Job description is all about collecting and recording basic job-related data that includes job title, job location, job summary, job duties, reporting information, working conditions, tools, machines and equipments to be used and hazards and risks involved in it. Job Description is a summary of job analysis findings that helps managers determine what an employee is supposed to do when onboard. General purpose job descriptions are used by organizations to find the very basic information about a particular job opening. The main benefit of general purpose job description is that it does not consume much time and quickly provides basic information to managers.
The main disadvantage of general purpose job description is that it does not provide managers with full-fledged information about job context and sub tasks. Specific purpose job description includes detailed information about job responsibilities of an employee. The main benefit of specific purpose job description is that it offers ample information to evaluate job performance and determine training needs of employees.
Therefore, it can be said that information collected during job analysis defines the purpose of job description.
MSG team comprises experienced faculty and professionals who develop the content for the portal. Management Study Guide is a complete tutorial for management students, where students can learn the basics as well as advanced concepts related to management and its related subjects. As a customer service, you should treat your clients who complain or inquiry about your company services carefully. Below are some common customer service duties and responsibilities which could be different from one company to other company. Directly deal with the customers through various ways: face to face, by phone, by electronic mails, etc.
Evaluate and obtain complete related information to deal with service inquiry and products. If you are looking for the Microsoft Word version, you can download the customer service job description template below. A cashier is a person who handles money transaction in various locations in retail industry. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Leeds is a major commercial city with excellent road and rail communications to London and elsewhere. Post written by MissCPAIn this article, you will learn about the accountant job description, duties and responsibility, work environment, qualifications and requirements, and salary benefits.
Learning the accountant job description is essential for you to gain an understanding on what to expect in your duty and role as an accountant, or when you hire an accountant for your business or organization.
Accountant is an individual or person who performs any or all of the accounting procedures, the identifying, recording, classifying, reporting and interpreting the financial condition and performance of a business or not-for-profit organization. Accountant job description and the nature of work vary depending on the size and type of the business or organization. In small businesses or organizations, the accountant is responsible on the whole accounting system and procedures. On the other hand, in medium and large businesses or organizations, the accountant job description can be very specific but it can be more tedious and complex.

Accounting responsibilities and procedures are divided into different teams or individuals. Applies principles of accounting to analyze financial information and prepare financial reports for domestic and international locations. Verify and reconcile contracts, orders, and vouchers, and prepares reports to substantiate individual transactions prior to settlement.
Reviews, investigates, and corrects errors and inconsistencies in financial entries, documents, and reports. Provide advice and assistance and early warning of such problems as cost over-runs, excessive charges, and potential penalties. The average working hours of an accountant is 40hours per week, but many also work on longer hours, especially during reporting period, such as year-end or tax season.
The qualifications and requirements of an accountant job are diverse depending on the need and standard of a business or organization. On the average, employed accountants in the United States of America, earns an average annual salary and wages of $40,000 to $80,000. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
Though data includes worker’s duties but does not contain sub tasks, performance standards and basis for evaluating jobs and establishing right compensation packages. Sometimes, a manager may fail to extract correct information from such small amount of data.
It serves as a basis for all other HR processes including recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, compensation decision and many more. If data collected is extremely basic, it will serve only the general purpose and therefore, can not be used for making management decisions. It is situated on the southern side of the University campus half a mile from the city centre.
Job Share applicants are welcomed for all full-time posts unless otherwise stated in the advertisement.
In all such instances requirements must be expressed in specific terms and generalities such as ‘be physically fit’ must not be used.
Business or not-for-profit organization need accounting to identify, record, summarize and report financial transactions used to form decisions.
The increase in the number of businesses or organizations formed each year, the higher the demand for accountant and accounting jobs.
The accounting unit of a large business or organization may consist of several divisions or departments categorized per account or field of focus.
Develop models to depict financial and related activities tailored for specific operations. And the average standard benefits include health and medical insurance, a retirement plan, travel expense benefit, meal allowances, paid annual leaves and many more. It depends on what HR managers want to determine and what is the objective of conducting the process of job analysis. Job description carried for general purpose typically involves job identification (title, designation, location) and a statement of duties and functions of a prospective or existing employee.
Additionally, a job analyst does not have to conduct deep research to gather the required details.

It involves huge amount of details such as what an employee needs to do, how it is to be done and what are the performance standards, etc.
Since, it involves collecting detailed information; the biased nature of job analyst can cause severe problems.
On the other hand, detailed data serves the specific purpose and can be easily used while making important decisions. If you give them a good impression, they will spread this impression to their friends or relatives which could bring more sales for your company.
The accounting job is simpler and easier with small businesses or organizations because the transactions are lesser in volume compared to medium and large businesses or organizations. This is also done to ensure that proper internal controls and segregation of duties are in place.
There are instances you will be required to work and travel to multiple locations to perform your jobs in the branches or other facilities of the business and organization. A specifically carried job description includes detailed information about the kind of job, how it is supposed to be performed and what is expected to be delivered. On the other hand, if you give them a bad impression, you will lose your customers and probably lose new opportunities.
A career in accounting can be financially rewarding and it grows bigger as you get promoted throughout the years.
Let’s discuss the general and specific purpose of conducting a job description process. This handbook includes advice on planning your career path and outlines steps you can take to increase your chance of professional success. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the number of physical therapists to grow 39% by 2020, adding more than 77,400 new jobs.
The BLS notes that an aging population, one expected to live longer and stay more active than previous generations, is helping to drive the job growth. Also, advances in medical technology are increasing the amount of outpatient surgery patients, and physical therapists pay a key role in working with such patients post-surgery. How Do I Become a Physical Therapists?  Most physical therapists have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Most programs require degree candidates to have first earned a bachelor’s degree, often in areas such as physiology or biology.
Doctoral programs typically include coursework in biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and pharmacology. After earning their degree and gaining work experience, some physical therapists who move into a specialty – pediatrics, for example, or geriatrics and cardiopulmonary – will choose to become certified in their area of expertise. Get Matched with Top Physical Therapist Degree and Certification Programs All states require physical therapists to have a license. While the specifics vary from state to state, most typically require passing the National Physical Therapy Examination.

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