The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to some basic concepts that are critical in helping children and adolescents be academically successful. The purpose of this 1-day workshop was to present a rationale and specific procedures for integrating social-emotional education in school settings using a cognitive behavioral model, Rational Emotive and Cognitive-Behavioral Education (RECBE), which has proven to be very effective in helping young people develop skills for regulating their cognitions, emotions, and behaviors. This workshop will be interactive and highly informative, consisting of power point lectures, small group discussion and activities, experiential learning, and application of concepts. Workshop is credited by the Romanian Board of Psychologists and the registering fee is 200 RON. The 1st International Congress of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching of the International Association of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (IACBC), was held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, from 12th to 15th of June 2014. The Congress was hosted by the BabeAY-Bolyai University, which is the oldest academic institution in Romania, bringing together the cultural, scientific, and religious traditions in Transylvania. Best essey on Happy children-happy parents was awarded with a ride in a virtual carrusel based on the Matrix Platform. The lecture has presented key features of individual management and change based on Japanese principles (KAIZEN). Executive coaching (EC) has become a practical, competency-based, and action oriented model for helping individuals at virtually every level of management to have greater success and a more positive impact on their work, those with whom they work, and on their personal lives.
This course was also attended via online participation and was designed to enhance  coaching knowledge, insight and toolsets pf professionals.
The three days intensive Workshop is accredited by Babes-Bolyai University and Romanian Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapies, a representative of the Albert Ellis Institute, USA. This workshop was an opportunity to learn how to use coaching for increasing personal productivity and get success in the workplace.
Workshop Description: This was the first cognitive-behavioral coaching training in Romania, evidence-based oriented, open to professionals and para-professionals interested in developing their abilities to change human cognitions and behaviors in order to improve the individual and organizational performance and work-related quality of life. The International Coach Federation has been awarded two APEX 2013 Awards of Excellence, recognizing excellence in publications work by the organization’s marketing and communications staff. Now in its 25th year, the APEX Awards program is an international competition that recognizes outstanding publications from newsletters and magazines to annual reports, brochures and websites. ICF Director of Brand Management Lindsay Bodkin and Brand Designer Stephanie Wright were recognized for their work on Coaching World magazine, which received an APEX Award of Excellence for Most Improved Magazines and Journals. Bodkin also received an APEX Award of Excellence in the Best Rewrite category for her revisions to ICF’s series of professional coaching fliers, which are used by ICF Members, Chapters and staff worldwide in their marketing and communications initiatives. As a contributing vendor to the ICFNE Gala the past two years, it’s been my pleasure to take part in this event and bear witness to some of the incredibly compelling stories from the winning coaches.
Press release – announce this to your local newspapers, college alumni organization, coaching trades, etc. Social media – Post to your Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites about your victory.
These are a few simple ways to not only share your good news, but utilize it to generate new business. I am this year’s inductee into the ICF New England Hall of Fame, a humbling honor, to be sure. For weeks, I had the support of these two remarkable women, offering every dimension of PR, personal or logistical help. The eClinicalWorks Training and Coaching Program provides team leads and team members with proactive coaching to help develop time management, customer service, communications, team member performance management and communication skills. Coaching at EMC is viewed as an investment and a benefit, and is demonstrating measureable results. Coaching is a key component of worldwide programs in IBM Business Analytics and continues to show ROI in the Business Analytics sales organization. Join us on June 16, 2014 at the Westboro, Doubletree Hotel for the 4th Annual Gratitude Awards Gala!
Click on the video below to hear 2012’s Executive Coach of the Year and ICFNE’s current president, Karen Burke, MBA, PCC, talk about how the 2014 Gratitude Awards Gala won’t be the same without YOU!
Provide leadership to promote coaching profession and develop coaches by collaborating with others, to found the first ICFNE Chapter in Maine & serve on NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science Coaching Community of Practice Steering Committee.
