Donkey Kong Country 4 is a pirated port of Donkey Kong Country on the SNES, made by Hummer Team in 1997.
The gameplay, graphics and sound are similar to Donkey Kong Country on the SNES, albeit downgraded to work on the Famicom. The player controls Donkey Kong and Diddy through numerous sidescrolling levels of many different themes. The sprites are smaller than the original, most likely because of the Famicom's sprite limit.
Common with other games released by JY, a number of variations are contained within the same ROM.
Jungle Book 2 - A hack that replaces both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong with Mowgli from the Jungle Book.
If you get hit and fall down a pit, there is a glitch where you will lose a life, even if you have both Kongs. The teleporting animation when breaking a DK Barrel, as well as the shrinking animation when switching a Kong, are both very similar to Donkey Kong Land's animations. When falling down a pit, you will restart the level with only one Kong, even if you had two before falling down the pit.
If the player jumps while carrying a barrel, they will slow down slightly, similar to Somari and Super Mario World.
The NSF rip of this game includes the ghost house, castle and ending themes from the Famicom pirate of Super Mario World, suggesting that DKC4 was built off it.
The sprites for the numbers are identical to the ones from Somari, albeit moved a pixel down.
Earlier versions of some of the music tracks can be found in the NSF of Earthworm Jim 3, another pirate made by Hummer Team in late 1997. The 4 on the title screen is seemingly out of place, similar to the 6 on Sonic 3D Blast 6's title screen, and is missing a tile. This is the only pirate of Donkey Kong Country to use the Western name rather than the Japanese name (Super Donkey Kong). The JY logo can be accessed by hitting Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right on the title screen.
Some versions of the cartridge art of this game (numbered JY013 and JY014) contain Super Smash Bros. It is often considered to be significantly superior to other pirates based on the Donkey Kong Country series.
As opposed to the original game where you go to the map every time you beat a level, in this game you only go to the map after the title screen and after defeating a boss. The passwords are displayed whenever the player gets a game over as opposed to beating a level like in Aladdin.
It gives the player 30 lives instead of 25, removes the password system, and starts on the third level instead of the first. This is similar to the glitch that usually happens in Donkey Kong Land when you get hit when there is no ground on the bottom of the screen. In the official port of DKC for Game Boy Color, which was released in 2000, this is also the case. However, other Hummer games such as Somari (released before Donkey Kong Land) have this feature.

Melee screenshots with Donkey Kong, Those were sold in Russia in late 2001 which would mean they got the cartridge very late. The animal buddies are completely missing, not unlike many other Donkey Kong Country pirates. However, because the player starts off with 25 lives it takes a while (and possibly many intentional deaths) to reach this screen. Geldman)Known TriviaThe film required the use of over 200 trained animals, including 50 Tigers.
Then Disney became involved and provided additional financing, increasing its budget from $18 million to nearly $30 million in the process. Black known as additional assistant hair stylist Tina Harrelson known as additional makeup artist Sandy Jo Johnston known as makeup artist Patricia McAlhany Glasser known as hair stylist Michael Tyler known as key hair stylist Noriko Watanabe known as makeup artist Cindy J. Gillooly known as greens coordinator Lillian Heyward known as painter (as Lillian Bryne) Jay Koiwai known as stand-by painter Robert Loring Jr. When myfamily bought the movie The Jungle Book, I don't think they realizedthe surprise that we got when we just enjoyed watching this film. Mowgli becomes close friends with aBritish girl named Kitty Brydon, whose father, Colonel Geoffrey Brydon,commissioned the hunt.
When Shere Khan attacks the camp and killsMowgli's father, the boy and the wolf are lost in the confusion and areleft to fend for themselves.
Mowgli is befriended by the animals of the jungleincluding Baloo the bear cub, and they develop an unspoken bond as thegrowing boy learns to survive. Years later, after growing to adulthood,Mowgli once again encounters Kitty, who still lives in India with herfather and her arrogant and deceitful suitor, Captain William Boone.Kitty and Mowgli recognize each other, and while his powers of speechare rusty, Kitty reintroduces Mowgli to civilization with the help ofDr.
However, after spending most of his life in the jungle, Mowglidoes not feel at home among the rude and snobbish aristocrats who arefriends with Kitty's family. He falls in love with Kitty, but wants togo back to the jungle and to be with his real family.The Jungle Book is an incredibly good movie that I highly recommend. Plumford and seeing howPlumford is also trying to learn from Mowgli how to be in touch withnature. Then there's one of the saddest movie moments ever,when Baloo gets shot and Mowgli finds him and just lies with himcrying, then Dr.
He has an Asian background, but has played anEskimo, here in Indian and other nationalities in other films. The animals are fun, too, from Mowgli'sfriends in the jungle to the monkeys and giant snake guarding the lostcaves with the treasure. But from the moment Bagheera offers his tail tothe tiny Mowgli and Mowgli grasps that tail, we are in intimatecommunication with the animals. Mowgli, his pet wolfcub and the rescuedbearcub Balu follow the panther through the jungle and I went with them.Every actor modulates his or her performance to make the story happen, tobalance the telling. Kitty, Mowgli’s childhood friend, does not let onedrop of saccharine spoil her natural young woman.
Cary Elwes as a villainis frighteningly archetypal (just as he is a beautiful hero in otherfilms). Since they are surrounded by masterful cinemastorytelling and heartfelt human performances, their work carries the maintheme of this film.
We know now how fragile the jungle and its inhabitantsare as man approaches with guns and bulldozers.

