Oncologists who participated in communication workshops improved their ability to talk with patients about their prognoses and provide emotional support, a recent study found.
In the study, researchers observed simulated consultations to assess the communication skills of 30 oncologists who were then randomly assigned to an intervention group, where they took a 2-day communication skills training (CST) workshop, or a control group. How the Affordable Care Act Has Affected Cancer Care in the United States: Has Value for Cancer Patients Improved? Moreover, this is the first and foremost thing, an employer looks into for hiring any person.
Firstly, don’t think of what you need to answer, instead listen what the other person is saying with clear mind. Team communication as applied to a workplace reaps the benefit of having better access to more ideas and opinions.
Effective team communication ensures better quality of work as team members are clear of the sequence of tasks that need to be done. Effective and open team communication develops a feeling of trust and members feel valued and dedicated to team activities, which makes it easier to achieve the desired goals.

Effective team communication is the probable reason behind the success story of any organization. In a follow-up survey, patients who met with an oncologist who took the CST were significantly less depressed than those in the control group.
No matter how small or how big the organization is, communication skills play an important role. Effective communications skills help in better understanding of a situation or a person talking to (it may be your colleague, or your senior employee, or the interviewing person), and help in providing appropriate action accordingly. So, let us know about few tips that will help in improving oral communication skills at work place.
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Whatever be the size of a project, it is important for every team members to understand it and have relevant information on the project. It reduces wastage of time and energy and also minimizes personal animosity between team members, thereby enabling an organization to work smoothly on larger and complex projects.

Improved team communication skills empower the team players to inspire and influence other team members to work as a team.
The results were published online June 9 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.The study is the first to show that CST for oncologists can improve cancer patients’ psychological distress, the authors said. Listening properly helps in understanding, analyzing, and reacting what the opposite is saying to you. Effective communication among team members ensures better output, with minimum wastage of time and energy.
Therefore, for an organization to grow, it is important to know how to improve team communication skills.

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