College senior Jocelyn Erickson and College junior Andrew Swerlick both worked at the Center last summer. And when those eight-year-olds came streaming through the doors and into the theater, Erickson was the one greeting them. Perhaps the only thing more interesting than dealing with the children was dealing with the adults who worked at the Center. One part of her job she does not miss, however, is having to watch the adult puppetry shows that are held at night. Despite having to endure demented clowns and unruly children, Erickson said the overall experience was rewarding." The people who work at the Center are truly gifted and committed,” she said. Swerlick’s experience was less hands-on but just as important to the well being of the Center, he said.

Both Swerlick and Erickson said their experience at the Center was an invaluable experience.
Learn about the professional equipment used to produce television programming and complete several short projects that will air on Lake Champlain Access Television! Erickson said she often had to act as a babysitter for more than 350 over-sugared elementary school children. Erickson said that puppetry attracts “some unique individuals.” “[There was] the man with a long pony-tail who rolled his own cigarettes as a method of quitting, she said.
All participants will be taught the basics of operating a camera, producing a show and editing a short piece for television.
As the house manager, Erickson said she had to estimate how many people would come into the Center each day based on ticket sales.

But how did a student who is a computer science and creative writing co-major end up interning at the Center?
It takes a special person to wake up every morning and teach children to make puppets, and these people were just wonderful, kind-hearted and funny.
So when I went to the Career Center looking for an internship and they mentioned they had one there, I jumped at the opportunity.” Swerlick spent the summer writing grants and fundraising letters for the Center.

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