Shawn Achor is the New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness. Shawn has since become one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success. CEOs, hiring managers, supervisors, team leaders, and HR staff—anyone with input into the hiring process—will benefit from brainstorming with Bill and your peers ways you can increase team and organizational cohesion and productivity by getting the right person in place from the first day. A former Nonprofit Leadership Center Board chair, Bill is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hiregy, a Tampa-based company which changes lives by connecting exceptional talent with top companies.
First you’ll grade your relational capabilities and gain insight into areas where you might need to improve communications. Brainstorm with Ellen and your peers ways to enhance not only your own happiness but also your team and organization’s happiness by building new workplace communication habits.
Nonprofit Leadership Center trainer and principal of Innovative Team Solutions, Ellen is a certified professional co-active coach with advanced training in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, Tension and Change Management, Appreciation at Work, and certification in Positive Psychology, which she specializes for the workplace.
Are your employees equipped to serve your business needs not only today but also in the future? Vice President of Human Resources Brad Register will share how TECO Energy focuses on attracting, retaining, and developing highly motivated and skilled team members to drive success within TECO’s utility businesses.
Managers or performance coaches will learn how to build individual development plans and performance review systems that serve as the backbone for succession planning.
Brad will share examples of tools that you can adapt to yourself, your team, or your entire company. A Tampa native with more than 30 years at TECO, Brad has served in various engineering and management positions throughout his career with a focus in the last nine years as a strategic leader in TECO Energy’s Human Resources Department. The American workforce is more diverse today than at any other time: For the first time in our nation’s history, America has five living generations and four generations in the workplace. You’ll learn what makes each generation unique and what motivates them—where they find their bliss.
ITK Consultants principal and NLC trainer Margarita Sarmiento works with public, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations to enhance organizational and personal performance. Individuals who give back to their community through active engagement in a nonprofit’s mission are happier; teams who volunteer together feel closer and more cohesive. Elizabeth Frazier shares how the Lightning Foundation actively supports community nonprofits by making it easy for their team members to volunteer and why the Viniks and the Foundation felt volunteerism was so important that they established the Lightning Community Heroes program to recognize it. Elizabeth will outline numerous ways you can get involved in doing good right here at home, share ideas for making volunteerism a part of your corporate culture, and point out great resources that the Lightning use to find volunteer opportunities to suit every talent and timeframe.
Walk away with an action plan for finding your nonprofit fit and using your unique strengths to make a difference in Tampa Bay. Elizabeth Frazier is Executive Director of the Lightning Foundation and Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Initiatives.
Supervisors and team leaders, learn how employee health and engagement are connected to your bottom line, and create an organizational action plan for building a culture that attracts, supports, and retains engaged and resilient high performers. This class is meant for nonprofit staff members with direct responsibility for maintaining the organization's website. Misann Ellmaker draws on more than 20 years of public relations, marketing and copywriting experience.
Organizations of all size and type must be in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to avoid costly legal issues.
Special attention will be paid to important and upcoming changes to the regulations for Fair Labor Standards Act, Section 13(a)(1), which governs overtime exemptions. Webinar participants are encouraged to email a sample section of one of their grant proposals to Education Manager Jennifer Dodd one week prior to the webinar to be critiqued during the webinar as time allows.
This is an advanced webinar and registration is restricted to those who have previously completed the NLC Certificate in Grant Writing.
This two-part class dedicated to understanding Google Analytics will help you learn basic strategies and techniques for this powerful metric tool. Join us for this interactive program as Bryn Warner, CFRE, Senior Director Resource Development with Suncoast Hospice, guides you through using LinkedIn to build your personal brand.
What to bring: To maximize your in-class experience please bring a laptop or tablet and your website information. Emotional intelligence (EQ) describes the ability to understand one's own feelings and that of groups as well as how these emotions influence motivation and behavior. Active listening encompasses the best of communication, including listening to what others are saying, processing the information, and responding to it in order to clarify and elicit more information.
