The notion of supply chain management is used to describe all the aspects related to the supply chain – in other words, it encompasses all the processes required for making and distributing a product or a service, from buying all the raw materials required for the manufacturing process to transporting them to the buyer. The supply chain manager is the professional who takes care of all these aspects: he analyzes and supervises the materials and the products, and he also makes the inventory on a regular basis –moreover, sometimes the manager also needs to negotiate prices and to attract new prospects. The supply chain management classes are an essential part of the training program, and they are designed to cover some of the most important subjects in the industry, such as business law, math, ethics or management, managerial and financial accounting, the basics of purchasing new material, inventory control as well as material requirements planning, the latter being one of the most important parts in the product manufacturing process. After completing these classes you can sit for the final exam, and after that you will get your post secondary degree: you can opt for a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree in supply chain management, or you can even choose a Doctorate or an Associate’s Degree – generally speaking, the Associate’s degree is the most common option if you plan to work as a logistician or to fill an entry-level position, while the other degrees will help you advance to a leadership position faster and easier. If you are a graduate, then you should know that you can opt for a variety of reputable positions in this industry: you can become a supply chain analyst who monitors and improves the supply recommendations, you can become a logistic manager who deals with coordinating the supply chain of the manufacturing company or you can become a specialist responsible for transporting the goods from the manufacturing plant to the buyer. What all the positions mentioned above have in common is that they all require good analytical, communication and leadership skills combined with training and a lot of work-related experience.
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Supply chain management has evolved a lot over the years, and nowadays there are numerous factors that aim to improve productivity, to reduce the overall time required for distributing the goods as well as to improve the cost-effectiveness.
In addition to this, other typical duties for the supply chain manager include planning the enterprise and the material resources, monitoring the suppliers to make sure that they always rise up to the same quality standards, looking for new suppliers and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with them, negotiating and closing contracts, monitor the current supply chain and so forth. You can get these degrees from one of the numerous online and campus-based institutions, and generally speaking business schools offer specializations in supply chain management as well. Will there be any entrance exam for hotel management courses?I have secured 8,206 rank in JEE of Hotel Management, but failed in 12th standard board exams.
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PMI-USA the Project Management Institute is the one of the largest and renowned body over the world and provides you the chance to enhance your skills and certify you skill sets by the PMI.

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