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Can we be blamed for wasted time in our digital world, where social media, news articles and other distractions are just a click away? For many of us, relaxing activities enter us into what’s known as the incubation period, or a few minutes to let your mind wander. The Washington Post says taking a break from a problem allows the brain to forget what you were fixated on and allows other ideas to bubble up on the surface. Next time you find yourself in an unproductive jam, save yourself time in the long run by taking five minutes to decompress, find a new location to work, and get back on track. While you’re establishing time management processes that work for you, also consider goal setting. In fact, 61% of survey respondents admitted to wasting 30 minutes to an hour of time everyday on non-work related activities. This boosts your efficiency, saves time and spares you from a rush job when you turn the assignment in for review. Rather than wasting your time daydreaming or writing the same thing over and over, take a break and move around. At our agency, we have a rule that two hours in the morning and afternoon are strictly dedicated to client work.
Maybe you want to cut your writing time in half or spend less time researching prior to writing a report.

For many people, it seems that there is just never sufficient time in the day to get everything done and therefore time usually seems heavy on them.Once you understand as how to manage your time you can gain control.
In that same survey, a number of respondents even admitted to wasting at least half of an eight-hour workday. But, what happens when you’re burned out on ideas or just can’t make it over that creativity hump? At our agency, we’re lucky enough to have different settings we can sit at throughout the day. Think about how many times a day you check your email, sit in a meeting you may not have needed to be in or just surf the web.
Best practice is not to schedule meetings, send out company-wide emails or ask questions that aren’t pressing during these times. Planning your daily priorities holds you accountable for what you need to accomplish in the day.
Whatever the factors may be, write down the task you’d like to improve, the time it normally takes, and the time factor to improve it. Rather than wasting your time on not getting anything done, you can choose what and when to work with effective time management. This equates to wasted time that could have been dedicated to crossing off to-dos on your checklist.
It is one of the best ways to achieve anything.Time management is an important skill that takes time to develop and perfect.

List them according to their importance first being the most important and last being the least.Set your Goals: Take time to think about your goals for that day or the next considering which goals are most important? It is important to concentrate on one thing, making sure not to mess up tasks into each other. Avoid overburdening yourself this will not only cause you to loose your concentration but can often result in stress and more work for an individual. Setting up a long- term planner can help you foresee your long term goals.Keep track of your Time. For example, if you are spending too much time in shopping then try to cut it down and make room for other important things.The bottom line is, time management is a skill that many of us seem to have learned through need.
Taking the time to understand on improving your time management skills can lead to greater success.
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