This class is highly recommended for every nonprofit professional and will be especially helpful for team leaders, department heads, supervisors, program directors, volunteer managers, fundraisers, HR staff, and senior staff members. In this 4-hour class, trainer Mark McCatty will walk you through the dynamics of successful--and unsuccessful—teams and explain how the social work environment impacts group dynamics.
Whether you work in a tight-knit team within a single department or your team spans the entire organization, you will benefit from this training, and can expect to takeaway new skills and a personal action plan to implement. NLC trainer Mark McCatty, has nearly 20 years proven management experience in manufacturing and production environments. This is the first in a three-part series covering the basics of conducting a capital campaign and is the perfect session for the CEO, Board of Directors, Development Director or Campaign Committee Chair and members to attend. Bringing your entire campaign leadership team will create the greatest learning and impact for your organization, and remember each additional registrant after the first receives a 10% discount on registration.
Do you want to take your leadership skills to the next level?  Create a higher-level, positive work environment?  Increase employee engagement, productivity, creativity, and morale? The foundation of every successful fund development program rests in the gifts that come in year after year.
The techniques for annual giving programs – direct mail, social media, online giving, cause-related marketing, and special events – are varied but equally important. This program uses a practical, hands-on approach to the process of developing an annual giving plan. Join us for this program as Tuesdi Dyer helps you improve the annual sustainability of your organization through a dynamic and strategic annual giving program.
Join us for this program as Tuesdi Dyer teaches you best practices while leading you through the major gift process. The second in a three-part series covering the basics of a successful capital campaign, this 4-hour session assist you in implementing a capital campaign. This class is recommended for the CEO, Board of Directors, Development Director or Campaign Committee Chair and members to attend.
When you know your strengths, you can build upon them to maximize your effectiveness, both at work and at home.
Presenter Ellen Nastir, M.Ed.,PCC, BCC, CPCC, teaches you how to maximize your strengths while transforming your weaknesses into learned strengths! This interactive and practical 3-day training program is designed for those who seek to acquire the knowledge and practice the skills necessary to succeed in today's competitive grant writing environment. Experienced grant writer Jule Colvin teaches best practices for developing successful grant proposals, along with hands on exercises in the development of agency and program budgets.
Have the grant you have been building evaluated by local grant experts and get feedback on how you can improve. Whether you are building from the ground up, reworking an existing program, or are just in need of confirmation that you're doing it right -- this program provides a comprehensive look at developing an ethical and sustainable approach to fund development. Join us for this program as Sara Leonard, MBA, CFRE, guides you through the elements of a winning fundraising strategy.
What to bring: To maximize your in-class experience, bring your organization's mission statement, most recent newsletter, stewardship materials, annual report and any long-term or strategic planning documents.
NLC trainer Nancy Ridenour, CPA, CPA, CFE, has extensive experience in auditing, forensic accounting and fraud investigations. Many in the nonprofit sector are unprepared to manage and analyze the financial information important to our programs and organizations. Join us for this full-day program as presenter, Teresa Craig, CPA, teaches you the basics of good financial management and how to use financial information to communicate with others. This program provides financial instruction and confidence for non-financial staff members who have to deal with "the numbers", but lack an accounting or finance background.
The third and final class in our Capital Campaigns Basics series will take you through the process of how to guide your volunteers and Board members through the solicitation process, develop and steward donors, how to manage day to day operations, and create successful publications to promote your campaign. In this 4-hour class, you will actively participate in exercises that will effectively prepare you for a solicitation visit. When Russ Volckmann posted an invitation to write about design thinking for ILR on a LinkedIn forum, I jumped at the chance. Seeking to understand what integralists think not just as individuals but “how we think and how we do” with emphasis on the dialogical and collaborative WE, Russ Volckmann quoted Peter H.
As the iterative and qualitative how of process innovation, integral design configurations are inclusive, empathic, transparent and contextually aware. Back in 1991, two years into my first academic appointment at New Mexico State University, I suddenly found myself in a hospital bed in the Cleveland Clinic recovering from surgery for removal of a stage IA ovarian cancer.
