Which is why, since 2002, tens of thousands of individuals across the globe have embraced the free, online “Choosing Prosperity Game” as a powerful tool for transforming our experiences of money and prosperity. Abraham is a group of highly evolved teachers who speak their broader non-physical perspective through the earthly vessel of Esther Hicks (pictured left with Elyse Hope Killoran and Jerry Hicks.) They express clearly and simply the laws of the universe, explaining in detail how we can deliberately flow with these laws for the joyful creation of whatever we desire. By writing checks, using your imagination, writing the memos, focusing as you write, and feeling no resistance as you write the checks because there will be no fear of overspending, you will achieve what is necessary in the achievement of anything: You will have made a statement of desire while you are in the state of non-resistance, or better said, in the state of allowing.
So, not only will you have the benefit of an expanded imagination, but your point of attraction will shift, and your life experience will then shift as well. Joyously playing this Prosperity Game will not only improve your financial state of being, but every aspect of your life will improve as well.

If you’d like to learn more about Esther and Jerry Hicks and the teachings of Abraham, visit the Abraham web site or click to purchase an introductory book or DVD below.
I am falling in LOVE with this GAME and I am ENJOYING every minute that I spend playing it. Abraham speaks to our level of comprehension (from their present moment to our now) through a series of loving and brilliant (yet comprehensively simple) teachings. Not only will your financial situation improve, but all manner of things that you have focused upon with pleasure will begin to flow into your experience. It will not only help you to activate more vibrations around things you want, but it will assist you in focusing, more of the time, in a way that allows the things that you want to flow into your experience.

And it is our promise to you that manifestations will begin to arrive in response to your changed vibration.
This note is to THANK this friend who has shared it with me and to THANK all those who have made this GAME available to everyone.

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