Western Pennsylvania Healthcare NewsCovering healthcare news in the Pittsburgh region and beyond. January 3, 2014 by The Western PA Healthcare News Team Today’s seniors belong to a generation that tends to view doctors as authority figures who are not to be questioned.
In cooperation with the American Society on Aging, the Home Instead Senior Care® network sponsored a web seminar in which Dr.
Encourage older adults and their family caregivers to put together a comprehensive medical history and bring a copy along to appointments, especially when visiting a new doctor. Recommend that seniors prepare a list of questions ahead of time focusing on the specific issue being evaluated at the appointment. Do what you can to accommodate extra time for senior patients to process what they learn during their visit and ask you questions.
Encourage families to be proactive about completing the necessary documentation to prepare for medical situations in which the senior is no longer able to communicate his or her wishes. While discussing end-of-life issues are never easy, it’s important for seniors to have these conversations with their families.
As a healthcare professional, you can help seniors become active partners in managing their own health. Filed Under: Featured Thought Leader, Home Instead Senior Care About The Western PA Healthcare News TeamThroughout the year, our writers feature fresh, in-depth, and relevant information for our audience of 40,000+ healthcare leaders and professionals. Emergency care is by its nature a complex, fast moving world, in which effective communication between members of the care team is vitally important. Smith has had an up-close view of the communication disconnect over the course of his career. Smith recently shared that over the course of his career, “I’ve seen significant amounts of wasted time and duplicated efforts. Smith has seen multiple occasions in which a nurse either doesn’t listen to the medic, the medic doesn’t give a good report to begin with, or both. Smith, who is scheduled to defend his thesis in Spring 2014, has conducted a literature review of multiple studies that examined paramedics’ ability to communicate with nurses using a triage instrument.
Kristyna creates workflow mapping and computer simulation model frameworks to validate, test, and quantify various scenarios to help clients make informed decisions about both operational and physical design improvements. Of all the job skills out there, communication ranks at the top of the list as the most important to have. Because nurses work very closely with patients, knowing how to recognize and relay important information given by patients serves as a crucial starting point in the chain of communication. Be attentive, maintain eye contact, sit or stand using body language that shows your engagement in the conversation. This is easier said than done, especially in a hospital setting but when communicating with a patient, strive to pay attention to them for the duration of the visit. Nursing schools are the first step in anyone’s journey towards becoming employed in the healthcare field.
The process of preparing to enter offline or online nursing programs involves a lot of planning and paperwork. Students pursuing this route can expect to quickly become familiar with taking online classes.
Tech savvy individuals and those that are naturally comfortable working online will enjoy taking online courses because of the ability to utilize the latest, up-to-date features when it comes to distance learning.
A small armband which can be attached to the injured can help improve communications during major national disasters. Information can be shared between the various rescue units, using tablets, PCs and large information boards.
Information is being lost"First close your eyes, turn your back, pull a plastic bag over your head and hide behind a curtain.
Shared informationDuring a major disaster, where a lot is happening and chaos rules, it is important that the emergency services have a shared awareness of the situation.This is why Norwegian researchers have now established a system which provides a visual overview of events taking place at the scene of the disaster. How many injured?Together with the other partners in the EU project, the researchers have also participated in looking at the problem from the other end. The aim is to develop technical and organisational solutions with the aim of ensuring better emergency response leadership and crisis management in connection with major accidents and terrorist attacks. Closed systems must be openedJan Håvard Skjetne is in no doubt that it will be a long-term task to implement a shared emergency response apparatus in Norway.
Learning from major exercisesEach year, major exercises are organised which give the emergency services the opportunity to train for accident situations such as train collisions, in which the injured may lie scattered across the scene of the accident, or avalanches in steep mountain terrain during which tracker dogs and rescue teams are searching for casualties.SINTEF has interviewed 40 emergency service managers to tap into their views on risk, opportunities, and the weaknesses of exercises. SINTEF is a broadly based, multidisciplinary research concern with international expertise in technology, medicine and the social sciences. In pitch darkness, a kilometre below the surface, a ghostly insect hovers between cave walls. 2014 ACP-LS Webinar series: How Can Life Science Companies Leverage the Social Media Hype Cycle?
Comprendia’s mission is to improve communication in the life science industry, and a big part of this is opening up more of a dialog between companies and researchers. Many life science companies have a presence on Twitter, but we see them mostly as being in broadcast mode, simply tweeting about products and promotions and not engaging with scientists. Life scientists have questions directly relating to existing products as well as ideas for new ones.
