A Des Moines, Iowa, man won a $100,000 lottery jackpot without matching a single number in the lotterya€™s winning drawing.
Robert Howe, 75, on Monday became one of the few people to ever win the a€?All or Nothinga€? lottery by matching zero numbers in the drawing. Howe, who was not available for comment, will take home $70,000 after taxes, the spokesman said. The a€?All or Nothinga€? game debuted in January 2014 and has since awarded the $100,000 grand prize only 11 times in all. Drawings for the game occur two times per day, seven days a week, according to the lottery. Millions lottery ticket was purchased in Queens.Take our PollLotto money?Do you play the Mega Millions?
Women like Susan Rick thought the $250,000 Illinois lottery winning jackpot would help her out quite a bit when her boyfriend won the quarter of a million dollars, but instead, the Illinois lottery sent them an IOU due to a budget impasse.

As previously reported by the Chicago Tribune, Illinois was the first state to allow the purchase of Illinois lottery tickets via their lottery gaming app. However, with a lottery payment delay in Illinois, lottery players find it dampens the spirit of the game, with gamblers not knowing exactly when they would be paid in the event they won more than $25,000. There have been no reports as of yet as to how the delay in payments to Illinois lottery winners due more than $25,000 in winnings have affected sales of Illinois lottery tickets, either via the mobile Illinois lottery app or in-person sales via Illinois lottery retailers.
Springfield, IL - The Little Lotto winning numbers from Tuesday, April 10, 2012 are 9, 12, 29, 33, 35.
As of April 10, the biggest lottery jackpots in the world are Italy's Superenalotto ($107 million), Powerball ($94 million), EuroMillions ($51.5 million), and Mega Millions ($31 million).
On April 14, Spain's Loteria Nacional will hold a special lottery draw with $110 million in cash prizes. Players win the $100,000 jackpot if they either match all 12 of the winning drawn numbers or none of the numbers, as Howe did.

Since July 1, payments are on hold for winners winning more than $25,000, reports the Chicago Tribune in a new video about the Illinois lottery payment troubles to due the state’s budget issues.
As long as the lottery players were geo-targeted as being within the Illinois state lines, they could purchase tickets. In an effort to help those with gambling problems not spend too much money on the app – Illinois mobile app lottery players were capped at a $3,500 monthly spending limit. The game was well received due to its delightful gameplay, cute lead character, and innovative level design.

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