Additional hours available upon request at the same rate, if you already purchased a session before. Understand and articulate your unique value proposition as presented in your career marketing documents. Sometimes called ‘spot coaching.’ This is for specific problem-solving issues as they come up through your job search journey. As you go through your job search process and you come across obstacles or need to work through the interview phases, you will email Rosa Elizabeth and she will give your needs top priority.
We will guide you in updating and modernizing your resume and positioning it competitively in today’s job search market. You pay for the recommended five hours in advance to retain our services and premium status as a coaching client.

You might be a very active writer and prefer to do it yourself– but would like the advice of a resume writing expert to bring your resume up to par for a new, higher-paying position. You have strong writing skills, but need the guidance of a resume writing expert to make marketing improvements to an existing resume. Need to spruce up your resume rather soon (our typical turnaround time on complete rewrites is 2 to 3-weeks).
You might have already invested in resume development before and now need to update your resume. We will review your resume in depth, make notations, offer comprehensive suggestions in writing, and send you written instructions, examples, and questions as needed. This call can be conducted before you begin to carry out our edit suggestions or after you have implemented the suggested changes.

We will give it one final review and proofread, fix the layout, give it a polished look, and provide you with any final suggestions if necessary. Let us help you determine which path first and pin-down a job target before we develop your marketing tools. You will email her the topic or goal for your WHEW session, and she will send you an exercise that you can cover before or during the call.
Hire us to bring you up to speed and equip you with an effective and easy-to-use digital marketing plan.

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