Many parents may have experienced a time when it seemed they didn't speak the same language as their children.

In addition, we are introducing a system that can be used to contact parents to update them with events in school or even send the childs’ report if we have the email address. By introducing these improvements, Beckfoot is able to reassure parents that we are safeguarding all students in school.
If you have any queries  about the trial system please contact Paul Olsson (PACT Leader) or Sue Hudson (PACT Advisor) in the PACT Office. This is very good, such a great idea i love how we are the only school that comes up with these great ideas.
On Saturday 12 March, our group of very committed Year 8 and 9 students competed in the local heats of the Magistrates’ Court Mock Trial Competition – we won for the fourth year in a row! Adolescents and parents contrasting desires and experiences contribute a lot to the increase in conflict between the two.
Parents on the other hand have difficulties relinquishing control resulting in conflictual parent-adolescent communications pathways and potentially escalating negative consequences for all involved. Research shows that most parent-adolescent conflict tends to be about mundane issues such as personal appearance, curfews, telephone usage, completing chores and homework among such issues. Several investigations have established that frequent and often intense relationship breakdowns between parents and adolescents can have severe effects contributing to the externalizing and internalizing problems including delinquency, running away form home, substance abuse, adjustment disorders, low self esteem and depression. Given the likelihood of negative consequences resulting form dysfunctional parent -adolescents relationships, the goal of treatment is to improve communication between parents and adolescents. There have been findings establishing that from late childhood to adolescence, factors outside of the family become increasingly more predictive of adolescent problem behaviors. Foster and Robin (1997,1998) propose that family problem solving, communication patterns , belief systems and family structures mediate the intensity, frequency and pervasiveness of family conflict. This approach has two constructs based on communication and conflict; fundamental to any understanding of a parent-adolescent relationship. The best approach to parent-adolescent conflict involves thorough functional assessment of the nature of scope of parent-adolescent conflict. Rosemary MwenjaSanta Ana Teen Issues ExaminerRosemary Mwenja a regular writer on Triond and Bukisa is the mother of a 16-year-old son currently residing in Orange County. Smart parenting: A technology diet for toddlers and preschoolersTechnology is here to stay. THINK Summer Institute: A unique opportunity for gifted teenagersThe Davidson Institute is offering an intense summer learning opportunity for gifted 13- to 16-year-old students. That mindset keeps many seniors from having the conversations they need to have with their healthcare providers.
Amy discussed the following methods for senior care professionals to support seniors and their families with information and resources that will help to ensure more effective communication between seniors and their doctors. The history should include information such as doctor’s names, medications, insurance info, allergies, past health issues and treatments, etc. When the time comes for families to carry out their loved one’s final wishes, they’ll be able to make decisions with peace of mind, knowing exactly what their loved one wanted. Navigating the healthcare system can be confusing and overwhelming for anyone, so working together with seniors and their families to improve communication will help ensure they’re receiving the best care possible. To participate in future webinars like these and earn free CEU credits, view the webinar series schedule.
As a healthcare business publication, we cover and cherish our relationship with the entire health care industry including administrators, nurses, physicians, physical therapists, pharmacists, and more.
He first began working as a volunteer firefighter in 1989; he became a paramedic three years later, and a nurse in 1995. I think it’s often caused by the fact that nurses and paramedics aren’t always able to communicate well with each other.” Smith became determined to help find more effective ways to transition patients from being cared for by the pre-hospital staff (whether first responders, firefighters, or paramedics), to the nurses who receive the patients in the ED. Whatever the cause, vital information about the patient can be lost, negatively affecting the care they receive in the ED.
He notes that they have generally concluded that paramedics were not successful in using the triage instruments to predict admission or discharge, or adverse or positive outcomes. Rob Grierson, medical director of Winnipeg Fire and Paramedics Service, worked with colleagues to try to get paramedics in Winnipeg to use CTAS, and see what type of impact doing so might have on their communication with nurses. Regardless of industry, proper communication between departments, staff and clients is what guarantees that a business runs smoothly and produces quality results. One seemingly small misunderstanding could result in giving the wrong prescription to a patient, reviewing the wrong chart, giving a misdiagnosis and other more serious consequences. When you get things correctly from the source, it makes passing down that info to others more likely to be received intact. Patients, regardless of age and condition, can tell when their nurse is being attentive to their needs or not.