The delicate balance ofmanand animal, the diplomacy of Mowgli at times, the essence of courage andloyalty — all this is portrayed.
If you know the original Jungle Book andthe moral spirit of its author, you recognize that the character of thejungle inhabitants is respected. In this film, while we are given anadventure extrapolated from the original literary situation, the Law of theJungle is kept. It’s really about the laws of man and the laws of thejungle and the divergence of opinions which continue even today. Most ofthe humans in this film are depicted as tiresome bores, courageous only whentheir finger is on the trigger of a rifle. The film gives some hope for the future when Mowgli(reared by wild animals) and Kitty, a sweet English girl fall in love.
Theathletic Mowgli with the agility of a leopard in his jungle home is forcedto lead a party of soldiers to the monkey palace where untold treasure hasbeen accumulated. Kitty’s life is threatened many times, but handsome Mowgli withhis animal instincts is able to save her. If one can believe all that Kipling portrays, one feels his heart lies inthe jungle which he trekked through himself during his travels in Africa.Maybe his attitude to the jungle is over-romanticized, but the resultingfilm adds up to great family entertainment. Although it’s tothe point that we know the dialogue by heart, it never fails to bringtears, or to inspire. This filmdoesn't quite have the charm of the 1967 film, and there are some partslike the animal mauling that I found rather intense.
But there is so much that compensates; it is actuallytruer to the book than the 1967 film was and it is definitelyworthwhile. I admit it I do prefer the animation, as I grew upwith it, but I really like this version as well.
The animals are verywell trained, I liked how wise Baloo was and Shere Kahn gave a goodamount of menace whenever he was on screen. The film looks absolutelystunning, the cinematography is striking, the forests are lush and thewaterfalls are sparkling. The costumes are fabulous, Kitty's dressesare to die for, and Lena Headey I must say looked gorgeous.
The musicfrom Basil Pouledoris, who also composed the music for the Hunt For RedOctober, is sweeping and rousing, and the pace and direction are slick.The performances are fine too, Jason Scott Lee is likable as Mowgli,John Cleese is wonderfully benevolent as Dr Plumford, and Cary Elwesmakes a suave, handsome and charismatic villain. You can see howthe British treat Mowgli (Jason Scott Lee) once he enters theirsociety, and how Capt. Boone (Cary Elwes) sets up the animal heads likeprizes and proudly talks about hunting them.
It's a moviethat I recommend to everyone, as a good look at history and with plentyof adventure to keep things going.
Also starring Lena Headey, SamNeill, John Cleese and Jason Flemyng.Oh, and I noticed that they mentioned macaque monkeys.

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