More and more researches have shown people on average spend more than one-third of his time in communicating with others, and influencing skills has become a critical factor in nowadays business environment. Contact us for full course outline and pricing information (please indicate the number of delegates). The Influencing Style Instrument Facilitator's Guide explains the underpinning structure of the four classifications used in the profile, and further explores the nature of each influencing 'type'.
It can be flexibly used as part of a wider program incorporating the profile, or as a stand alone module addressing how to identify and develop effective, appropriate influencing skills. The facilitator’s guide can be used as a comprehensive, ready-made workshop and includes all the content a trainer or facilitator needs to run a session based on the feedback from the profile. This workshop aims to equip participants with the necessary tactics for making the influencing outcome a success.

Wilson Chu, Principal Consultant of HMI Consulting Limited, the Consulting Associate of the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Baptist University, and also the Visiting Lecturer of SPEED of Polytechnic University on Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Human Resource Management. This is one of our standard, off-the-shelf courses and can be delivered onsite at your company premises, anywhere in the UK.
The guide's primary aim is to aid facilitators in providing structured feedback, either one-on-one or in a group workshop situation. This facilitator's guide is 48 pages in length and supplies clear explanations of how to administer the accompanying instrument, interactive exercises and discussion catalysts, as well as several overheads.
It is very flexible and can be added to or subtracted from at the facilitator’s discretion without impacting on content delivery.
Whether you are already a good communicator looking to gain a professional edge or need to improve in particular areas like relationship building, presenting ideas or handling objections, this highly practical and interactive course will definitely take your know-how to the next level.

He was the Survey Manager (in Compensation & Benefits) of Watson Wyatt Hong Kong Limited and a senior consultant of Hong Kong Productivity Council. Should it not exactly match your needs, please tell us about any customisation requirements (i.e. Designed as a complete solution or simply a structured guide, the facilitator’s notes are useful to both experienced trainers or as support for anyone seeking further insight into influencing styles.

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