I teach applied ethics of design practice and philosophy of design for sustainability at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), a leading interdisciplinary and trans-media school of art and design where undergraduates declare no majors. My background in the fine arts with research expertise in craft practices and cultural innovation has allowed me to explore topics ranging from traditional ethnic practices to Martha Stewart Living, drawing me again and again through various lenses, to the intersection of craft, technology and place. Art historian Lothar Ledderose, in his Ten Thousand Things: Module and Mass Production in Chinese Art describes Chinese cultural production as a nimble sensitivity to complex modular systems design whether in language, cuisine or city planning.
Having grown up in post-industrial ‘rust belt’ Cleveland, Ohio where the polluted Cuyahoga River caught on fire in 1969, I witnessed and related to the dignities as well as the disasters resulting from the deep transitions unfolding in the explosive growth hastened by Deng Xiao Ping’s “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”. Due to my ongoing interest in the societal changes occurring as a result of especially rapid change, I continue long-term curricular consulting with educational organizations in Asia on a range of projects in education and hybrid enterprise mostly because I continue to learn so much from China and its diaspora. Since that time I have assisted with various community-level cooperative design and entrepreneurship initiatives to facilitate resourceful responses to globalization. Design, as the conscious human willing to create and destroy, necessitates constant management of the instrumental-substantive polarity.
The Experience Economy, Wired to Care, and Emotionally Durable Design are titles of three books representing a trend that has captured the imaginations of designers who wish to re-enchant the lived experience by means of heightening awareness of our sacred role in unitive world-making. Lisa Norton, Professor, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects. Yes, Yellow does resonate with Beige, and it is an "I" system to some degree, but the characteristics change significantly between first and second tier. As for Teal being Turquoise, I expect that there is a degree of aspiration in some people towards a holistic perspective and of course it is on the horizon, but some caution is needed. My limited understanding of SD und RO leads me to the idea, there there might be a fairly widespread confusion of states.

Yellow is the second tier beige, and in beige it is about survival, and there isn't really any organisation.
Found this through a friend and client at Zappos and very energized to read how you weave together (or reveal the earlier connections between) all these elements.
A particular pleasure to see and feel the voices of George Por and John Watters in here - good friends and colleagues.
Le Leadership Tribal nous vient d’une etude menee pendant plus de 10 ans sur plusieurs entreprises diverses. Une tribu est un groupe de 20 a 150 personnes qui se connaissent suffisamment pour se saluer lorsqu’elles se croisent dans la rue. Ce paragraphe resume brievement les principaux leviers permettant de passer d’un stade a un autre. Lui proposer des projets qu’elle peut reussir a court terme et qui necessitent peu de suivi ou surveillance. L’encourager a former des relations tryadiques (3 personnes) autour de valeurs fondamentales communes. Lui montrer que le vrai pouvoir ne provient pas de la connaissance et la detention d’informations mais des reseaux. La plupart des personnes interrogees dans le cadre de cette etude se positionnent generalement a 1 ou 2 stades au dessus de la realite.
Identifier les valeurs fondamentales et la noble cause de la tribu qui federera les membres. Recenser les comportements a adopter pour atteindre les resultats vises et verifier que les actifs permettent d’accomplir ces comportements. Si les verifications mentionnees revelent des limites (pas assez d’actifs pour atteindre les resultats vises, ou comportements inappropries), on revise les resultats ou definit des resultats intermediaires et on ajuste les comportements. Le leader devra toujours respecter les valeurs identifiees et la noble cause quitte a faire des renoncements (renoncer a un marche par exemple).
Regulierement, tous les 2 ou 3 mois par exemple, la tribu se reunit et prends le temps de faire le point. Alors que les leaders tribaux travaillent pour le bien du groupe, non pas pour eux meme, ils sont recompenses par la loyaute, le travail acharne, l’innovation et la collaboration. Une boite a outils de leadership tribal dans laquelle on peut notamment trouver un outil d’identification des valeurs fondamentales. Bonjour, je suis Florent Lothon, manager de generation Y et l'auteur des contenus de ce site.
