Understanding the impact of our behaviour on other people and learning to become flexible combine to provide an incredibly powerful tool for improving our working relationships with everyone we deal with. We also understand the complex and difficult issues associated with negotiating and selling. How to challenge and learn from our definitions and behaviours within self management in terms of our choices and the consequences. Colourful exercise evoking recollections and ideas within less obvious, subtle and hidden communication. Imaginative exercise denoting desirable and appropriate behaviours in reaction to challenging relevant scenarios.
Game playing in order to explore various characteristics to tackle in others and what to “borrow” for a personal action plan and developing one’s communication style. Analogies are used to review specific parts of the programme and highlight umbrella strategies for personal action plans. Emotional Intelligence was covered as part of the Communications Skills Module for RLF’s Leadership Development Programme mentioned above. Interpersonal communication involves a flow of messages from one or more persons to engage another. Private Sector -Executives, team and section leaders, supervisors, managers with 3 years of working experience. Daniel Kam has at least 20 years of corporate leadership experience under his belt in the area of Business Development, General Management and Organization Development work including 7 years of senior management role as a Director of Asian market in the most recent corporate job.

For government ministries on HRMS-2 or ACE portals inform your Training Coordinator of our Course Code and Course Date. To register, select your preferred date and then click the REGISTER button at the bottom of this list. If none of our published course date is suitable for you or your staff, contact us at 6423-1183 and let us know when you need this course to be conducted and if it is possible we will do our best to make it happen! If you require this course to be customised to better suit the training needs of your staff or to have this course conducted on a date not stated in our training calendar, contact us (Call us at 6423-1183) for a no obligation discussion. Can't attend this course during office hours, contact us at 6423-1183 for possible evening or Saturday class arrangements.
I would like to thank you for the patience and time you put in to help improve our English. Description: Be the rock star salesman and entice your clients with your charisma and persuasion to buy! Please note that all the submitted posts are moderated and it may take 3-5 business days for it to appear on the site. Whatever their formal authority, employees at all levels need good interpersonal skills in order to encourage commitment among those who work with and for them. It enables us to find ways to avoid focusing on the differences between ourselves and others and become more co-operative. The concept model is simple to appreciate and use, and is based on well-researched and tested theory and practical behavioural outcomes.

Delivered as a day programme as part of the (initial) Accredited Leadership Development Programme 1st year for RLF in 2007 (ILM Accreditation Pending.) Also used for training the national Administrative Team for RLF in 2007. Knowing these types of communication can improve communication skills and form stronger relationships.
He brings relevant experience, wisdom and practical insights in his soft-skills based programs such as leadership, high performance team work, personal development as well as business development and management. Call us at 6423-1183 and speak to any of your representatives and we would be work out an arrangement for you. The courses in this package use the storytelling and game based approach to make learning easy, thereby enabling you to acquire key skills required such as selling skills, interpersonal skills, business communication and time management. Participants will be invited to think of their strengths and weaknesses and identify signs and symptoms of stress in themselves and others.
A passionate trainer with great empathic considerations, Daniel is able to relate well with diverse groups of multi-cultural and multi-generational learners. They will be educated in the difference of constructive and destructive criticism whilst taking into account body language and its application in certain situations. An engaging facilitator, Daniel encourages active participation from learners of his workshops and courses, ensuring effective internalization and subsequent application of new learned knowledge.

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