Marketing and communication pros share their tips for how companies can foster better communication (and collaboration) among employees, as well as improve customer communications.
In todaya€™s fast-paced world, where it seems almost everyone suffers from some degree of ADD, it is harder than ever for companies to get peoplea€™s attention. At Scrum Gathering Orlando, I ran an experiential workshop titled Improve your communication through non-verbal rapport. Amazingly, only 7% of communication is based on words while 38% is based on tonality and 55% on physiology.
The Mehrabian Study produced these numbers to quantify the importance of non-verbal communication. Caution: These exercises are here for those who attended the workshop and want to use them to help others. This exercise is about getting an internal sense of how important rapport is in conversation. This exercise is about practicing rapport and getting a sense of what it is like for rapport to be broken. These are some of the skill that I learned as an NLP (NeuroLinguisticProgramming) Practitioner. I strongly recommend Wauneen McMonagle Innergize Training if you are interested in building skills in this area.
I did the drawings to prepare for the session and to share information afterwards with participants. Barriers to communication among employees can lead to misunderstandings, affect productivity and create an unhealthy working environment.
Communication issues will vary from business to business so it is important to look into the root cause of the problem. The employers or owners of the company have a big role to play in maintaining and encouraging communication among employees. Keeping your costs in check, it is important to conduct employee training on how to improve communication among themselves. Communication, in the same way, is a series of spontaneous thoughts and rhythms that can fall into a groove. Find out what your team members value, what they’re good at and how these talents can best work together. In order for all your team communications to be on point, an overall vision and plan is needed.

Know what kind of talent your roster contains and leave room for their gifts to shine when they are most needed; a good leader creates space for individual abilities to blossom while aligning those talents toward a mutual goal. With these elements in order, focusing team communications to foster new ideas and approaches will create superior results.
All team communications should be a pleasurable experience, especially when everybody is on the same page. Find a simple method or angle in which the team can enjoy themselves, and you will increase productivity stemming from a positive team work ethic. When considering the matter of how to improve communication skills, it’s important to note that team communications are first rooted in conversation.
This applies not just to consumers (prospective or existing customers) but to employees as well. I have found Practitioner as well as Master Practioner skills to be an important part of my toolkit as an Agile Coach.
Although all of the above is valid, a greater truth is that all that really matters is what you think about someone. Some employees will understand the company’s goals and requirement, while others will need personal attention. Some businesses discourage employees from interacting too much among themselves, but that ultimately spreads negativity.
Arrange bi-monthly or monthly group discussions where employees can give suggestions and speak about their problems.
While rock and roll and hip-hop and other styles of music definitely incorporate the free form model in various ways, jazz is defined by it. This groove is where dyadic relationships are formed–and where expression and ideas can best flourish. Making a positive goal with your team communications cannot happen without first identifying the passions and strengths within the group. A team that isn’t enjoying themselves to some degree, means that the whole group may be suffering.
So what can you do to improve your internal (employee) and external (customer) communications, so that people will pay attention to, read and respond to your messages?
My only tools were a flip chart and some markers, so the purpose of this post is to provide details for attendees as well as provide visibility to anyone interested in better communication. While some may have added importance to the company, however, showing the rest of the staff that their work is also being valued will provide them added security.

While drawing a line is always necessary, it is also essential to allow employees share ideas and skills which creates a healthy workplace environment. Thinking that employees can easily be replaced will create uncertainty, where the workers will always fear losing their jobs. The bonuses should not be restricted to monetary gains as a company can always hold sponsored events, such as arranging company lunches, dinners or other recreational activities.
True conversation is jazz; and just as in any band, a smooth-flowing team dynamic needs the right leadership.
Ideally, the plan encourages each team member to think of different directions that may lead to success. If someone is hindering the team, communications with others will not be effective – leaving you with a bigger problem.
Dozens of marketing and communication experts share their nine top strategies for improving business communication.Internal (Employee) Communication Tips1.
Remember that you have invested in advertising and training and the only way to get a return is to show considerable faith in the abilities of your employees. That leader must align the team in such a way, that the best of talents can be expressed in a unified manner.
After all, structured notes played verbaitim off sheet music does not always equal beautiful music. It is the talent of individuals learning to play together and improvise, that truly provides music for the ears.
Create an online forum where employees can easily share information and respond.A  a€?Create a forum where employees can communicate with each other,a€? says Kristina Roth, CEO of Matisia Consultants.
Use Google Hangouts or Skype.a€?Employee communication is a challenge at Doubledot Media because we literally have employees all over the world,a€? says Simon Slade, CEO, Doubledot Media.
To ensure that workers know whata€™s going on, and is expected of them, a€?provide a weekly status report for the priorities and projects that theya€™re working on, followed by short and simple feedback from managers and executives,a€? he suggests. That way, a€?employees can prioritize which messages require immediate action, and which they can return to at a later time.a€?5. And bringing far-flung employees together in one place, physically, while helpful, can be expensive.

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