He spent 12 years at Harvard, where he won over a dozen distinguished teaching awards, and delivered lectures on positive psychology in the most popular class at Harvard.
Shawn has now worked with over a third of the Fortune 100 companies, and with places like the NFL, the Pentagon and the U.S.
Since 2004, Hiregy has placed over 5,000+ people in jobs throughout the region in the areas of administrative, accounting, legal and customer service. Then Ellen will teach you several communication techniques—called relationship enhancers—that can help you finally talk with that passive-aggressive teammate or let your supervisor know how her habit of impromptu huddles is negatively impacting your productivity. Individuals will find new methods for taking their careers into their own hands and charting their own growth. Learn how to set expectations, provide feedback, and nurture performance and aspirations to grow happy and productive team members. In February 2015, Brad was promoted to Vice President of Human Resources responsible for leading the company’s overall human resource function as well as the procurement and facilities groups within TECO’s shared services organization. Whatever your organization’s mission, wherever you as an individual fall on the org chart, you will benefit from uncovering your own unconscious biases and understanding your leaders’, direct reports’, and peers’ preferred style of leadership. She has more than 25 years of management, training and facilitation experience, encompassing the areas of professional development, team building, leadership, organizational planning, board development, cross-cultural communication, and diversity. Carmella Sebastian of Florida Blue will share the daily habits that directly contribute to your increased health and well-being, which will directly lead to better performance at work.
Create your own action plan to be happier and healthier so you can be more productive and more successful. Carm" is a renowned expert in workplace wellness and enjoys WELCOA (Wellness Council of America) certification.
She was the founder of Minor League Baseball Charities and has launched more than 100 websites, increased website traffic with content marketing strategies and written national award-winning website content for nonprofits.
It is a key component to understanding yourself and those around you—and therefore to your personal happiness and professional success.
John Loblack, will help you to develop and practice the active listening skills that will help you build relationships. John Loblack has decades of professional training and teaching experience and a passion for helping individuals and organizations be more effective. Building and maintaining a strong team isn’t as simple as finding people with a passion for the mission; each individual needs to understand—and be equipped to handle—the obstacles that their team faces each day, the social challenges that impact your organization’s ability to deliver promised programs and services.
You’ll learn to identify team behavioral styles and the common causes of their problems as well as techniques for overcoming those and building trust among all team members.
This class is highly recommended for team members, team leaders, department heads, supervisors, program directors, volunteer managers, fundraisers, HR staff, and senior staff members. Remember, every person you register after the first receives a 10% discount on the class fee! Annual giving efforts are most valuable when attention is placed on strategically identifying and increasing a donor's giving and involvement. Each technique should be part of a comprehensive program that has carefully considered where and how to invest your resources. You will leave with the framework of your own annual giving plan and return to your organization ready to improve your results. Understanding Yourself and Others --The PeopleMap™ core program-- teaches you a new method for understanding and relating to others. Through The PeopleMap™ assessment you will learn your combination style of who you naturally are and be able to systematically incorporate the other "less like you” styles for achieving your goals. This program is specifically designed for those who are not grant writing professionals and who have little or no experience in grant writing.
This class includes tips on how to identify and analyze funding resources for programs and projects, approach funding sources well in advance, how to be ready once the deadline is looming and what to do once you've been awarded a grant.
During the budget session, we will be using spreadsheets (Excel); familiarity with the personal computer environment, creating documents in Word and Excel is highly recommended as a prerequisite for this program.
This session will address the "now what?" of grants and provide insight on how to manage grantor relationships and expectations. This program will take a comprehensive look at the development process and explore how to best use an array of fundraising techniques that will help you increase support for your organization regardless of your budget size. From an industry perspective, she focuses on long-term care and not-for-profit organizations.
