Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. TEACHING INTEREST Health Communication, Interpersonal Communications, Empirical Research Methods, Introduction to Communication, Persuasion RESEARCH INTERESTDr.
Helm at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.A A I also traveled on the pilot study abroad program to Martinique with Dr. Giles is a prevention interventionist with a particular interest in applying existing technology to improve health interventions and health outcomes for adolescents and young adults. This interest is reflected in two primary programs of research assessing and improving teachers’ and physicians’ communication in problem behavior prevention programs; and changing social normative influences on body image distortion and disordered eating among college students.
I am working on a MA in Corporate Communication at Duquesne University and am scheduled to graduate on December 17, 2009.
I aspire to undertake the study of human communication, engaged through the lens of intercultural communication, so as to delineate how narrative ground is lost, gained, or redefined through cross-cultural, literary, verbal and nonverbal communicative experiences and practices amongst different groups.

After Northwestern, she spent a year working as a Human Capital Analyst in Human Resource Transformation at Deloitte Consulting in Chicago. Claire then decided to pursue a PhD, and she is currently a doctoral candidate in Higher Education at The Pennsylvania State University.
Her research interests include information technology and higher education, higher education policy, and intra-institutional collaboration.A i»?Claire Gilbert has known Dr. I read all of her books I could get my hand on while I was teaching English in primary school of BesanA§on, France, the year after my graduation from OU (2006). Currently, I am finishing up my thesis for my Masters Degree in French Linguistics from the University of Alabama (It's on French Cyberlanguage).
Currently, I am finishing up my thesis for my Masters Degree in French Linguistics from the University of Alabama (It's on French Cyberlanguage). Afterwards, I was fortunate to immediately find a part time job at Vanier College in Montreal (Canada), an English institution part of the cegep system, as a FSL teacher.

At that time, I was also working a full time job in a high school teaching French and English, and a part time job teaching English for medical staff.
I have been to Brazil and France, and also many parts of the United States visiting former classmates. I was also thankful to meet up with Suzanne Dracius while she was promoting her books in Quebec City in spring 2010.

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