If you fail to communicate to your personal and business networks that you’ve begun a crowdfunding campaign, it’s very possible that your campaign will get no traffic, social sharing, or pledges. You can combat this undesirable outcome through marketing and constant communication with your network about your startup and crowdfunding campaign. Happy backers are as likely to spread the word about your awesome crowdfunding campaign as irritated backers are to spread the word both in person and on social media about what an unorganized, unresponsive crowdfunding campaign you are conducting. While updating your backers is a great way to keep them happy and informed, you don’t want to overwhelm them with information. Aside from your initial marketing and updates, you’ll need a way to fill in the gaps between major communications. Let’s look at an example: An employee has been involved in the private sector since he finished his tour of duty in the army.
After then spending some time in the private sector with little to no positive feedback from leadership, he was astounded and unprepared when he finally encountered a work environment where management was positively involved. An employee caught a flaw in a government document that was in final design and about ready to be put on to the printing press for a two-day 200,000 impression run.
He was then surprised when in this instance, not only their supervisor but sales and an owner came down, shook his hand and said “Good Job.” That’s it. Leadership continued to let them know when something needed to improve but they also apprised them of when things were going well. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

The Importance of Communication Alex Dressler This would be so much more useful if we weren’t 5 feet away from each other.
Don’t go over the top with visuals in presentations, although having some visuals can be a good thing.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. One way to promote a positive image (and get great word of mouth marketing) is to keep backers informed and feeling like part of the action through updates on your crowdfunding campaign. You can do this with minor social media updates, email blasts,and even phone calls or text messages. While the importance of communication and positive feedback has become more commonplace in today’s workplace, there still is a way to progress even further.
The individuals in a leadership position, while holding their employees to high standards would actually come and communicate to someone when they performed well. All the editors had missed it and even though it wasn’t his job to read through the text, he habitually did it anyway out of personal work ethic. This is a key factor in employee performance when speaking of the difference between positive feedback and leadership apathy in the workplace. However, if they work hard and take pride in what they produce, positive feedback will make them even more happier and involved.
You should post these on the campaign itself rather than emailing them out so that potential backers can view communications and feel reassured about the campaign’s legitimacy.

All that’s needed in the intermediate communications is a small thank you, day to day update, or fun (and easily shareable) picture.
As a result, it left him confused as to whether or not his performance was simply adequate or actually good.
Over his career, he had caught many a typo or design error and never heard word one from management or sales about how much money it had saved the company.
No feedback leaves employees confused and anxious which negatively impacts their performance. Major product milestones, investor interest, or company pivots make fantastic updates as they are interesting, key developments or achievements, and show forward movement by the business. The point of these small updates is to entertain and maintain a constant flow of reassuring, consistent information from your startup to backers (and potential backers).
He began not only to perform his job out of personal pride but out of loyalty to the company.

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