The purpose of the social style model is to help you know your team and yourself better in order to improve your ability to communicate with each other and avoid misunderstandings.
Social style is a theory created by two psychologists a€“Roger Reid and David Merrill, who positedA that everyone has natural behaviours and a preferred style of communication.
Assertiveness is the way in which you are perceived to influence the thoughts and actions of others.
Responsiveness is the way in which you are perceived to express feelings when communicating with others.
If you plot your responsiveness and assertiveness against those two dimensions you find your style: Analytical, Driver, Amiable or Expressive, as shown in the diagram below. People are generally not good observers of their own behaviour, and therefore, the perception of your team might beA the best way to measure your style. There is no right or wrong style a€” no one style is more successful than another and no one style is better suited for a leadership position than another. Now that you have an understanding of the social styles theory, and you sat down with your team and determined where each one of you belongA in the quadrant, you can start focusing on how to make this understanding help you communicate better. Dona€™t try to shoehorn people into the four boxes or expect them to behave a certain way because of their style.
On the contrary, use your understanding of their social style to alter your own behaviour as you communicate with them. Make an effort to adjust your assertiveness and responsiveness behaviours, and then observe your efforts.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The aviation industry has made great strides to improve passenger and employee safety over the past 50 years. Recent technological advancements, however, have made wireless headset systems the best practice for enabling team communication and addressing safety challenges on the ramp. FSF notes human factors are the primary culprit in ramp accidents; issues such as malfunctioning equipment and inclement weather play a lesser role.
This extreme noise likely contributes to airline employees suffering four times as many lost workdays and nearly 12 times as many injuries from hearing loss as the industrial average.
Wired headsets can offer hearing protection and clear communication, but tether the individual to the aircraft intercom. Viewed against a dangerous and costly backdrop, clear team communication is obviously essential to create a safe, productive and effective work environment on the ramp. A typical wireless pushback and towing configuration uses a portable transceiver for continuous two-way communication among one or more wing walkers and the tractor operator during aircraft movement. To optimize the flow of communication and minimize chatter, the system is configured so that all team members can hear the pilot, but only the tractor operator can talk directly to the flight deck. In addition to pushbacks and towing, wireless team communication systems can also be used to improve safety and efficiency during deicing, cargo and maintenance operations. Wireless headset systems are available in a wide variety of configurations and price ranges. Full-duplex wireless headsets leave the wearer’s hands free, provide freedom of movement and eliminate the wires that previously tethered ground personnel to an aircraft or belt pack.Wireless communication systems are affordable. About the Author: Michael Walsh is the director of business development for Flightcom Corporation and oversees wireless ground support communication systems worldwide. Thanks to an $18,000 grant from UCSF Library’s Instructional Grants Program, a team of educators from across three UCSF schools is hoping to improve interprofessional team communication through an innovative web-based curriculum that will combine multimedia presentations and interactive learning. The idea for the curriculum, says principal investigator and pediatric hospitalist Darren Fiore, grew from observations he and others made during pediatric mock code sessions at the Kanbar Center for Simulation, Clinical Skills and Telemedicine Education. Fiore and an interdisciplinary team that includes investigators and consultants from pediatric medicine, nursing, pharmacy and respiratory therapy have set out to create a succinct, evidence-based curriculum to highlight the principles of interprofessional communication and provide a foundation for advanced team-training exercises that can be used in clinical settings and across all four schools at UCSF.
Part of the challenges with communication in an interprofessional setting, says Mary Lynch, clinical professor in the UCSF Department of Family Health Care Nursing and a co-investigator on the project, is that although we may use the same language, our interpretation of verbal and nonverbal expressions may lead to a misunderstanding or miscommunication of a clinical assessment.
For example, during an intubation for a sick child, the physician and nurse may be discussing the differences in their interpretation of breath sounds.
The team will first develop the modules, then pilot them with practitioners and trainees in the pediatric mock code program beginning in January 2013. Fiore, Lynch and their co-investigators anticipate making the curriculum available to practitioners and trainees across the medical center and all four schools in July 2013, after making any necessary refinements based on learner evaluation and feedback.