Maintain and nurture an active executive and leadership coaching practice serving range of clients locally and globally. Provided pro bono coaching to Massachusetts Conference for Women, Tree Spirits, Institute for Civic Leadership, McColl School of Business, and others. Coaching leaders in federal government and private sector organizations  including the Technology, Construction, Logistics, Aerospace and Defense, Pharmaceutical, Education, and Legal sectors since 1999. Faculty member for the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program since 2003. Certifications include Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (The Coaches Training Institute), Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Mentor Coach (InviteChange) and numerous certifications in leadership assessments. I love working with leaders from around the world to become more aware of themselves and others, and to find new ways for effective and fulfilling work. Founded a coaching and consulting practice 17 years ago, with a focus on helping leaders build greater access to their capabilities and greater ability to produce the results they desire. Has developed a deep toolbox and is certified in many of the best-in-class 360 feedback, emotional intelligence, and personality assessment instruments. Consummate learner – taking advantage of learning opportunities to continue to deepen her skill set. Serves as a supervisor coach in various coaching programs, including MSPP and the Social Innovation Forum. Since 1997, Coach Ted has been helping people create lives of passion and purpose. He applies his intelligence, wit and several decades of wisdom to energize and inspire the experienced, intelligent professionals he serves, to create uncommonly successful lives. Uses his extensive knowledge of various career fields and the job search process garnered from the numerous and varied job experiences he had before finding his true calling as a career coach to help his clients discover their ideal career in an expeditious way.
He is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach (CBYSC), a member of the Board of Directors of ICF New England, and a member of the International Coach Federation. Presents and facilitates a number of leadership, professional and career development courses at various organizations in and around Boston. Holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Boston University, received coach training through Coach U, plus certified in multiple assessment tools including MBTI, Lominger Leadership Architect, VOICES 360, and Team Diagnostic. Founder of Emerge with Coaching specializing in women re-entering the workforce and college graduates seeking employment in a field that is a match for them.
Chair of professional women’s network that seeks to empower and support women business owners. She was one of the volunteer coaches representing ICFNE at the Massachusetts Conference for Women in 2012 and 2013.

Hosts monthly Caregiving Power Hour tele-session with tips, strategies, and group coaching to recharge the energy of family caregivers globally. Coaching focus: Reconnect people with their souls and spirits through the ancient wisdom of the earth and cosmos.
Earned the Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential through the Center for Credentialing and Education, and holds a Masters degree in Education. Supports adults, adolescents and teens towards positive life change through a focus on self-awareness, perspective, instinct and powerful choice. Developed a 6 week Powerful Women class, a 6 week Powerful Women II class, workshops titled Access Your Power, Building Resilience and Powerful Teens, all designed towards improvement in personal growth, mindfulness, confidence and inner strength.
Volunteers coaching services weekly for homeless adults and youth, as well as speaking and teaching workshops for various non-profits and groups on Cape Cod that support women’s empowerment.
Serves clients from five continents, including global entrepreneurs, small business executives, NGO directors, coaches, and individuals committed to making a significant difference in their worlds. Keynote speaker for ICF Global Midwest 2014, ICF Leadership Conference for Latin America 2013, ICF Romania conference 2011 and 2013, ICF Sweden conference 2012. Specializing in helping middle managers grow as leaders by integrating engineering, project management, and coaching techniques, processes, and structures. Selected, presented, and wrote research papers on coaching, leadership, and project management at global project management conferences.
Associate professor at Boston University for graduate level Project Management, Senior Instructor at Corporate Education Group, a professional training organization: Leadership, Communication, etc.
Provide pro bono coaching for non-profit and charitable organizations and actively participate on Boards as requested. Selected as 2011 Business Person of the Year and 2013 Most Outstanding member of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce.
Manage a client portfolio of 17+ internal corporate clients (bi-weekly, one hour meetings per client), equaling 250+ coaching hours, while managing and maintaining my current role as a Technology Project Manager.
Coach two Citizens Bank Lean Sustainability and Change Teams to help define their purpose and to more effectively coach their clients. Currently collaborating with a Citizens Bank Human Resources Development Team to develop coaching and feedback workshops for Managers. Author of It’s In the Little Things, an inspirational book containing fifty short stories about moving past the pains of emotional abuse, bullying and countless rejections.
Developed a traveling coach program which provides effective, affordable coaching in the comfort of a hostess’s home. I work with young people in School-to-Work transition: we focus on short term goals and cost-effective action planning. I offer free in-person meetings (regularly in VT, RI, Boston and CT) as well as followup phone conversations to build momentum and value before we negotiate an investment in attaining our goals.
Clients can choose between tracks of focus: technical skills such as resume building and networking, interpersonal skills such as communication, personal development practices or a combination.
My mission is to help others recognize the correlation between awareness and action by holding a mirror to what is holding them back and helping them push the envelope to go beyond where they thought possible in the direction of what they want most in their life.
Click on the video below to find out why leadership coach, Ed Evarts, PCC, and former ICFNE president, calls the Gratitude Awards Gala a “No Brainer”!
