Wir trainieren und coachen Menschen, die sich in ihrem Arbeitsbereich weiterentwickeln wollen.
Gemeinsam schaffen wir LA¶sungen, denn unsere Trainings und Coachings helfen beim "Aufstehen" und "Krone richten". Die Themenschwerpunkte sind unter anderem: Konfliktmanagement, Rhetorik, PersA¶nlichkeitstraining, Coaching und Motivation. Job Evaluation: Job evaluation means determination of relative worth of each job for the purpose of establishing wage and salary credentials. Performance Appraisal: Performance appraisal, assessments, rewards, promotions, is facilitated by job analysis by way of fixing standards of job performance.
Personnel Information: Job analysis is vital for building personnel information systems and processes for improving administrative efficiency and providing decision support. Level of details of job analysis: The nature of jobs being analyzed determines the level of details in job analysis. Past-oriented and future-oriented Job Analysis: For rapidly changing organization more future oriented approach would be desired. Sources of Job Data: For job analysis number of human and non-human sources is available besides jobholder himself. Once the job information is collected it needs to be processed, so that it would be useful in various personnel functions. Observation: Job Analyst carefully observes the jobholder and records the information in terms of what, how the job is done and how much time is taken.
Interview: In this analyst interviews the jobholders, his supervisors to elicit information.
Questionnaires: A standard questionnaire is given to jobholder about his job, which can be filled and given back to supervisors or job analysts.
Checklists: It is more similar to questionnaire but the response sheet contains fewer subjective judgments and tends to be either yes or no variety.
Diary Methods: In this method jobholder is required to note down their activities day by day in their diary. PAQ is a highly specialized instrument for analyzing any job in terms of employee activities.

Highly structured questionnaire, containing 208 elements relating to managerial responsibilities, demand, restrictions and other position characteristics These 208 elements are grouped under 13 categories. It is a worker oriented job analytical approach, which attempts to describe the whole person on the job. Job description is a word picture in writing of the duties, responsibilities and organizational relationships that constitutes a given job or position. In other words it is a statement of minimum and acceptable human qualities necessary to perform job properly. Job evaluation is a process of analyzing and assessing the various jobs systematically to ascertain their relative worth in an organization. The job evaluation is done for the purpose of wage and salary differentials, demand for and supply of labor, ability to pay, industrial parity, collective bargaining and the like.
Point Ranking Methods: Different factors are selected for different jobs with accompanying differences in degrees and points.
Job Grading Method: It is based on the job as a whole and the differentiation is made on the basis of job classes and grades. Encourages employees on how to advance in position when there may be limited opportunities for enhancement as a result of downsizing.
Not suitable for forward looking organizations, which has trimmed multiple job titles into two or three broad jobs. Enter your email to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sie benA¶tigen in Ihrem sich stA¤ndig A¤ndernden Arbeitsumfeld neue Methoden, die Ihnen und Ihrem Unternehmen zum Erfolg verhelfen? Too much involvement may result in bias in favor of a job in terms of inflating duties and responsibilities. If the purpose were for training programs or assessing the worth of job, levels of details required would be great.
Specifically job related data would be useful to prepare job description and specifications, which form the next two processes of job analysis.
It is a simple and accurate method, but is also time consuming and inapplicable to jobs involving mental activities and unobservable job cycles.

The questionnaire may contain job title, jobholder’s name, managers name, reporting staff, description of job, list of main duties and responsibilities etc.
If done faithfully this technique is accurate and eliminates errors caused by memory lapses etc. The PAQ contains 194 job elements on which job is created depending on the degree to which an element is present.
This analysis provides a comparison of a specific job with other job classifications, particularly for selection and remuneration purposes.
It defines continuing work assignment and a scope of responsibility that are sufficiently different from those of the other jobs to warrant a specific title. Job specifications seeks to indicate what kind of persons may be expected to most closely approximate the role requirements and thus it is basically concerned with matters of selection, screening and placement and is intended to serve as a guide in hiring. Relative worth is determined mainly on the basis of job description and job specification only. This establishes Job Hierarchies, which is a purpose of fixation of satisfactory wage differentials among various jobs.
Factor Comparison Method: The important factors are selected which can be assumed to be common to all jobs. In this method it is important to form a grade description to cover discernible differences in skills, responsibilities and other characteristics. Gleichzeitig kA¶nnen Sie mit unseren Trainings und Coachings einem Motivationstief rechtzeitig und bewusst entgegensteuern.
Job description is a broad statement of purpose, scope, duties and responsibilities of a particular job.

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