Editor’s Note: In other education news, UCSF School of Nursing faculty members Jerusalem Makonnen and Katie Clark are two of the first three UCSF faculty members to have their courses showcased on Coursera, a company offering massive open online courses (MOOCs), which can be available to many thousands of people at one time. Participants are asked to stand up and form a line that has to represent chronologically the months of the year based on their birthdays. The purpose of the teambuilding game is to build a bridge, meaning that each team must build half a bridge. The observers must not communicate verbally with the teams, their only task is to observe the group dynamic, who took initiative, how they managed their task, how they delegate responsibilities and how they managed the time allocated for the assignment.
The quickest way to improve accountability amongst your team members is to improve communication between yourself and your teammates as well as amongst your team members.
Whether you are using spreadsheets, calendars, or more sophisticated programs like Citrix you need a way to document the tasks that need to be done.
The best way to get any major task done is to divide it into small but manageable tasks that need to be done. The best thing that a leader can do with his or her team is let each member know where they stand.

About PMCAMPUSWe are proud to develop and distribute highly effective training solutions for the PMP community busy professionals. Communication is a big part of achieving the vision of a happy, productive and highly effective team. This model uses two dimensions, assertiveness and responsiveness, to identify four social styles on the quadrant. Ground support communication, however, is still handled the same way it was a half-century ago - usually with hand signals … or shouting … or having one member of the team talk over a wired headset to the pilot while everyone else in the ground crew tries to figure out what the two are saying. The Flight Safety Foundation, for example, estimates that nearly 250,000 people are injured in 27,000 ramp accidents around the world each year.
An FSF study reviewed 274 ramp accidents and concluded only one resulted in direct costs that exceeded the airline’s deductible limits. And of the 12 human factors typically cited in the occupational safety literature, poor (or nonexistent) communication routinely tops the list. In addition to restricting mobility, wires can also wear out or become entangled with equipment. The tractor operator is free to concentrate on correct maneuvering, and all crew members can warn others instantly of impending dangers. Because wireless communication increases coordination and enables real-time verbal warnings, it decreases the risk of accidents, shortens turn-around times, and increases the likelihood of hitting flight slots.
A number of so-called “wireless” systems actually require a wire from the headset to a radio or belt pack.
Transmission technology can dramatically affect how well wireless systems perform in the field. DECT units generally offer up to 30 times more coverage and are less subject to interference than Bluetooth.
Half-duplex systems allow communication in both directions, but only one direction at a time. The system should allow you to establish a hierarchy of who can talk to whom — especially who is allowed to talk to the flight deck or broadcast over the radio. The Ingress Protection Rating measures protection against the intrusion of solids and liquids into an electrical unit. The greater the range, the more effective the system will be since obstacles and vehicles may reduce range. Noise Reduction Rating or NRR is the decibel measurement indicating how well a hearing protector reduces noise.
A system should operate within a temperature range of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
A single ramp accident can cost many times more than full deployment of wireless headset systems.
He works closely with major airlines, ground handlers and airports to provide customized solutions. If they don’t clearly articulate their concerns, the respiratory therapist assisting with the intubation may not realize that the intubation was unsuccessful.
The other five are (1) identifying clear roles and responsibilities, (2) engaging in constructive intervention and feedback, (3) cultivating mutual respect and collective trust, (4) sharing knowledge and planning and summarizing information and (5) knowing individual and team limitations. Investigators will evaluate the modules’ efficacy by comparing learners’ pre- and postcurriculum knowledge, skills and attitudes with brief assessment tests. Thanks to its web-based structure, if the curriculum proves effective, it can eventually be used by learners in other institutions, along with a planned “teacher’s manual” that will offer guidance on how educators can incorporate the modules into their own curricula.
As profiled in the New York Times, Coursera is a year-old company, founded by two Stanford University computer scientists, that has drawn 16 major research universities, including UCSF, to offer more than 100 different MOOCs.
At one end, the line should start with a member born in January and end with a member born in December.
By staying in constant contact with your team members you maintain a level of trust and reliability that will help your team power through each of its tasks with ease.
