Insider Coaching Group, a leader in providing career development services, is pleased to announce the launch of My Insider Coach, a new career coaching service designed to meet the unique needs of physicians, executives, lawyers, and academics seeking career change. ICG coaches help clients avoid common job search mistakes, saving valuable time and effort. Insider Coaching Group (ICG) is excited to announce the launch of My Insider Coach a new career coaching service that meets the unique job search needs of doctors, academics, attorneys, and executives who are in career transition.
In this era of economic uncertainty, employment opportunities are changing dramatically for the clients served by My Insider Coach. Specialized professionals seeking career change who employ the expert services of a firm like Insider Coaching Group will increasingly have the advantage in the changing hiring landscape for professional jobs.

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Highly prepared professionals will increasingly have the job search advantage as employment and recruiting trends continue to evolve.
ICG’s team of former recruitment and HR professionals provide job coaching, career advice, and custom cover letters, resumes, and curriculum vitae specifically designed to jump-start the job searches of highly specialized professionals undergoing a career change.
The market for doctor jobs is changing dramatically; doctors are increasingly being employed by large health systems, requiring job seekers to be self-prepared for the physician recruitment process in new ways. The ICG team also work with recruiters to provide their clients with superior job search materials that far surpass the competition.

Executives in weakening sectors, such as construction and manufacturing, may find that their economic interests are best served by crossing over to a new industry or geographic region. The job market for lawyers has never been more dismal, as there are now more law school graduates seeking jobs than there are lawyer jobs available.
This over demand will require many young attorneys to change course and seek jobs in business.

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