Displaying this type of behavior makes patients more comfortable and encourages them to not leave any important information out. Listening to the patient talking while tapping away on the computer (unless you’re entering info being given by them), shuffling papers or fiddling with equipment with your back turned is not only rude to the patient, it opens up the risk of missing information that could lead to miscommunication later on. Regardless of the degree or certificate program, there are numerous advantages to completing college courses on the Internet compared to the traditional classroom setting.
While forums and chat rooms have been around for quite some time, each year online schools develop and produce more advanced ways to connect students, their peers and instructors in a virtual setting. Then try to hold a conversation with someone standing some distance behind you and speaking an unfamiliar dialect. We have now established an initial concept designed to ensure that hospitals work better together.The German Fraunhofer research centre has produced a small armband which can be attached to the injured following an accident.

He is a supporter of the new triage system which will soon be tested as part of a major Norwegian exercise to be held outside Stavanger in September. We think social media is a perfect venue for discussions, and are co-founding a biweekly life science chat on Twitter.
We were approached by one life scientist on twitter who wanted us to connect them with a company as their efforts to engage with them regarding a large equipment purchase had not been fruitful.
Companies want to hear this information and ask questions about their performance and perception. She’s a postdoc at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and she had the idea for the chat while we were talking on Twitter about our recent post about life science hashtags. All Rights Reserved.For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices.
It will help provide an early warning system should any child go missing from school.  As always children’s safety is our main concern. Adolescents desire for independence and peer acceptance often contribute to the tendency to conform to peer groups norms and influences and to resist and challenge parental directives and adult authorities. The adolescence stage is a developmental phase that requires a restructuring of the parent-child relationship in which communication plays a central role. It is however suggested that such mundane conflicts may be proxies for concern over more complex and sensitive issues involving trust, independence, peer influence, risky behaviors and sexuality. On the parents side such ongoing conflict has been found to contribute to parental dissatisfaction depression, anger and marital distress (Robin & Foster, 1989). Highlights for the intervention have included the need to assess the nature of interpersonal conflict in order to improve parent-adolescent communication and negotiation skills.
Dysfunctional conflict engendering beliefs, anger, triangulation, cross generational coalitions and shifting parental coalitions get in the way of family members responding and negotiating in a constructive fashion.
It is important to consider barriers that hinder conflict resolution and the strength that help.
We cover a broad spectrum from hospitals to medical offices to outpatient services to eye surgery centers to university settings. He’s worked in volunteer as well as full time capacities, in various pre-hospital environments, as well as part of ED teams. The researchers had tremendous success, and now there’s a large study underway involving several thousand patients. The healthcare field, in particular, relies on the strength of communication in all aspects: physician to patient, patient to nurse, nurse to nurse, etc. Being distracted and failing to dedicate your present time entirely to listening to a patient’s needs is the quickest way to a breakdown in communication.
In this way, all information can be made available both to, and shared between, personnel out in the field, and to those staffing the emergency centres where response coordinators can control operations from their desks. The armband is part of an electronic system which sorts and prioritises the injured – a so-called triage system similar to that used by Norwegian accident and emergency personnel today. The health services can trace the movements of all its ambulances within its own system, but none of these systems share any information. Life scientists and company representatives can openly discuss issues important for advancing research through a better understanding of the challenges faced by each.
With an email, we were able to connect them, but the process would have been much easier if the company had been available and responsive on Twitter. A Twitter chat will bring the two sides together in an informal and trackable way, accepting discussion topics from all interested. This underlines another benefit to interacting with life scientists–they’re brilliant and creative! They can find their favorite videos on any screen device and FaceTime with grandparents pretty much on demand. That mindset keeps many seniors from having the conversations they need to have with their healthcare providers, and unfortunately, the consequences of poor communication may be quite significant. We focus on rehabilitation, nursing homes, home care, hospice as well as men’s health, women’s heath, and pediatrics. FreemanWhite recently provided Smith with a grant to continue his research, which we believe holds great potential for improving the efficiency of emergency care. Instead of interrupting the patient to add in your two cents, wait until they are finished and consider what they’ve said before telling them your thoughts. With the help of a colour coding system on the armbands, emergency response personnel can label groups of patients depending on the seriousness of their injuries. We can also use the chat to help life scientists through the personal challenges many face during their PhD or postdoc, as most of us on the company side have been through similar struggles. Distorted cognitions as well as dysfunctional communication and problem solving skills must be addressed to prevent the escalation of the problem. As always, contact us if you have a question or suggestion, and you can email the ls_chat team directly too.

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