By using programs team members are able to keep up with what they have to do on a daily basis as well as what other team members must do. While there is a temptation to break them down so that they may be handled individually, it is much better to divide your team members into small groups that can handle the task. Each member of the team must have a clear idea of what is expected of them and should be told candidly and firmly. Social style is based on the perception of one’s behaviour by others, and there is no correlation between social style and personality. In other words, learn how to change your behaviour to match the person you are communicating with. Hand signals are complex, convey only part of the message and require line-of-sight visibility and often fail in darkness or bad weather. OSHA regulations require hearing protection when the time-weighted average noise level exceeds 85 decibels (dB). Damaged cables have long been the most frequent reason wired headsets require repair, resulting in hefty service costs and equipment downtime.
Systems can be configured to enable multiple deicing crews to communicate while working on the same aircraft - further improving efficiency. While these systems allow freedom of movement, a belt pack or radio wire creates many of the same problems inherent in hardwire systems, particularly tangled cords.
Systems that employ Bluetooth technology generally have a limited range and are subject to radio frequency interference from nearby devices.

DECT transmissions also have multipath capability, meaning the signal will bounce up, over and around objects in order to establish the best possible connection. Look for a minimum 1,500-foot line-of-sight transmission capability, bearing in mind that system performance may deteriorate at the outer limits of the range.
Such systems could easily pay for themselves in less than a few weeks; the safety benefits are incalculable. Therefore it’s crucial that all interprofessional colleagues in health care environments understand each other clearly – particularly, for example, under the extreme stress of caring for a critically ill child.
Each module will contain text, short video vignettes, voice-over narration and interactive activities designed to reinforce learning.
Mock code facilitators will also assess team performance using data from before and after the pilot implementation. The one rule they have to follow during this teambuilding exercise is that are not allowed to speak. In order for the exercise to work you will need 3 rooms, one room for each team and a room for neutral meeting.
The bridge must be 15 cm long, meet in the middle of the span and no materials should be used to link it together. The result is that team members are able to keep each other accountable and on task as well as track progress.
Try and pair teammates with others that have complementary skill sets so that they work well as a unit. This will let team members know when they are not performing up to par and motivate them to reach their mark. And that number will increase substantially in the first quarter of this year as Southwest Airlines becomes the first major U.S.
During takeoff, a jet aircraft emits eardrum-rupturing noise levels of 150 dB, about 40 dB higher than the human pain threshold.
And all ground personnel should at least be able to hear the flight deck and each other during a pushback. Additional configurations are available for maintenance teams and are scalable to almost any size. Moreover, belt packs generally have less than half the transmission range of self-contained systems worn on the head.
On the other hand, full-duplex systems allow communication in both directions simultaneously. Ask about warranty, repair and replacement policies, and try out the manufacturer’s technical support. As these systems become more widely deployed, they will likely reduce injuries and save lives every year. When they have agreed they finished, the trainer will check if they have arranged correctly in the line.
Each team will receive: 1 ruler, 1 roll of duck tape, 1stick of glue, 1 pair of scissors, 7 sheets of paper, 7 sheets of colored paper or carton, 1 newspaper, colored crayons or markers, 3 buttons and a small piece of colored material. Also the bridge must be able to sustain the weight of a pencil placed in the middle of the bridge for 15 seconds. Something as simple as keeping up-to-date and organized records can improve accountability tremendously. Not only will doing this help you keep track of your top performers and best team players, it will make tasks get done quicker and improve accountability. Government Accountability Office identified 29 fatal ramp accidents between 2001 and 2006 that involved the death of 17 ramp workers, eight passengers and four pilots.Beyond the human loss, ramp accidents also exact an immense financial toll. Full-duplex capabilities are an important safety consideration because they allow the parties to speak and hear others at the same time.Is the system radio-compatible? A limited warranty of one or two years is standard; some manufacturers offer plans of up to five years. Just one overlooked hand signal or misunderstood command can result in millions of dollars in damages, personal injury or even death. Communication during pushback and towing is generally confined to the flight deck, wing walkers and tractor operator; however, other ground support functions may benefit from the ability to communicate with remote users over a two-way radio. The estimated price tag jumps to a staggering $10 billion when indirect costs are factored into the equation. After the 3 minutes have expired ask the groups to share their experience and observations. For the next 3 minutes reverse the roles, Person B will receive Card C and Person A will receive Card D. Card D states that the listener should not speak but act for the first minute nervous and for the rest of the time angry.
Debrief on how the teambuilding exercise was, how easy or difficult was not speaking and observing powerful feelings in one another.

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