling graphicrelate the topic to the audience's interests or goals3. Open the reader, ask the reader to open your camera (it may just do this automatically) to take a photo of the code (or you can use a photo of a code you've stored on your computer), and instruct the reader to decode (it may do this automatically as well).Generating Your OwnThe great thing about these codes is not only that you can get quick information from them but also that they are easy to generate. Next, watch the MapMaker video and then download the Mega Map Tutorial, which will give you simple instructions for printing and assembling your map, whether it is a Mega or Tabletop. You should know that nine months after you submit your paper to Viper, your work will be available online.
If you cite properly, you think you can get away with a 404 paper, but you probably won't.AGGREGATOR - Watch out for aggregation. Technical Production - If this is your first podcast, you might want to make a shorter one just to practice the technical side of creating one first. Content - The content needs to be:a set of talking points - don't read your presentation from your slides.
Don't include any computer slang or abbreviations, make sure you write in good sentences and paragraphs, spell correctly, and add punctuation.Also, keep in mind that when you email teachers, you'll want to use proper English. Don't include any computer slang or abbreviations, make sure you write in good sentences and paragraphs, spell correctly, and add punctuation.Keep in mind that when you email your teacher, you'll want to use proper English.
He emailed you back and this went on for about a zillion emails, which didn't solve the problem.Your father is just learning to use his computer, and he is proud that he knows how to send attachments. You are really confused.You send an email to your baseball coach and keep waiting for him to reply. You are texting silly messages to friends, when someone suggests you send a sexually embarrassing message to that weird kid who has been following your group around.When your parents think you are in bed, you get up to communicate online.
In fact, you can make your own in a few seconds by going to a site like Kaywa.Using QR Codes QR codes are not really a new technology - they are basically sophisticated bar codes - BUT being able to generate them yourself is somewhat a new thing and people are still figuring out how to use them. Let's say your groups opts to go big and take on the Mega Map, 12 feet wide and 8 feet high.
Instead make the content a list of talking points that you need to remember to include in your presentation.clearconcise ( unless directed otherwise - no full sentences)logical use plenty of supporting informationreinforce the topicgive the audience a clear sense of the main ideaaccuratecurrent or timelycome mainly from primary sources (these can include original letters and diaries, personal observations, interviews, first-hand accounts, newspaper articles, magazine articles, journal articles, Web pages, audio recordings, video productions and photography)4. He finally sends you the answer-three days later when you don't need the information anymore.Your best friend thinks it's cute to write emails in lots of colors and to add those silly clip art animations. Oh, well, the relationship didn't work, but I did get to see some beautiful places.Photo taken of me by a local (unknown) photographer when I was 23 years oldA Once, I was on the northern border of Greece with my twelve-year-old son during a time when it was a war zone. Know the Secrets - Want to find out more about how to create a podcast in an app like GarageBand or Keynote or other creation tool? Checking Your WorkBecause you may be spending more and more time texting, it will be very easy for you to make a mistake and put texting code into your regular schoolwork. Imagine yourself the recipient of your message and consider how you'd feel when you opened it. We were there because I needed to attend a very important book convention in Salonika, and didn't want to leave my son behind. Be ready with a printer (color is not needed), scissors, and transparent tape.Have digital devices, laptops, atlases or other tools ready to look up information you want to add to your map. Take time before you start to look at a tutorial on the Apple site or do a search for the tool you are using on the Internet for more information. If your teacher allows you to send your work electronically, it's way too easy to just press send or place your work in the dropbox without going over it carefully.
You probably won't put in the abbreviations because you'll notice that mistake quickly, but make sure that you are putting capital letters at the beginnings of your sentences, periods at the end of sentences, and adding proper punctuation and spelling everywhere.To make sure you don't get lower grades because you accidentally use texting code, you'll need to proof-read carefully. Don't ever send or post anything when you are angry because chances are, you'll regret pressing Send or posting online. The next week, a hijacker from one of the warring factions killed a young Greek passenger on the same route we'd taken only the week before. Just remember: Don't submit anything without giving it a thorough check-not a browse through.
AnnoyingPeople don't usually think of others when they are sending emails, or in some cases, they may think their recipients appreciate what they are sending. Remember that personal problems with your parents, teachers, and friends are private, not meant to be spread to your digital community.
When using poster board, paste the codes onto your poster (address labels work well) and complete the rest of the poster. Subjects like these build upon what you learned before, which means if you cram the night before a test, you may remember it well enough to do okay on the test, but not well enough to use in the future. Your layout needs to:be visually pleasing contribute to the overall message appropriately use headings and subheadings be conscious of white space -watch out for crowding or slides with too many gaps6.
An exception to this rule would be for grandparents, great aunts, and people like that who love long emails and nice photographs from you.2. What you add to the map will depend upon your assignment.  Maybe you'll add physical features like mountain ranges, rivers, and seas along with cities, and divisions between countries?

The software examines your work for its similarities with open online sources and gives you a report in which possible plagiarized areas are highlighted; links to sources you may have used are provided.
There's almost nothing original in it, and that's not good.RE-TWEET- Re-Tweeting is when you do a good job of citing your sources, but your writing is too much like the sources you used.
Citation - Make sure you find out if you need to cite your sources in your slide presentation - sometimes if you are handing in a written paper as well it is not necessary.
Read your work slowly word by word and for big projects like papers, reports and presentations, ask your parent to take a look at your work. If you have a problem with school or the kids at school, it's better to talk directly to your teacher than to write out the problem in email.