How often do you get the opportunity to take pride in what you do as a coach?  Click on the video below to hear 2013’s Career Coach of the Year, Bonnie Petrovich, M.Ed., CPC  as she eloquently shares her thoughts about the value of attending the 4th Annual Gratitude Awards Gala on June 16, 2014! Enjoy a great event that supports the coaching profession!  Click on the video below to hear 2012 Hall of Fame Inductee Executive Coach Andrea Novakowski, MBA, MCC, share what else you can expect from attending the 4th Annual Gratitude Awards Gala on June 16, 2014! Come celebrate the success of our association and our members in supporting and building the profession of coaching in New England. The eClinicalWorks Training and Coaching Program provides team leads and team members with proactive coaching to help develop customer service, communications, performance management and more. Coaching at EMC is viewed as an investment and a benefit, and is demonstrating postive, measureable results. For IBM Business Analytics, coaching is a key component of worldwide programs and continues to show a powerful return on inviestment. Wynne Miller, in her work as executive and leadership coach, has been a learning partner and guide for hundreds of men and women, impacting their lives and the lives of those they lead, report to, and live with. A pioneer in the field, Wynne’s focus is on the cutting edge of leadership and career management issues. This distinguished honor is awarded to coaches who have demonstrated their exemplary coaching skills as well as served as an ambassador to the coaching community, industry and world.  These select few serve as models for our membership and the coaching community. Please join ICFNE on June 16, 2014 to celebrate Wynne Miller’s induction into the ICFNE Hall of Fame! In 1996, Jordan signed on with WBZ News Radio 1030 as a fill-in talk host, eventually succeeding his longtime friend and mentor, the late Norm Nathan.  Since then, Jordan has hosted weekend late nights at WBZ simulcast on CBS affiliate station WCCO in Minneapolis.
Kluczowe wydaje sie pytanie, czy kodeks etyczny jest drogowskazem postepowania czy tez przejawem instrumentalizacji moralnosci, jak zauwaza Malgorzata Sidor-Rzadkowska.
Istnienie nawet najbardziej rozbudowanych kodeksow etyki zawodowej nie zapobiega naduzyciom; tworzenie tego rodzaju dokumentow jest wiec bezcelowe. Rzetelnie przeanalizuj wszystkie czynniki, ktore moga miec wplyw na podejmowana przez Ciebie decyzje (np. In addition, professionals in mental health settings will find this workshop useful because of the small group applications and creative interventions for addressing typical developmental problems, as well as more serious issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, anger, frustration tolerance, and oppositional behavior.
Ann Vernon is internationally known as the leading expert on applications of REBT and RECBE with children and adolescents.
With 21 faculties, more than 45.000 students and academic curricula for different specializations in Romanian, Hungarian, German and English, the BBU is actively involved developing the field of psychological coaching through its International Coaching Institute and European Coaching Center, and supporting the European and International academic associations, like the IACBC. Shinji Naruo is Business and Management Expert, International Advisor at Overseas Vocational Training Association,and Visiting Professor at Bucharest University.
Also will provide simple yet very efficient tools and methods which can be applied in improving one’s own life and activity as well as others, by adding more value and control towards a more organized life.
Most EC is done from the theoretical perspectives of the psychodynamic, Rogerian, Systemic or even Neurolinguistic Programming.
DiMattia was a vice-president of Human Resources for the Fireman Group in New York, has been Executive Director and Senior Staff Supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute, New York, and has written numerous journal articles and conducted hundreds of workshops and seminars as a corporate consultant and mental health trainer. Shinji Naruo has received his doctor degree in International relation, from the University of Kyoto in Japan. Dominic DiMattia, Professor Emeritus of Counseling and Human Resources at the University of Bridgeport. The objective of this course is to introduce to you the main principles of Rational Effectiveness Training as a modality of organizational development.

Theoretical analyses (during morning sessions) and practical exercises (during afternoon sessions) have introduced the participants to the basics of cognitive and behavioral modifications, helping them to elaborate specific interventions for individuals and groups, to improve work efficiency and work-related well-being.
APEX honorees are selected based on excellence in graphic design, quality of editorial content and overall communications effectiveness. They can also trace the evolution of Coaching World magazine by visiting the publication’s online archive. While humility may prevent you from shouting it literally from the mountaintops, it’s big news—and great news–that should be incorporated into your marketing. I came to the evening held in the comfort of their preparations, along with their caretaking of my family and friends who attended to support me.
Additionally, if a team member experienced a challenge in their position, coaching is instituted to help the team member upgrade any skill deficits and work on the specific behaviors that contributed to their reduced performance.
