Hosting the Loaring Triathlon with my family, thereby raising thousands of dollars for the Elena Loaring Memorial Fund for Breast Cancer Research. Just a week after taking his fourth ITU World Championship, Javier Gomez (ESP) added another world championship to his impressive resume, while Daniela Ryf (CHE) continued her season to remember with a win at the Subaru IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Mont-Tremblant. Canada has been good to Ryf, who won her first world championship in Vancouver in 2008 when she took the ITU U23 crown. Ryf was out of the water just six seconds behind 2010 IRONMAN 70.3 world champion Jodie Swallow.
Ryf made her move about halfway through the ride and, by the 66 km timing point, had separated herself from Swallow and Ellis, but more importantly, had started to inflict real damage on the rest of the women in the field who were trying to get into the mix. Once on the run Swallow, who came off the bike in second, lost some time early to Ryf, only to make things exciting during the middle portion of the race as she managed to gain back a bit of time. In the swim it didn’t take long for Frodeno and Gomez to move to the front and the two kept the pace moving fast as they obviously wanted to keep Kienle at bay.

Collins was first off the bike, but it was Frodeno who surged out onto the run course with the early lead. The race in Quebec, Canada, was a momentous one as it marked the first time an IRONMAN world championship was taking place outside the United States.
Those two were joined at the front of the bike by Annabel Luxford and Mary Beth Ellis, but it was Ryf and Swallow who were really driving the pace through the first half of the ride. Defending women’s champ Melissa Hauschildt had a strong swim (for her) and was just over two minutes behind early on, but by the end of the bike she was almost seven minutes behind the Ryf Express and would drop out of the race.
Last Monday Javier Gomez nailed his fourth ITU world championship in Edmonton, then flew east to prepare for his first go at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.
Trailing by 30 seconds starting the run, Gomez quickly moved into second and within 5 km was only three seconds behind Frodeno. Today, her second Canadian world championship effort was in cool conditions again, but there wasn’t any rain to deal with.

One of the pre-race favorites, Meredith Kessler, had an uncharacteristic swim and found herself a minute behind starting the bike and was forced to chase the fast-moving group at the front. Feeling that he could run faster, Gomez surged past the German and opened up a 25-second lead, but couldn’t gain any more time.
Canada’s own Heather Wurtele ran her way to the podium after running her way past Kessler and Ellis. Frodeno looked like he might be gaining time on the Spaniard with six km to go, but Gomez hung tough to get to the line 42 seconds ahead of Frodeno.

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