To see some really adorable ones who posed for me while reading one of my books, check out the FUN AND FREEBIES PAGEA Dancing at my engagement party. Perhaps you'll create a system of symbols to show railroads, airports, ports, and even vacation destinations? Studying over time will help you avoid this problem.WHAT ABOUT OTHER STUDY METHODS?Perhaps you've tried mental imagery or giving yourself clues to remember something? You can request a free trial credit to see if you want to put PlagiarismDetect to use for checking your papers.There are quite a few other plagiarism prevention services you might want to try. It's a bit different, and you've been honest about whose ideas or words you are using, but it's not different enough to be your own paper.
But if you need to cite your sources watch out to:properly site your sources use the appropriate citation format (check with your teacher as to the style they want you to use - MLA or APA or other)7. If you add a QR code, it can also become a quick way to get to a pronunciation for a word you are having problems with without having to search for it every time.QR Codes can lead to websites, podcasts, videos, music and more - but sometimes just plain old text will do. Maybe you've tried explaining to yourself what you are reading while you are reading, mixing up different types of problems, or .
Some of these include IThenticate, PlagiarismChecker, Checkfor Plagiarism, PlagScan, and Academic Plagiarism.
Re-tweeting is also when you use a paper you've previously written in an attempt to change it around to make it into a nice, new paper.
Graphics, Sound, Animation and Video - One of the great things about PowerPoint, and the other slide show creation programs, is how easy it is to add graphics of all kinds and sound.
Maybe it's the way you communicate with your friends, but adults, especially English teachers, school administrators, and your relatives, will cringe at emails written in computer slang and without proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation. Never, ever use computer slang or forget to write with good grammar, punctuation, and capitalization when you are writing to adults.4.
Many adults, including teachers, aren't online as much as you may be, and some do not use certain forms of digital communication or perhaps any form of digital communication. When you generate your QR code, you have the option of just creating a text of 250 characters for someone to read immediately on their reader.
It's fine if you think your mom's is better, but still --- this is not a boast ---- my tiramisu and salsa puttanesca are legendary. Talk to your teacher ahead of time to find out if you can attach it to a wall in your classroom or spread it out on the floor for everyone to see. Remember that if you are only worried about online sources, you can always try a Google search or free services like Plagium and Copyscape to check to see if what you have written is on the Internet.For the most part, plagiarism prevention service offer quick and easy-to-use ways for you to make sure your paper is legal and ready for submission. When writing to adults, keep your writing in standard English and don't add color or graphics. Keep in mind that many people don't like messages written in different colors and don't appreciate graphics and animations in their emails.5. They may have the ability to text, for example, but they may not text, and if they do, they may not check their messages for days. If you use a Tabletop map, your group members can hold it up in front of the room or it can be attached to a bulletin board. You might want to try running your paper through several of the services to see how the reports differ and which ones work best for you. Most students who plagiarize-unless the paper is a clone-use a variety of these illegal methods of research, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Remember these elements need to:assist in presenting an overall theme and enhance the understanding of the concepts, ideas and relationships you want to emphasizebe clear and vivid.
If you want an answer, you've got to make a good impression.Keep in mind that many adults aren't online as much as you may be, so you can't expect an instant reply to your notes. You can't expect an instant reply from everyone including teachers-even other kids.If you and your friends aren't respectful to others online, then guess what - you are bullies. Keep in mind that some only check for online sources, some are for-pay, and there are sites that harvest your papers to make available to other students.
Perhaps that would be useful on a poster, a map where you have little or no room to write, or anywhere where space is a problem.Help Us Help Others!Got ideas for using QR codes in homework? So why spend your time using them?WHAT'S NEXT?Set up a quick study schedule on your computer or digital device. When you are on some plagiarism prevention sites, you may also notice services for helping you write and edit your work.
Writing Mechanics - Errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, usage and grammar repeatedly distract the viewer.
Send them to us!* It seems there is a program in Nigeria to help farmers harvest snails instead of being tempted to slaughter gorillas for bushmeat. Be sure to:proofreadeditand otherwise scrutinize what appears on the screen - more than one great presentation has lost credit for mechanical errors (more than 3 usually spells disaster)9. So-think ahead when you email adults and perhaps some of your friends.The worse type of emails contain jokes and text that can be taken the wrong way by the recipient, and those that are meant to embarrass someone.
You can't expect an instant reply from everyone including teachers-even other kids.If you and your friends aren't respectful to others online, then you are bullies.
The Little Things - Make sure to look over the project directions to remember little things like the need to put the title on every screen or to include slide numbers.
Do you really want to try to make yourself look tough in front of your "friends" by embarrassing someone else? Try being clever and constructive rather than negative, compassionate rather than cruel, positive rather than petty.
Pull out your digital device and go through your flashcards when you have free time-like when you are waiting in line.
People can't see your face when they open the email, and not knowing you are joking, may feel offended. If you have any doubts how your show is going to look on a big screen, be sure to ask to try out a piece of it in advance.10.
Know the Secrets - Want to find out more about how to use a slide creation program like PowerPoint or Keynote?
Word gets around, you know.There's an EMAIL CHARTER online which has some helpful suggestions about saving time when using email.
Get your parents' permission before you open attachments and THINK carefully before forwarding any email or attachments.10. That's because the CHARTER makes sense and will save you and everyone else from wasting time with email you don't want. Put your common sense to work.There's an EMAIL CHARTER online, which has some helpful suggestions about saving time when using email.
A  A I keep in touch with many of my former pupils, some from as far back as thirty years ago. That's because the CHARTER makes sense and will save them and everyone else from wasting time with email they and you don't want. No fancy fonts, colors, and flashing animations.If you ask questions in an email, make sure the answers can be brief and easy to answer. If the text in an attachment is only a few sentences, put the text in the email, not in an attachment. For other attachments, think first before sending.If the message can fit in the subject line, type it there and follow it with EOM, which means end of message.
If you don't need a response to your email, end it with NNTR, which means there's no need to respond.

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