In order to run a successful business or program a basic understanding of the numbers is essential. In this introduction, I’ve shared some of my background through stories from life and work. Designing is an action-first methodology (dialogue, prototyping) that people in business professions can witness and experience. Integral design configurations yield profound AQAL reframes, often by means of comprehensive contextual analyses.
I now look back on that surreal whirlwind as the most cherished experience of my life in that it sharpened the taste of everything, revealed what is at stake for my life, and reshaped all my life goals. Starting in 1991, I taught in the Department of Sculpture, but almost immediately faced the realization that my goals could not be attained within the art world system.
My primary role is to hold the space wherein each student may enact his or her unique brilliance. Acting on an unexpected opportunity, I ended up living my dream of an extended research leave to work between Xiamen City in southeastern Fujian Province and Beijing. China, was charged with development of divergent educational approaches appropriate for the Chinese educational context and if successful, scalable. One project involved a cultural industries model for development to extend the knowledge base of a stone carving community in Fujian Province. The tools and processes over which we have choice, as well as their situated and multivalent consequences disclose the fact that civilization is not solid but rather fluid, and the world can be otherwise. Emergent realms of designing such as experience design are highly relational, requiring empathic resonance with the subject in space and time.
As an action methodology, design gives us the capacity to put forward new propositions about our world, to give form to civic debates, to test correlations between edifices and values, and to produce new levels of care and coherence in behavioral and lifestyle domains. Professionally she consults with educational organizations on development and change in the design educational and professional contexts. And I would love to hear how do you sees the role of Sri Aurobino in early nation building og India? I look forward to sharing my voice and perspectives as I transform my personal leadership skills. It helps to classify different training cultures and understand directions for further development.
Same is my perception with yellow - we must not forget that yellow is in reaction to green - the level that took the 'we' too far. Entreprises americaines seulement mais nous allons voir que ce detail a peu d’importance car les principes qui en resultent sont universels. La prise de conscience de l’existence de ces stades et de leur caracteristiques (langage, type de relation et comportement) aident a ouvrir peu a peu (ou brutalement) les yeux sur soi.
Cette strategie doit emerger de la tribu dans son ensemble et du contexte (economique, technologique, etc) plutot que de la vision seule du leader. Dans le cas contraire, la confiance est rompue, les valeurs et noble causes bafouees et plus rien n’a de sens. Mais le pire concerne le secteur commercial au sein duquel la loi de la jungle atteint son paroxysme. Proposent un systeme au sein duquel les enfants ne sont pas infantilises mais responsabilises, ecoutes et auto-disciplines.
Il est libre de droit, et peut par consequent etre utilise, copie, projete dans votre organisation sans compte a rendre a personne en dehors de me citer en tant qu’auteur.
J'y partage mes connaissances et experiences dans le domaine de la gestion de projet agile. Shawn graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and earned a Masters from Harvard Divinity School in Christian and Buddhist ethics.

Supervisors, you can use the same techniques to coach your subordinates to their best performance ever. You’ll also understand how these systems can help protect business continuity when anyone leaves. Improvements to our healthcare system allow people to live and work longer than in previous generations.
People are not fitting into the comfortable little boxes we had them in previously and they certainly aren’t following any previously defined career track.
You’ll leave with an action plan for fostering diversity and inclusion in your life and workplace. She worked in corporate management and training with Progressive Companies, Busch Entertainment Corporation and the National Conference for Community & Justice-Tampa Bay before establishing her own firm to consult and train in a variety of industries.
At Florida Blue, she oversees the NCQA-accredited wellness program, Better You from Blue, and manages more than 200 client consultations per year. He teaches professional and personal development skills that help his students gain self-confidence and follow their personal and professional goals. You’ll also have ample time to practice effective behaviors to not only address any existing problems but also build team cohesion and productivity. With over twenty-one years of nonprofit experience, Michelle and CCS have been responsible for increasing the impact and best practices of nonprofit organizations she serves and has raised over $50 million for the Tampa Bay community through her professional and personal philanthropic efforts.
