JC-S2: Ability to conduct a task analysis, gather data, document progress, and prepare detailed notes. Many students with disabilities might need the assistance of a job coach to learn to complete job tasks independently.
Task analysis is one strategy that is often used to teach students how to effectively complete the individual tasks that comprise a job. While the work site supervisor or designee will provide instructions on such things as safety in the workplace, the proper use of equipment, and the appropriate way to complete the job tasks, the job coach may need to break tasks and skills down into a series of smaller steps in order for the student to learn the skills required to do the job task. As you can see, there are many different activities that need to be successfully completed in order to ensure a clean room.
This is an example of a sub-task analysis form that can be used as a checklist, to identify skill acquisition or skill needs, and for the purpose of data collection. Gather information about the job tasks that the student must perform to be successful in the workplace.
Department of Education, located at the Institute on Community Integration in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota.

Complex job tasks are often overwhelming for students with developmental disabilities, and they may struggle to understand and coordinate the sequential steps within a task. The process of task analysis involves outlining the steps that a student must go through to effectively complete workplace tasks. For example, if a student’s job is cleaning hotel rooms, he or she must perform several different tasks to ensure the room is clean.
The specificity and number of steps may vary according the student’s unique needs and abilities. If students struggle to successfully complete their job tasks, they can begin to feel a sense of frustration and failure. Complex tasks and procedures are broken down into manageable steps that can be learned successfully by the student.
First, the students can use the analysis as a checklist, making sure they complete each task on the list.
Therefore, a primary role of the job coach is to identify and understand the job tasks that a student must learn in order to be successful in the workplace.

Steps within each job task are arranged sequentially to help the student coordinate a sequence of steps that may initially seem too difficult to manage. Second, you can use it to identify which tasks the students know and which ones they need more help with. This redirects attention to gradual improvement, and allows the student to feel a sense of achievement after mastering each of the individual steps that comprise the job task. In addition, the task analysis form is a method of data collection to record the progress students are making on their goals and objectives.

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