Leveraging coaching has a measurable impact as demonstrated by the Sales Performance Office (SPO) specifically through increased productivity, performance improvements, and increased revenue. I am equally passionate about my work supporting coaches in bringing their best to their clients. Hear about the Vicki Ball Spirit of Hope Award and why it is Ed’s favorite part of the evening! But mostly you are feeling slightly shocked and, even more so, honored that someone in your community thought so much of you to nominate you for an ICFNE Coach of the Year Award! The savviest coaches tell their own stories! You should absolutely use your nomination as an advantage in your business. Spice up your bio!Your nomination distinguishes you in the coaching world. You should add this to the list of your notable facts. Highlights will include Coach of the Year Awards and a new induction into the Hall of Fame.
She was among the first to be credentialed as a Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is now serving as an ICF assessor, credentialing individual coaches and accrediting training institutions.
She’s been called compassionate and tough minded by clients who welcome her candor, quick mind, incisiveness, humor, and “deceptively simple recipe of wit, wisdom, and love.” Drawing on more than thirty years as an entrepreneur, educator, trainer, manager, and coach, Wynne uses a wide range of styles and a vast toolkit to produce her results. The Jordan Rich Show is heard in 38 states and Canada on the AM dial and world-wide on the Internet. He is member of the International Low Institute Japan, member of Environmental Law and Policy Institute Japan, Member of Japan Macro-engineering Society. Japanese techniques were presented for self-organization in terms of managing tasks, time, information, and money (KAKEIBO). Few if any books, programs, courses or papers have promulgated a cognitive behavioral coaching perspective. He was a vice-president of Human Resources for the Fireman Group in New York, Executive Director and Senior Staff Supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute, New York, and has written numerous journal articles and conducted hundreds of workshops and seminars as a corporate consultant and mental health trainer. Dominic DiMattia has introduced participants to the main techniques of the cognitive-behavioral coaching for helping managers and employees to increase their emotional intelligence and performance. A member of the American Psychological Association, he has presented papers, lectures, and workshops in United States, Australia, and Europe. Between his fields of expertise are Transportation economy (Industry analysis and business model design) and Corporate management (Finance, Business model and strategy).
The lecture will provide simple and very efficient tools and methods which can be applied in improving own life and activity as well as other’s, by adding more value and control towards a more efficient, fulfilled life.
During this workshop you will learn about are the major rigid beliefs that make people ineffective and practice modalities of changing them in the coaching sessions. Louis, London), and has been a guest presenter for many regional ICF chapters throughout North America and Europe, including being the opening keynote speaker for ICF Sweden and ICF Romania conferences. Your nomination gives you the opportunity to spread good news about what projects, programs, and ideas in coaching that you are most passionate about.
Spread the word about your nomination on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+… wherever you are online! Clients report clarity, confidence, insight, direction, courage, and access to more choices in their actions and reactions.
Jak przelozyc zasady zawarte w kodeksach etycznych na praktyke coachingowego dzialania?
A member of the American Psychological Association, he has presented papers, lectures, and workshops in Australia, the United States, and Europe. Professor Carl Lejuez is the founder and current director of the Center for Addictions, Personality and Emotion Research, at the Department of Psychology, Maryland University. The topics are also of interest for psychology professionals who can use the provided tools and methods in their practice.
DiMattia is a Human Relations Consultant and has been Executive Director and Senior Staff Supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute, USA. These are a free and easy way to encourage others to think about the importance of showing gratitude in your field and to consider nominating their peers in the future.
She has the gift of being present to her clients, providing a safe climate for stretching them out of their comfort zones to uncover the power of their own leadership signature, learning how to enhance their effectiveness while staying true to themselves.
Vernon will also present practical information about how to enhance social, emotional, and behavioral development in order to prevent problems that could interfere with academic success.
Shinji Naruo has received his doctoral degree in International relation, from the University of Kyoto in Japan. He is a worldwide expert in behavioral activation interventions and has published over 140 research articles and book chapters on this topic and related areas (e.g.
He was a vice-president of Human Resources for the Fireman Group in New York and he has written numerous journal articles and conducted hundreds of workshops and seminars as a corporate consultant and mental health trainer. The curse will give you the opportunity to learn from practical demonstrations and practice yourself the new skills trough exercises and role-plays in which you will be able to take the coach and client perspective.
Dr Malgorzata Sidor-Rzadkowska, autorka ksiazki, poszukuje odpowiedzi na powyzsze pytania.
Analizuje zarazem kodeksy etyczne International Coach Federation, Izby Coachingu oraz Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision.

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