Manchester United transfer news and rumours: Andre Gomes expected to complete move from Valencia? After causing outrage by proposing a ban on Muslims entering the US, Donald Trump came in for a lot of criticism. British extremists ranked alongside racist killers in shocking dossier of anti-Muslim activists "Let our country get its act together.
Economic advisers tell David Cameron axing benefits for migrants won't stop them coming to UK J.K. As she participates in 'Harry Potter Book Night', the British author answers some questions including ones related to Hagrid's three-headed dog Fluffy and Sirius Black's house.

The next question is related to the fate of Hagrid's three-headed dog from "Sorcerer's Stone", Fluffy. She went on responding to another good question, this time about why 12 Grimmauld Place, Sirius Black's house and the headquarters of The Order of the Phoenix, is located in the middle of a muggle house complex. So when it emerged that the Republican US presidential hopeful would be appearing for an interview with Barbara Walters last night, many thought an apology was on its way. She first answered a fan's question about how the Horcrux within Harry Potter wasn't destroyed when he was bitten by the basilisk in "Chamber of Secrets". Dumbledore liked to put Hagrid's more foolish acquisitions back where they belong - not the forest," she said.

As she participated in "Harry Potter Book Night", an event created to introduce new readers to the Wizarding World, the author took to Twitter earlier this week to answer some questions that had been on readers' minds for years.

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