I am a qualified coach through the Irish Lifecoach Institute (ILI) which is accredited by the Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland and I hold a BA in Psychology from Dublin Business School and I specialise in career coaching and completed an advanced certificate in Career Coaching with the ILI. In 2011 I changed career to set up a coaching and training consultancy – Coaching Matters Ltd. Developing and implementing processes were a key strength I brought to all roles and I loved streamlining systems and processes with a view to improving efficiencies and making life easier for all, but always with a strong customer focus.
It was the many people interfaces and the people development aspects of the roles that gave me most satisfaction. In combining my work experience, psychology background and coaching and training expertise I have been able to bring a rich solution focused approach to help people to see issues with clarity and achieve the results they want. Louise works with a variety of individuals and groups including; Individuals up to management level struggling with career direction issues and finding fulfillment. The Irish Lifecoach Institute (ILI) specialises in Business Coach Training and the provision of Coaching services to the public and private sectors. Eoin is a Co-Founder of the Irish Lifecoach Institute and has been training Coaches since 2001.
Marian has worked as a full time professional coach for the past 10 years working both on a one to one basis and with groups. Our Certificate in Career Coaching runs on June 17th - 19th 2016 in Finnstown Castle Hotel in Lucan Co Dublin. We are taking enrollments from May 2nd for our next round of courses, running from October 2016 to May 2017 and taking place in Dublin (2 courses), Cork and Ennis. I also completed a Level 8 Certificate in Innovation and New Business Development with the DCU Ryan Academy. This follows a long and rewarding career with Diageo Ireland where I worked in several planning and operations management roles.

I have always believed that we have huge power and control over our own happiness and fulfillment and it is this fundamental belief that has led me to the path of helping people, through coaching, to achieve success in their personal and work lives.
Check out some of the Success Stories that Louise's clients have provided about their coaching experience. The ILI was founded in 2003 by Eoin McCabe and Adrian Mitchell, both of whom have been training coaches since 2001 with consistently excellent feedback from graduates.
He trained in Family Therapy, Psychosynthesis and Critical Incident Stress Management before getting involved in coaching. She has developed and run programmes and courses for a number of organisations including Permanent TSB, SAP, The Coombe Women’s Hospital, UCD, Arthur Cox, ESB and Citigroup amongst others. This workshop is aimed at qualified coaches who wish to offer Career Coaching as a main part of their coaching service to individuals and organizations.
As Demand Planning Manager for draught beers, I developed the forecasting model which continues to be used today and was responsible for forecasting sales and influencing key people at all levels across the sales and production functions, to ensure product availability. He trained on the first coaching course in Ireland in 2000  and then received further training in England in 2001 before setting up a coach training company in Ireland with three others.
Eoin is a certified NLP practitioner, Emotional Intelligence assessor (Bar-OnEQI), and MBTI & 16PF assessor.
She has extensive experience as a trainer and sills assessor for the ILI programmes since 2006.
He is certified by the British Psychological Society in Level A (Occupational) and Level B (Personality) testing.
Our uniquely designed diagnostic approach, facilitated through the coaching process, is a primary reason for our success.
By 2003 Adrian was already a leader in the field of coaching in Ireland and together with Eoin McCabe they set up what is now the leading and most successful coach training company in Ireland, the Irish Lifecoach Institute (ILI).

Previously Marian worked with Bank of Ireland for nearly 20 years, in a number of roles but primarily involved in Business Lending and Development and as a Relationship Manager.
Adrian has been involved in the training of over eight hundred coaches and has helped hundreds of people to transform their lives, businesses and careers.
Eoin has trained and coached individuals and groups from a broad range of corporate, public and private sector companies. They consistently deliver excellent results in all aspects of their business coaching, training, and development work.
He is a certified NLP practitioner, is one of a very few in Europe who have been trained in Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual laws of Success for the Corporate Sector, and is licensed to administer the BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory (BarOn EQi) which is fast becoming an essential tool in the modern coaching world. Eoin has written many articles on the areas of career management, career change and personal development in both magazines and press. Their focus is on maximising an organisations Human Resources through the application of professional coaching, NLP, the Science of Motivation, the Psychology of Success and Emotional Intelligence. He gives workshops, talks and seminars in the areas of career coaching, personal & business coaching and personal development. The Irish Lifecoach Institute works closely with companies, providing specifically designed programmes in key areas such as coaching skills training, staff development and customer care, highlighting the connection between personal effectiveness and business excellence. He has written and designed numerous personal development programmes and coaching programmes including the highly successful Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching programme which he co wrote and designed with Eoin McCabe. They also work with key personnel in companies, helping them to change limited thinking, poor responses, and ineffective behaviour, conflict resolution, resulting in more productive, and effective leadership, and all round harmony within the company.

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