Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Are heavy workloads, fears, burnout, stress, isolation and conflicts present at work? Build Trust and Resilience with a Workplace Wellness Improvement Program (WWIP®) Package!
The Workplace Wellness Improvement Program (WWIP) eliminates costly mistakes, sends a powerful message to employees and customers, while saving you time and money. External support and solutions for employees and employers to improve performance for improved work flow.
Increase collaboration between employees and management in both unionized and none unionized workplaces.
Employees use WWIP as part of their employee development plan or as an organizational option. While Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are geared to support and protect the employee, WWIP provides the framework to collaborative address issues that affect both the workplace and the employees. WWIP cultivates a culture of respect and wellness amongst employees, which ensures productivity, efficiency and accountability within the workplace. WWIP is exclusively offered by WIS Wellness Coaches with specialized training in theory and practice.
An employee wellness coaching plan is a great way to ensure longevity and higher productivity in your organization.
Whether your stress comes from your family, your job, or your financial situation, stress is stress, and our struggles are all the same. Too much stress causes disease, the breakdown of relationships, negative work consequences, and myriad of other problems. How we react to stress affects others around us, which is why it is an important interpersonal skill. The next step in his personal stress management process is to determine how he can better deal with this situation to reduce stress.

The Mayo Clinic identifies the first step to stress management as identifying the stressor — what is causing you stress? Simply knowing the cause of your stress will not help you reduce it, but changing the way you act or react will. In some cases, you might need to remove the stressor by quitting your job or not visiting the people who are causing the reaction. I have to admit that I have been ‘kind of’ plagiarizing your articles, quoting you and making out that I came up with the ideas and concepts! We supply all the tools and expertise you need to start a new program, or upgrade your current wellness initiatives. Tap into the knowledge of wellness improvement experts who can advise your organization on what works and what doesn’t.
WWIP helps maintain employee satisfaction, by providing a comprehensive structure for positive interpersonal skills and performance improvement to build trust and resilience. We find that some issues such as: employee performance, poor interpersonal skills, learning and development, respect at work, change management, workplace conflicts, leadership coaching, workplace wellness, safety and health requires collaboration from employees and employers to be addressed well.
Through wellness assessments, audits, coaching and education, WWIP allows you to manage stress, preserve mental health, prevent compassion fatigue and improve employee wellness in work and life. If we learn personal stress management techniques, we can understand that while stress will always be there, we don’t always have to be its victim, and we will not ourselves become a stress factor for others. According to the Mayo Clinic, when your brain detects a threat, it releases hormones, and those hormones cause the stress reaction. Those tools are the strategies that you develop to handle each of the personal stressors in your life. Below is just one example of how an individual can engage in a personal stress management strategy to improve his wellbeing.
He wants to do his best, but knows a cool head is healthier and will help him make better decisions each day.

Once you know this, you must determine how you will deal with the stressor differently to reduce stress. But in many cases, you can find a way to simply modify how you deal with the stressor and reduce your stress.
Companies save a lot by quickly and efficiently addressing employee behavioral issues with a WWIP package. The problem is that stress is a never-ending parade of threats — meaning your body continually produces hormones that make it hard for you to relax or think clearly.
Jim has a stressful job — he is a waiter, and his customers are frequently in a hurry and make impossible demands on him.
He thinks of this whenever he encounters a stressful moment and replaces the frustration he is feeling with images of what he considers more important parts of his life — his wife and young child.
If you have a problem and cannot fix it then worrying about it doesn’t help the situation either. How many BILLIONS of dollars would be saved every year in health care costs, medication etc if we could ALL collectively get our stress levels down?
WWIP provides a collaborative work system that meets the needs of both the employee and employer. WWIP is based on the sound philosophy of the WIS model below, which is grounded in neuroscience, change theory, conflict management, positive psychology and systems thinking. His stress management strategy begins when he identifies this as the trigger to his stress. A counselor can help you identify what is causing stress and come up with methods of stress management.

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