This playbook is a very small compilation of putting Coach Wooden’s Pyramid to Success into action. This book really isn’t written for a specific population such as coaches or athletes, its written for everyone.
Each building block is then followed up with a page of scriptural references, questions or challenges, and a page for your own thoughts and experiences. As you can see from the pyramid posted here there are, well, quite a few building blocks that are deemed important for success. Becky is finishing the last semester of her Master's degree in Exercise Science at the University of Utah this fall.
Becky has been teaching and coaching students and staff at the University of Utah for the last 2.5 years. Becky holds several certifications including USA triathlon coach (L1), Health Fitness Specialist (ACSM), and Yoga Instructor. Becky is passionate about training and competing in distance sporting events such as running, swimming, cycling, and triathlons. The qualities of each level are complementary, but the cornerstones, industriousness and enthusiasm, are especially synergistic together, forming the starting point to the whole philosophy.
This book is intended to provide the reader with the building blocks or plays that a coach or person who is willing to improve their life and achieve success, can follow what Coach considers to be the keys of success.

Wooden and Jay Carty (a former UCLA and Lakers player and current preacher) speak to each of building blocks in the Pyramid. In other words this is meant to be an interactive lesson book, one that should take time to progress through. She will be graduating with emphasi in Exercise Science and the Psychosocial Aspects of Sports (aka.
She instructs a variety of classes there which have provided her with a very well rounded coaching background.
He was respected by all in the coaching and basketball community and through his legacy is still inspiring players and coaches to achieve success (aka be the best they can be). I will need time to delve more into each building block as I have set the goal to developing each of these qualities throughout my life. As I  only took 2 hours to read it I can’t say I have fully benefited from the knowledge and wisdom that years of experience have found. Some of the classes include: yoga, triathlon training, cycling, swimming, circuit training, jogging, etc.
Wooden’s players to summon their best anytime, and they began the summoning by being enthusiastic about their work.
Wooden worked on the Pyramid; industriousness and enthusiasm were always the cornerstones, but skill was ultimately placed at the very heart.

So it is intended to provide the reader with the information and formulas to put each block to use. Coach Wooden did not give pregame motivational speeches: emotional peaks are followed by valleys.
Wooden’s demeanor during games has been compared to someone waiting to have their muffler changed, but he was showing steely confidence in his players.
And because of this philosophy he is still honored, respected and remembered by those he taught and influenced.
Coach Wooden provides the rationale from his personal experience and beliefs and Carty provides the spiritual or religious support for each principle taught through the use of Biblical examples. Wooden subtly showed his players his own enthusiasm during games by holding in front of him a game program that he was constantly rolling tighter and tighter. Lambert, believed, paradoxically, that the team that made the most mistakes would probably win, because it is to be expected that players will make mistakes in games, and failure to take initiative is often the biggest mistake of all. Wooden did not mention the opposing team or its star player, and former Wooden center Bill Walton has joked that he had to buy a game program to find out whom UCLA was playing.

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