Medical assistants aid physicians by performing administrative duties and handling basic clinical tasks.
Medical assistants are sometimes in charge of buying and maintaining medical equipment and furniture for the doctor's office. A medical assistant can become certified or registered by various associations such as the American Association of Medical Assistants or the American Medical Technologists.
The growing needs of an aging population combined with an increase in the number of doctors contribute to a greater demand for medical assistants. Please include a link to this page if you have found this material useful for research or writing a related article. Your email address will be altered so spam harvesting bots can't read it easily.Hide my email completely instead? Can anyone clearly explain the difference between an MA (medical assistant) and a CNA (certified nursing assistant)?
Im 32 yrs old I want to become a Medical Assistant but I dont have the $$ to afford it I dont know what to do?? Hey Im a High School Student in the 12th Grade and i was thinking aboutgoing into the Medical Assistant field , and I wonder What is the average length its take to Get Into College and Get out and Get a Good Job! I just obtained my associates degree in medical assistant in South Carolina but due to my living conditions I need to move back to Massachusetts and I still need to do my externship. To Jodie and any others wondering about the title "nurse": no, you may not use it at all, nor should anyone else call you "nurse" unless you are licensed as a nurse (RN or LVN - or advanced practice nurse) in the state where you are working. Do u have to be a registerded medical assistant to work in another state as a medical assistant? Can anybody tell me the difference between a certified medical assistant and a registered medical assistant?I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.I appreciate all the help I can get. I am in school online for a Medical Assistants Associate Degree, if you don't have the money to go to school you can do it on line cheaper.
The intricate workings of a medical front office ensure a patient’s seamless cycle in and out the door.
Their work is foundational to the full health system – they become a liaison between patients, practitioners, and insurers. A medical office assistant provides clerical and administrative support for the front office operations of a healthcare facility.
Front office duties involve managing patient files, obtaining insurance information and authorization, processing insurance claims, billing and bookkeeping, scheduling appointments, arranging laboratory testing and hospital admissions, answering phones, and patient relations. They thus have the opportunity to add a personalized and caring touch to a patient’s visit. Medical office assistants correspond with medical professionals, insurance personnel, and patients, at times, within just a few breaths. Through proper training, medical office assistants are prepared to succeed in any medical facility. For the more technical aspects of their job, individuals learn medical terminology, insurance coding and procedures, patient charting, medical ethics, as well as hospital and laboratory procedures. Comprehensive training in the above mentioned areas is obtained through coursework and hands-on experiential learning.
Trained medical office assistants contribute to daily operations, but also the quality of care and overall experience a patient has in the office.
All the medical assistant salary data available shows a strong job market and ample opportunities for employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has compiled employment and medical assistant salary data as of May 2012. The data in the table above represents the national average hourly pay rate and the average annual salary across the country. As indicated in the table above, some of the top paying Medical Assistant Jobs are not always in the traditional healthcare settings. If you have some years of experience that you can see what the national average salary is for your particular level of experience.
The map below from the Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies by state the average salary range for medical assistants in each state. When your ready to start your job search, make sure you have taken the time to prepare the most complete medical assistant resume you can. My purpose is to bring together in one place all the information you need for a career as a Medical Assistant.
They work in doctors' offices, hospitals, and medical clinics, helping to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Although medical assistants can be trained on the job, most employers prefer to hire graduates of formal training programs.
Their duties include drawing blood, giving injections, and checking the height, weight, temperature, and blood pressure of each patient.
This involves meeting certain training and experience requirements, as well as passing a national test.
State employment offices and private employment agencies that specialize in medical job placements often list openings. Medical assisting is projected to grow much faster than average through the year 2014, according to the U.S. Also, more diagnostic testing and a heavier, more complex volume of paperwork will cause employment growth.
Medical assistants who have an associate degree generally earn more than those who have little or no training.
I am taking a health career class that allows me to study all of the many different careers. I start on Monday the 4th of January 2010., as a medical assistant, i'm very scared to start does anyone have tips for me to get thru the next year? I have had many problems with my college and switched to the AAS medical assistant program and am now starting my third and final semester (I had credits that transferred from other classes etc.) I should be starting my externship soon in a pediatric office and am nervous!
I have completed the course in Louisiana and I am having a hard time finding a job, I am begining to wonder if it's the field I Chose or if it's the state our Ecomony is in could someone please E-mail me and let me know the salary that other states are offering and the demands for the job. Im also interested in MA and just happen to read the comments to see the opinions of others. I have decide that i wanted to attend concord medical school they sound like they have a really good program. A medical office assistant guarantees an undisrupted flow, thereby optimizing patient care and satisfaction. Though a medical office assistant is integral to process and flow, they also help soften an environment that is often sterile and bleak. Their training makes them well-equipped to address each individual in a manner appropriate to their place within the health system.