With the right focus, you can increase fundraising revenue, grow a loyal donor base, and build sustainability and success for your organization. You will discover your specific personality style and learn how to best communicate with others that you work, team and live with to avoid interpersonal conflicts. In addition, you will receive individualized feedback from local grant professionals to enhance your learning experience along with a Certificate in Grant Writing toward your professional development. Nancy is a Certified Fraud Examiner and member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Funders and donors often judge us by our financials and our ability to communicate what the numbers mean.
As I begin this column I am hoping that my contributions to Integral Leadership Review will provide a means of interpreting design thinking case studies from an integral perspective, profiling the work of some remarkable firms, and most importantly, developing a space for us to dialogue and develop useful tools. As human intentionality made actionable, design can be understood as problem boundary framing and process development. Systems thinking is abstract in action and representation, and is a concept-first type of cognitive behavior.
I regained my ability to connect to life with gratitude, a mystical knowing I had as a child, but with an altogether new sense of devotion. Always reading voraciously in critical theory, philosophy and spirituality yet still in search of ‘it’, by 1993 I had already started the long process of shifting my teaching, my practice, and my departmental affiliations from studio art into object and system design.
Objective educational goals include changing existing orthodoxies in design education and articulation of the opportunity for design practice to re-direct the objects, systems and structures of our world toward more caring ones. They include meditation, journaling, dancing, cooking and fermenting foods, listening to experimental jazz and biking. Starting in 1999, and through the period of the SARS epidemic just prior to the Beijing Olympic Games I was a full-time student of Mandarin while occupying myself otherwise with ethnographic study of the informal diffusion of local craft practices that resulted from mass migration of workers from the Western provinces to the coastal cities during that time of extreme economic growth.
It seemed as if every time I found the most amazing acupuncturist or Pockmarked Grandma’s Tofu dish (????), I’d return back some weeks later and that doctor’s office or restaurant would have been unceremoniously demolished along with its entire city block.
A key objective of this initiative was development of curricular prototypes for creative collaborations between ‘math and science’ and ‘arts and culture’ cohorts typically segregated at high-school level.
I feel so fortunate to have had direct encounters with the ‘Three T’s’, Tibet, Tiananmen and Taiwan. Design can cohere community and establish a sense of place, or produce fragmentation and alienation. Yet the most skillful design methodologies amount to nothing without conscious, heart-centered strategic intention.
And I welcome it as it reinforces what I have "suspected" or perhaps intuited - but somehow sensed simply - must be the case. Teal organisations utilize a mystic quality (organisations as manifestations of an independent higher consciousness) that comes from 2nd tier purple. And, as you allude, what a shame that SD has missed such an opportunity to become more mainstream through being overly self protective. Cette etude ne s’interesse pas a la dimension psychologique, sociologique (origine des personnes observees, culture, etc), ni meme environnementale.
Pour verifier si une personne ou tribu a atteint un nouveau stade, il suffit d’observer le langage, comportement et type de relation adoptes. La sonnerie nous dit quand nous devons changer de classe, faire une pause ou finir sa journee. Un systeme plus democratique faisant participer les eleves aux decisions qui definissent le programme et la vie de l’etablissement scolaire. To do his work, Shawn has traveled to 51 countries, speaking to farmers in Zimbabwe, CEOs in China, doctors in Dubai and schoolchildren in South Africa.
Trainer, consultant, and coach Margarita Sarmiento will explain how unconscious bias impacts our beliefs, values, and actions—and contributes to corporate cultures that either foster or quash diversity and inclusion. Turman has managed capital and endowment campaigns for the Vero Beach Museum of Art, the Polk Museum of Art, the Gulf Coast Museum of Art, the South Tampa YMCA, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Clearwater. Nancy is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a degree in finance. As an instrument of conscious group and systemic change, design, has awesome leadership potential.
Like Alfonso Montuori I have always been a seeker, playing many professional roles — primarily artist, designer, collaborator, colleague, student, educator, administrator, facilitator and consultant.
