Then you need AOT's time management course to provide you with skills for effective time management.
Our time management course allows students to understand how to get more out of their day by working smarter- not harder, with some great time saving tips and techniques. Time management is an essential skill to be able to work more efficiently and finish more tasks on schedule.
In today's fast pace and demanding business workplace, many people are faced with more responsibilities and less time to achieve them.
Upon successful completion of this time management course you will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment. Recognition of Prior learning (RPL) is - the acknowledgement of the skills and knowledge- that you have gained through previous studies, work and life experiences.
This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to manage appointments and diaries for personnel within an organisation, using manual and electronic diaries, schedules and other appointment systems.
This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to organise own work schedules, to monitor and obtain feedback on work performance, and to maintain required levels of competence. The new Aquatic Management Series covers vital training topics for every aquatic facility manager.
Every facility should establish procedures to ensure they prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.
This 2-hour interactive, online course features narration, images, video, and exercises and includes a copy of the Aquatic Facility Audit Handbook. This 2-hour, self-paced course allows you to maximize value by defining programs that minimize and manage risks.
The interactive course features video, images, narration and exercises and includes a copy of the Aquatic Risk Management Handbook. This 2-hour interactive, online course features narration, images, video, and exercises and includes a copy of the Emergency Response Planning Handbook.
Being prepared to handle an emergency is the key to minimizing injuries and administering care to a victim. For those that are CPO® Certified, they may get an additional certification through the National Swimming Pool Foundation by completing the course successfully and submitting a certification request with a $30 fee to NSPF.
The goal of this lesson is to provide awareness training to help employees recognize the occupational hazards and health effects of indoor air contaminants and controls to help maintain good indoor air quality.

The goal of this lesson is to provide required awareness training in the occupational hazards common to the handling and use of chemicals, methods and techniques used for evaluating and minimizing chemical exposure, measures employees can take to protect themselves from chemical hazards, safe practices for chemical storage and waste disposal, and the correct response to emergency situations involving chemical spills. The goal of this course is to provide awareness training to help workers recognize the occupational hazards and health effects of chlorine exposure and the exposure controls. The goal of this introductory course is to protect employees from work-related illness and injury. Introduction to our Time Management course will help learners to analyse how they manage their time at work and how to develop methods of freeing up time by delegating tasks or through rescheduling.
To make an impact in the workplace, it is critical that you will be able to learn how to use your time properly. If RPL is granted, this will mean that you will not have to complete the study or assessments for a unit or units of competency. The interactive online modules come with an accompanying booklet and provide a record of completion at the end of the course.
It focuses on the tools that help professionals implement programs to more effectively do their job. You will work through a series of topics, along with case studies that are fully-illustrated with photos and examples. Businesses and organizations in the pool, spa and aquatics field live with several hazards and are wise to be prepared in the event an emergency occurs. The student learns how to determine what personal protective equipment is required to perform a particular job, to inspect this equipment for defects before donning it, and how to determine when this equipment needs to be replaced. This time management course is one of AOT's many online short courses and will help you become aware of how to you use your time more efficiently and take greater control. Managing the risk to minimize the impact of the hazard is the key to ensuring prosperity and preventing catastrophe. Drowning, disease, chemical exposure or injuries can destroy lives, careers, bankrupt a facility and certainly alienate customers. Emergency response planning is a top priority to preserve the health and safety of your employees, customers, and neighbors. Working as a team and following the plan is critical to effectively responding to any emergency. A  A  It is more accessible, because where you live is immaterial as long as you have good online access.

You can live in a different country, take vacations, go on short trips, and still continue with school,4. A  A  Health problems that would normally prevent one from going to a traditional school probably would not interfere if one can work effectively at home,5. A  A  You can go fast or slow at your own pace, therefore, you can obtain a valid fully accredited degree quicker than in most traditional programs,6.
A  It provides a better learning environment for many students than classroom lectures, especially those who like using their computer,11. A  Completing such a degree proves you have what it takes to stay on task, be self-motivated and work independently,12. A  Distance learning degrees from an accredited college or university are of the same level of quality as traditional schools, if this kind of learning fits with your style and skills, and14. A  Unless one uses the phone or Skype, one must patiently wait for questions to be answered through email,2. A  Lack of social interaction a€“ no campus atmosphere or traditional college experiences for the socially minded,3.
If you need a lot of attention or are a procrastinator, this kind of education may be counterproductive,5. The stigma, however, is rapidly disappearing, when such programs are fully accredited and recognized as equivalent to traditional methods,6.
A  Some degrees cannot be offered through distance learning as they are too "hands on" or require too much practical, rather than scholastic experience,7. A  You need to be computer savvy, have good reliable equipment and be unafraid of new ways of doing things and learning new technologies.A One of the biggest problems with traditional colleges is the enormous expense involved and the student loan debt that is incurred, which robs one of enjoying one's full salary for years and years to come.
A All course transfer of credits must be from a United States or internationally accredited or approved school or university.A Applicants are expected to be proficient in the English language skills. A second language English applicant should submit records of TOEFL examination with scores of 550 minimums.A Students are expected to have access to a computer, email and the Internet as well as certain genealogical databases for their completion of the program.

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