Hult took the critical skills identified by leading CEOs and integrated the development and measurement of those skills directly into our curriculum. The 18 soft skills deemed critical by the CEOs we interviewed form 3 core competencies: Interpersonal Influence, Team Collaboration, Adaptive Thinking. Hult students undergo a continuous process of leadership skills training, application, and coaching throughout their program.
During the first weeks of the program in Immersion, students take part in workshops and receive detailed guides on the competencies and skills.
Following the simulation, students receive peer feedback based on their performance in the simulation and carry out a self assessment that identifies where the gaps in their skill set are.
Each triad also has a professional Leadership Development Coach that they will meet with at key points throughout the year to review their progress and plan next steps. At the start of the program, students film themselves practicing a particular skill in a “before” video. In each of the first three modules, students participate in in-depth workshops that concentrate on one of the three critical competencies. I have developed my leadership skills on so many levels as a result of the Hult MBA program.
We begin charting each student’s progress from their first week of the program and, by graduation the results are significant. Over 85% of our students show a significant improvement in all three core competencies over the course of the program.
Melanie relishes sharing the knowledge she has gained as an independent management consultant and team leader for global companies such as IBM and Ernst &Young— especially in the areas of brand management, organizational development, and operational strategies. I love working with Hult students one-on-one to help them discover their potential as leaders.

Get in touch to discuss our program’s curriculum and get answers to questions you might have.
Humayun Bashir moves into his new role after a 13 year tenure as CGM for Pakistan, during a 35 year career at IBM. Humayun Bashir who has been named Business Development Executive for IBM Middle East and Africa.Adnan Siddiqui was previously Country Sales Manager for IBM Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Humayun Bashir will assist Adnan Siddiqui during the transition beginning in September 2012. Adnan Siddiqui has increased IBM’s presence in Pakistan many folds and has been constantly contributing to the company’s growth in the market.
So we interviewed 100 of the world’s leading CEOs who told us they need candidates with stronger soft skills in influencing people, collaborating in teams, and thinking creatively.
Skills such as persuasively selling an idea, coaching team mates for performance and growth, and seeing underlying patterns in complex situations. Central to this process is constant feedback and support from peers and professional coaches.
They then do a simulation designed to help them understand what these skills mean in practice and where they currently stand in terms of their development level.
Based on this assessment, they select 3 skills that they will focus on developing to a high level for the remainder of their program. Students are placed into “triads” – groups of three peers who will coach, assess, and feedback on each others’ performance and development.
These coaches are members of Hult’s faculty who specialize in leadership development, advising, consulting, and training some of the world’s top executives in leadership skills. For example, if they’ve decided to focus on persuasively selling an idea, they will film themselves pitching a business model.

They then practice the skills associated with that competency for the remainder of the module.
This chart shows students’ average scores at the start of their program compared to the end.
Melanie feels particularly passionate about inspiring a new generation of exceptional business leaders through role modeling, which led her to found the Black British Business Awards in 2012. This usually means going beyond the usual stereotypes of power to identify your true sources of inspiration. We are committed to bringing innovative solutions to our diverse client base, helping them overcome their business challenges.
Adnan has exhaustive knowledge of IBM’s offerings and keeps contributing to technical and business periodicals. He has been an active member of Aman Ki Asha Initiative for Trade and Relations with India. He is currently President of OICCI (Overseas Investors Chamber) and was President of American Business Council, 2011. Towards the end of the program, they will repeat the exercise in an “after” video to see how they have progressed. I am confident the company will continue on this growth path in Pakistan under the leadership of Adnan Siddiqui,” said Humayun Bashir.

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