It was the summer of 1996, and I had had it with how I was ignoring all the messages shouting at me to “Dare to Evolve.” I opened two duffle bags, chose the necessities and prepped my dog for our big move from Florida to NYC in an effort to find out what the heck I was all about. My intuition had poked me enough to inform me that I needed to expand my horizons by taking more risks to enhance my relationships – to improve my quality of living and to learn more about why I just couldn’t quit my love for dance and “all things movement.” So I did what I thought was right, which was to sink my life into dance workshops and movement intensives.
I was hitting the “Dare” part for sure: jumping into new classes, meeting new people, barely having enough cash to keep the electricity turned on, etc. It brought tears to my eyes, mainly because this was the voice that had been shouting at me. Kathy Lucas is a DEL Certified teaching artist with over 30 years experience as a dance teacher and performer. Flew to NY, moved to Brooklyn, and couch-surfed for 2 weeks until I found my “dream apartment” that allowed pets. I was unaware of just how much of a giant this man was to the Argentinean community and the world.
Her work is comprised of inventive dance fusions  influenced by contemporary, urban jazz, and African dance styles. Her passion, intrigue, and respect for the body’s capabilities led her to further her education as a certified Circular Strength Training Coach, Tacfit Instructor, and Pilates Mat Instructor.
Much like the deep connection we experience from Tango partnering; we can also find in Club training.

Gave thanks to the hoarder who previously lived there and happily spent 2 additional weeks dumping and scrubbing away someone else’s past so that I could begin my journey towards the future.
It sends that wave of energy to the spirit, and that is a wave that feels pretty darn awesome when you choose to ride it. This was the store that supplied nearly every Broadway dancer with tap, jazz, ballet, and character shoes in the theatre district. Every moment of that night was an opportunity to learn, from accepting an invitation to dancing with a tango master to trusting that I somehow was meant to be there.
As an inquisitive movement geek, her choreography is an exploration that draws from dynamics and quality of movement, natural elements, athleticism, and cultural dance forms. This meant that I was able to watch the cream of the crop elegantly saunter in to be fitted for shoes. Now when you take the skill of clubbell training, the expertise, creativity, and expression of dance and marry them…you…Dare to Evolve! Just as in tango, we are more interesting when we trust in our partner and truly Dare to Evolve. I guess it’s the innate form of expression in both the tool and the music that sort of drives the motivation, eh? If you don’t take the time to listen or check in with how it affects you, you either give up or lose sight of why you’re even in the water!

As they made their way through the shop, I couldn’t help but notice how magnetic their presence and grace was. Everything I witnessed that night was a depiction of trust, passion, skill, pride, and grace.
Add the sultry music, and before you know it you’re tapping into the spirit of dance! Of the three dancers that were in the shop, there stood an extremely well-poised older Argentinean gentleman (and I think that was the first time I ever felt the word “gentleman” fit to describe someone).
I borrowed shoes, a dress, and a purse to make it to the show dressed like the average theatre-goer. And all of those things spoke to me beyond the spectrum of what those words look like on paper.
As I sat in this magnificent theatre, watching these beautiful dancers of varying ages, communicate stories by physically, emotionally and spiritually connecting through this cultural dance form, I couldn’t help but go back to my own story and think of what it had lacked… which was Trust. On that night, I was fortunate to observe the dancers’ “Evolution” merge with the “Dare” part because of one thing: Trust.

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