Bishop Stang High School Web SiteThis link will take you to the official web site of Bishop Stang High School. One reason for this sudden appearance and proliferation was Martin Luther’s interpretation of the Gospel passage as divine authorization of infant baptism, as opposed to the doctrine of adult baptism espoused by the Anabaptists, a Protestant sect then considered heretical by Luther and the elector of Saxony. Delacroix painted fourteen variations of this New Testament lesson in faith: when awakened by his terrified disciples, Christ scolded them for their lack of trust in Providence.
The subject was popular during the period of the Counter-Reformation because the healing of blindness is emblematic of the revelation of the true faith.
This DVD contains more than 320 JPG royalty-free images of Jesus Healing People and Doing Miracles. The Glory Collection includes beautiful classics from the 20th century, which are well-known and loved.
TECHNICAL INFO: all 329 images are provided in high-resolution (600 dpi) as well as low-resolution (90 dpi). PRESERVATION: In addition to being very useful for websites, overheads and printed projects, this collection is also an effort to assemble and preserve thousands of lovely images from the late 1800's and 1900's.

Any composition of text, graphics, images, coding content and the arrangement thereof without the prior written permission of Michael AngelOh CyberStudios is strictly prohibited. In a gesture of blessing, Christ places his left hand on an infant presented to him on a cushion. Cranach and his workshop treated the theme at least sixteen times at least three for the patron John Frederick the Magnanimous, elector of Saxony.
When one of the versions of Christ Asleep during the Tempest was shown in the 1864 Delacroix memorial exhibition, a critic described it as “one of the subjects that Delacroix has caressed most . In his translation of the Bible, Saint Jerome reads of the event portrayed here, attended by Mary Magdalene, the Virgin, and Saint John the Evangelist.
This early work by El Greco, of which there are variants in the museums of Dresden and Parma, was perhaps painted in Venice about 1570. During his long career in Spain, El Greco produced numerous paintings of Christ Carrying the Cross. Christ’s willing sacrifice for humankind is expressed through his gentle embrace of the cross and his heavenward gaze.

We hope that these beautiful Jesus images will be included in slideshow projects and video projects, too. ARTISTS in our DIGITAL COLLECTIONS include: Artist ADAMS, Artist ARTHUR, Artist ASHNAZY, Artist AUBERT, William Joseph Armitage, Henry Ary, Harry Anderson, Paul Ashbrook, George Alfred Avison, Robert Temple Ayres, Artist BABCOCK, Artist BARRON, Artist BATHMANN, Artist BLOCK, Artist BOOTH, Artist BROWNING, Artist BRYANT, Artist BUIL, Artist BRADY, Artist BENZ, Nicolo Barabino, Carl Bertling, William Blake, Edward Howland Blashfield, Charlot Byj, Cicily Mary Barker, Arthur Ernst Becher, Leslie Langille Benson, Peter V Bianchi, Alexandre Bida, G Biermann, Carl Heinrich Bloch, Francis R Bogdan, Sandro Botticelli, William Bouguereau, Norman Brice, CE Brock, F Della Bruna, BUNZONI RAFAEL, Eugene Burnand, Mabel Buxton, Artist COBBINS, Artist COE, Artist COLICKI, Philippe de Champaigne, Marjorie Child, John Singleton Copley, Tom Curr, Antonio Ciseri, Charles Bosseron Chambers, Hermann Clementz, Bess Cleveland, Ralph Pallen Coleman, Henry Coller, Fred Collins, Harold Copping, Antonio Da Correggio, Josef Cornelius Correns, Leonardo Da Vinci, Artist S Defregger, Artist Des Coudres, Melchior Paul Deschwanden, Edward J Detmold, Alfred Diethe, Carlo Dolci, Christian Dalsgaard, Peter Darro, Ernst Deger, Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, Arthur A Dixon, Gustave Dore, Anton Dorph, Artist EASTLAKE , Artist Hans Eder, George T Eggleston, Rudolf Eichstaedt, Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, Artist Alex Ender , Artist FAY, Artist FISCHER, Artist FITCH, Artist FORLI, Jules Flandrin, Charles Malcolm Fraser, Carl Froschl, Martin Feuerstein, Florian G. With his right arm he holds another child, presumably the son of the woman at the right who holds her hands in prayer. And some have been colored or tinted in order to make them more useful for modern audiences, such as the famous Dore and Bida engravings.
Image quality may depend, in part, on the quality of the original print it was derived from.

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