After co-developing and co-founding a new program, I migrated into the Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects, in order to engage what I saw as the greater potential of design to engage and mediate social, ethical, economic and psychological relationships. In China, where the sweep of history feels long, and dynamic novelty is valued above all things, I studied these flows of informal know-how of the vernacular trade specialties with a view toward understanding situated ways and means that point to sustainable lifestyle patterns. My role involved facilitation of local faculty-driven curricular development for a new program in design thinking localized for South China.
I have had the opportunity in both China and Taiwan to engage with representatives of a full spectrum of economic and regional ethnicities, from esteemed scientists and academics to entrepreneurs to NGO volunteers, migrant laborers and students in settings ranging from public art projects to earthquake relief in Chengdu. How might a post-conventional designing agency model change platforms for our emergent future?
It's time surely for collaboration through and beyond the inevitability of difference and conflict.
La pedagogie est revisee pour enseigner selon des principes de cooperation plutot que de competition.
In 2014, Oprah Winfrey did a two hour interview with Shawn on the science of happiness and meaning.
Carm is widely admired for her straightforward talk and sense of humor and for offering all in her audience practical, achievable wellness strategies and solutions. Loblack has tested the methods he teaches, which resulted in his own personal accomplishments of finishing his undergraduate degree in only three years, completing his Ph.D. Nancy is also the current Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Morton Plant Mease Foundation. Too often however, the agentive power of designing is hidden in plain sight as background to the foreground complex of interrelated global Wicked Problems.
These include Reiki and other no-touch therapies and training of the clairvoyant and other faculties of psychic awareness. Another component of this project related a partnership with nearby Zhangzhou Municipality based on innovation, cultivation of sustainable eco-tourism and renewable urban cultural futures. I remain interested in the multi-directional flows of knowledge between the developed world and countries like India, Africa and China that represent a heterogeneous mix inclusive and reflective of the full spiral of worldviews and lifestyles.
Whether in the guise of city planning, technological interfaces or process models, designs tetra-arise in situated reciprocity with historical, interpersonal, experiential, economic and behavioral circumstances. It is the yellow individual growing beyond it's singularity joining hands to serve a higher evolutionary purpose. His research on happiness made the cover of Harvard Business Review, his TED talk is one of the most popular of all time with over 11 million views, and his lecture airing on PBS has been seen by millions. The crises of our times are the unintended consequences, relationally issued forth, by our collective modeling, being and making.
I hold the BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and the MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. From a sustainability perspective, diverse practices of daily life are living systems holding the potential for innovations retrieved from situated praxis and coupled with visionary futuring.
As a pattern and process language that can conceal or reveal the patterns that connect, design discloses the world of artifacts as contingent. Integral Theory, in its fluid embrace of everything without reduction, has enabled me to appreciate the collaborative role of designing agency in prototyping any problem worth solving. So typical yellow organisations out there are awaaz and anonymous - not much of an organisation at all.
Recognizing and creatively playing in this field of human causality is a learning edge for integral leaders. Like Mark McCaslin, I started out in the shop, doing via the body-embedded tacit knowledge of metalsmithing. Anything is possible at the intersection of post-conventional leadership and design thinking.
And on a daily breadwinning level the are freelancers, entering short term contracts at the max, or clustering in loose groups of all self employed professionals, often not even developing a common brand, avoiding to even hire a secretary. Processes like calligraphy and ancient hammering techniques were my entre into the world of cultural production and embodied methods remain a touchstone for me today. They are maxed out with taking responsibility for one's own survival, and strongly dislike the idea of 'being responsible for someone'. Globally, what key acupuncture points are most skillful in an AQAL sense, and how shall we act now? On a peer level this still allows for free cooperation networks, but in lack of alternative models of sharing work of quite different levels of skills they outsource rather than hire. I look forward to the opportunity to interpret some of the best design thinking through an integral perspective in Integral Design Leadership.

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