Expert Careers Coaching and Advice is essential to help you maximise your career potential and to use your skills, experience and qualifications to gain a career that you will succeed in. As well as gaining information on careers, we at Employment King believe it is important to look at people’s values and beliefs as your values and beliefs are the principles that guide your life. Our personality type profile will allow you to understand your personality and how you can motivate yourself. Already you may be gaining more awareness of the reasons you are missing out on job opportunities.
Often you find that changes start during the initial enquiry phone call and more changes will happen between sessions as your unconscious mind starts to work in a new positive way. Access positive emotions and eliminate old set backs that still stop you from moving forward. If you live in Greater Manchester you can meet one of our Life Coaches face to face for 3 X 90 minute careers coaching session. Failing at interviews is the number one reason job hunters do not gain employment or a promotion. Our interview coaches offer a wide range of sessions to help you sell yourself during the interview process.
Interview planning - how to plan for an interview, predicting interview questions, and how to been seen as pure gold. Attend the One Full Day Advance Interview Training Course based on the best selling book The 73 Rules for Influencing the Interview using Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques.
Employment King delivers group sessions to Professionals, designed to improve the advisors wide range of skills to help motivate the unmotivated.
Career and Executive Coaching is a proactive activity run by master coach career experts that helps you to keep focused, motivated, and productive while clarifying how you want things to be in the future and identifying a plan of action to help you create positive change and build resilience for any curveballs in life that may come your way. Whether you are returning to the workforce, need a different job, or want to explore a change, a career coach could best help you chart your course. Whatever your unique situation may be, a career coach can help you to reach your goals, stand out from the pack, and move up in your career. You only have to attend a single career-coaching session … and your job challenges will be magically resolved. They’ll help you break bad habits and teach you how to remove roadblocks to success on your own, ensuring you can do this for yourself both now and in the future.

Team coaching is a formal engagement in which a qualified coach works with an organisational leader and its team in a series of confidential one-on-one sessions as well as group interactions designed to establish and achieve clear goals that will result in improved business effectiveness, both for the individual and the organisation. Our approach utilises effective coaching methods combined with individually designed coaching programs to ensure you and the organisation achieve the strategic outcomes you had in mind that are critical to your performance improvement needs.
Our team coaching focuses on you and your key players’ management behaviours and performance improvements.
Team Coaching is a facilitative and development-focused experience, where you will gain new insight into leveraging your own strengths and the strengths of your team to achieve better results on a more consistent basis. Sign up for one of our two Career Coaching Programs or one of our two Team Coaching Training Programs, and have a qualified coach working with you to unlock your full potential and helping you to drive your career forward. It’s quick and you have nothing to lose as our services can be tax-deductible and we offer a money-back guarantee.
Helping you to find your career path, become irresistible to employers, and land your dream job faster. For those who are ready to take their careers to the next level within their current company.
Understand the various customer buying types, discover the secrets to build instant rapport, overcome objections and close sales. Identify strengths, weaknesses, team dynamics, and training gaps to increase motivation, communication, and productivity. 10 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Engaged and Motivated Top 7 Reasons for Outsourcing Human Resources 8 Things To Remember Before Your Job Interview Skills in Managing Conflict A Great Book for Mediators to Read!
You may be clear about your career goals and you may just want additional support to achieve those goals. Our career coaches have been providing career support and coaching to people at all levels. It also helps you build self-awareness and gives examples of the type of job roles that you would excel in. If one of these steps is stopping you gaining employment, then Employment King can help you overcome this barrier and help you move forward towards your career goal.
One of our career coaches will telephone you back at a time convenient to yourself for a career coaching session lasting around 60-90 minutes.
Our sessions and questioning skills are designed to help you reflect and consider yourself from new perspectives that you have not considered before.

Many people can overcome their barriers through coaching sessions without even having to disclose to the practitioner what the actual barrier is.
The online coaching course is a 12 week course for confidence and motivation with over 36 sessions including videos, e-books and audios. Many people have a fear around interviews and often do not know how the interview process works, how to prepare for interviews and what to say and how to act during the interview process. Success comes once you understand the new and different ways employers use to interview new candidates and once you learn how to Influence the Interview; we will teach you how to Answer Tricky Interview Questions With Killer Interview Answers, and how to use Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques in the Job Interview,you will learn the tools and techniques to pass all your job interviews. One of our Interview Coaches will telephone you back to book you a session for an Interview coaching session lasting around 90 minutes. The session we deliver use a mixture of NLP, Life Coaching, Solution-Focused and IAG techniques. By understanding the client’s motivational language you can use certain words to influence your clients to help themselves to move forward.
By using games and activities in group work and on a one to one session you can give advice and guidance in a fun and interactive way.
Each year more and more individuals and organisations are realising the amazing results that can be achieved through the use of proven coaching methodologies and principles. The coach and the executive work together to achieve maximum personal and organisational impact.
Most people feel so overwhelmed with everything that involves a job search or career change that they don’t even know where to start.
We aim to stretch your strategic and tactical problem solving, your ways of thinking, management, and leadership behaviours, moving you, your team, and your organisation into that space of higher performance. We focus on enhancing habits that will ensure your high-level performance continues after coaching ends. In fact, in a survey by Right Management Consultants, 86% of companies said they used coaching to sharpen the skills of individuals who have been identified as future organizational leaders.

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