By ensuring the proper information is relayed between patient, medical practitioner, and insurer, a medical office assistant supports a smooth cycle through the office. On average, an entry level medical office assistant can expect an annual salary between $25,000 and $30,000.
They are a valued part of any office team, because their comprehensive training enables them to take on a variety of responsibilities within the office.
Individuals learn record management, appointment scheduling, billing and bookkeeping, computer skills, and best practices for internal and external communications. Training enables medical office assistants to fulfill their role with an excellence that exceeds the mere completion of duties.
They will also vary depending on the type of healthcare facility you are working in, any certifications you have earned and the number of years of experience that you have.
If you’re just entering the medical assisting profession then entry level salaries are the most important. They plan the doctor's schedule, greet patients, file records and correspondence, and type letters and bills.
Certification and registration are not necessary for employment, but they give a person professional standing. In many communities, a local medical assisting association handles job openings throughout the country. Many doctors need at least one assistant, and large group practices, clinics, and hospitals need many. The median income for medical assistants was $24,610 per year in 2004, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I always wanted to be a medical assistant but if it means im waisting my time why not go for another health career.
I have found that a Medical Assistant(MA) is something that interests me, I liked it because it would give me the chance to help others in a way where I won't mess up or be under extreme pressure.Very little information is provided, what I would like to know is this, does a MA eventually earn more than 24k a year? What is after?Well Jake I too was a medical assistant for a number of years, I can only share my experiencewith you, After leaving my MA position I became an Instructor in Medical Assisting.
You may be able to get promoted to office manager, but if you choose to continue to work on the clinical side, you aren't ever going to earn as much money as a RN, NP, PA or even LPN. This website was created to assist people in the medical field or looking to join the medical field, not turning in an essay.

But with a good job searching plan and promoting yourself in the right way, you will find the kind of medical assisting job you are looking for with good pay and benefits.
But this does give you some idea of the kind of salary potential there is in your particular state. They are also given practical training in computer skills, accounting, and insurance processing. Often, the local medical society serves as a clearinghouse for employment possibilities in doctors' offices.
As the total number of jobs for medical assistants continues to grow, the high turnover rate in the occupation will also create many openings each year. Like some of the routine task I know but how many actual emergency cases has a MA actually had to deal with?
Plus, you can begin your medical office assistant training right away and work it around your current schedule. At the doctor's request they arrange for laboratory tests or for a patient's admission to the hospital. More than 350 programs have been approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). The best job prospects are for medical assistants with formal training, experience, or both. The health field is a service field you will never get paid that amount of money that you want unless you are a MD. I just want to make sure I know what I'm getting into, If the job is worth the pay?, do you have to go back to school to work in a specialized office?, and just in general a medical assistants intake on their career. Though I am here to say I have worked for a Family Practitioner for 2 yrs and I am still making what I did 4 yrs ago. If you seek a stable and successful career in healthcare, medical office assisting may be for you! In a large group practice or in a hospital clinic, the duties of the medical assistant may be divided among several assistants. Medical assistants who work for clinics, hospitals, and group practices also receive health insurance and pension plans.
If you are in school your instructors or professor knows you know what type of person you are.
PLEASE email your response, I can't check this site often, seeing as I'm using it for direct information on my career research paper.
You can share your knowledge and experience with interesting students, If your not into teaching, you can do the one of the other functions in a post secondary educational facility, such as externs, placement, program director, etc. I am stressed out though because I have had many problems with my college canceling classes on me numerous times and now Im stuck taking alot on top of my externship plus I have a bad sleeping problem.
Many assistants take electrocardiograms, which measure the electrical impulses of the heart.
So if you are looking for advancement and salary increases that is fair you need to go back to school.
It would be nice if the clinics and hospitals could come together and except both at their entity. So, if you love medical assisting or are sure you want to go further in your career, I strongly suggest going back to school.
That way you can obtain much more on-the-job training and attend school for RN, NP, PA or even MD for free.
Get the degree in Medical Management, Be the Unit Health Coordinator or the RMA,Office Manager, just do what you love. This is just my opinion, but please weigh all your options before you chose a course of action.
What I found is If you know where you want to work, start your research there because that establishment may only except students from there approved schools, otherwise you may have a hard time getting an externship or getting hired. Chances are much better if you know what schools the establishment you want to extern and work for contracts with.

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