The PhaZZer Enforcer and Dragon Conductive Energy Weapons (CEW) are classified to be “Less-Lethal Control Devices” to be used for self defense purposes. To receive Instructor Certification each student will be required to pass a written examination with a score of 80% or better, verbally demonstrate their knowledge of both the Phazzer Dragon and Phazzer Enforcer and deploy at least four (2) live cartridges during a training scenario.
Law Enforcement, Security personnel, Bail Bondsman and other professions, where Use of Force is likely and a CEW is utilized on the job, should not be without this training.
The Instructor’s training program has been developed in order to instruct the user on the proper deployment of the CEW. Equipment maintenance along with more pertinent, useful and important information that the operator will need to know will also be covered. Decrease insurance rates and add credibility to the Operator should a court appearance be necessary.
EPTAC is an internationally recognized solder training and IPC certification corporation, giving professionals the skills to accelerate their careers, and businesses the talent to succeed.

The IPC-A-610 specification is the focal point of this course and will be covered in its entirety.
This is an optional, 1-day course intended for any employee who will be inspecting printed circuit assemblies or any employee who wants to improve or reinforce their observation and inspection skills of printed circuit assemblies.
High Speed Precision In-Line SPI with Exclusive TWENTY-FIVE MEGA PIXEL ISISA® Vision System - Mirtec MS-15 Series.
To be an authorized Zumba Instructor, all you have to do is a one day Zumba Gold or Basics workshop. When the workshop is completed, you will be eligible to become a member of the Zumba Instructor Network or ZIN. A Zumba Instructor Salary will vary depending on where one teaches, however a self-sufficient Zumba Instructor generally earns more money.
If you are asking yourself, ‘Why become a Zumba Instructor?’ the answer is because of how rewarding it is.

When used properly they can control violent or potentially violent individuals and do not cause serious bodily harm to the offender.
As part of the requirements for certification, students must score at least an 80% average and no single score less than 70% on the final examinations. This course utilizes lectures, visual acuity exercises, and physical assemblies to provide the students with an experience in visually inspecting printed circuit assemblies. It has already been established from years of in-service use that the CEW has prevented serious harm to both the trained user, other innocent people and to the individuals upon whom it was used for legal and acceptable purposes.

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