Features: Description:Effective communication with clients, families, and professional colleagues starts here!
This two-time AJN Book of the Year award-winner is thoroughly updated and includes current references describing how to modify communications strategies for various populations and situations including children, the elderly, end of life, health teaching, stress, crisis, and colleagues. With Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses, 7th Edition, youa€™ll see how good communication skills can lead to achieving treatment goals in health care. Two new chapters address issues in contemporary health care related to promoting health safety and supporting continuity of care. Clear guidelines show how you can enhance the nurse-client relationship through proven communication strategies as well as principles drawn from nursing, psychology, and related theoretical frameworks.

Not only does this book present proven communications strategies and principles in nursing, psychology, and related theoretical frameworks, but also it challenges you to apply these strategies and principles to numerous exercises and practical nursing case studies. And youa€™ll see how to apply theory to real-life practice with case studies, interactive exercises, and evidence-based practice studies. Written in terms of the nurse-client relationship, the cutting-edge communications strategies presented are key for nursing students and professional nurses. A two-time winner of the AJN Book of the Year award, this book is updated to emphasize interdisciplinary communication and QSEN competencies. Nursing, behavioral, developmental, family, and communication theories provide an essential foundation and a theoretical perspective for effective communication.Learning objectives, chapter overviews, and a detailed glossary focus your study and help you absorb and retain key content.

A greater emphasis on communication, interdisciplinary theory, and interprofessionalism includes a focus on the nursing paradigm, nursing discipline, and ways of knowing.NEW! Focus on QSEN competencies reflects current thinking on technology, safety, and evidence-based practice, especially as they relate to communication in nursing.
Clarity and Safety in Communication chapter addresses topics such as huddles, rounds, handoffs, SBAR, and other forms of communication in health care.

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