We are sometimes so caught up in our busy lives that we don’t bother about getting stranded in the middle of good-for-nothing junk.
When this negligence is shown by everyone residing in a particular area, environment pollution hassles creep into the surroundings. Sometimes, people throw away the household garbage on the roads and there are even situations where human and animal faeces lie scattered in cities. This indeed has turned out to be a matter of concern in places where the rise of population is an unfortunate catastrophe to the gullible environment. We definitely need to bring about a positive change before this planet turns out be a wrecking mass of filthy junk.
It is very essential to keep our environment clean so that we can keep every other disease, pollution, environmental degradation at bay.
1) Over two million premature deaths every year are caused due to air pollution, says the World Health Organization. 2) The Centers for Disease Control has tested a chemical found in the urine of 93% of the people.
4) The sulphur dioxide that is essentially found in coal mines can travel for about 1000 miles in the atmosphere.
All these are the repercussions of the polluted environment caused by the industrial revolution and negligence of the common man. Try to maintain the hygiene level both inside and outside the house so that you don’t provide a breeding ground for insects or any other bacteria, fungi or viruses. Try reusing the old items and give the recyclable products to a waste-recycling plant through drop-off centers.
Moreover, there could be chances of a leaking air conditioner in your car which is harmful to the ozone. Switch to natural soaps and detergents that are made of citrus or enzymes .Thus, the waste water will not contain any chemicals. They must be taught how to keep their surroundings clean and also how to maintain proper hygiene. These are some of the ways how any individual can contribute to a healthier and a cleaner environment.

MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. Copeland, WRAP’s founder, has a dramatic recovery story beginning with her mother, Kate, who was taken at age 37 to a mental institution in the late 1940s. When Mary Ellen began experiencing symptoms like her mother’s, she refused to be limited by her psychiatrist and his prescription pad.
WRAP evolved through Copeland’s “participatory action research” and it continues to evolve. Last updated: 4 Apr 2011Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. The Difference Between Sex and Love for Men The Life-Saving Power of Purpose Are You Sabotaging Your Brain? Sandy Naiman: Hi Becky, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for this utterly wonderful comment.
The Poem that got Nelson Mandela through 27 years in Prison (&12 Wisdom Quotes from Madiba Himself). The Poem that got Nelson Mandela through 27 years in Prison (& 12 Wisdom Quotes from Madiba Himself). 95 years old, 27 of them in prison. He was born just after World War I and he lived to see a black man elected president of the USA. If anyone’s interested in learning more about this mans life I highly recommend his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom. Founded as a print magazine in 2002, we went national in 2005 and then (because mainstream magazine distribution is wildly inefficient from an eco-responsible point of view) transitioned online in 2009. He was an exemplary statesman–before and during his long years as prisoner, and then as President. At least you can consume fresh fruits that will not contain any traces of harmful chemicals.
Buy energy efficient appliances and reduce the usage of air conditioners, dishwashers or thermostats. Her doctors told her family to forget about this once vibrant and accomplished woman — she would never get well.

With the help of one psychiatrist, she started what was probably the first-ever patient support group called the Mental Health Fellowship. Tomorrow could be better than today if you took responsibility to make changes, if you could get support from people with similar ‘lived experience’ and if you could find out what really works for you,” Pocklington stressed. You’ve helped me expand my network, continue learning about all the resources for support in our community and spread the word. It is easy to criticize what he did not accomplish, but it is impossible to ignore how much he did accomplish–and how skillfully and gracefully.
Truly Nelson Mandiba Mandela will live in my heart forever, his words shall resound loudly for generations to come. Half-eaten edibles, waste paper and all other futile things move in and around our house with a prototypical rhythm.
Dispose the garbage properly and don’t throw them on the roads or surreptitiously, into your neighbora€™s compound. Use any other renewable source so that the fear of extinction of non-renewable sources is diminished. We need to wholeheartedly participate in this act and strive to make this Earth a lot more cleaner. Instead, she started asking questions, researching, listening to other people, gathering information, sharing stories, wisdom and recognizing how much we have to learn from each other. He is a great inspiration, demonstrating how much one man can do to benefit the lives of so many.
My friend and fellow blogger, Richard-Yves Sitoski of Wundernutbar posted an insightful and thought-provoking on Peer Support, another empowering way to accomplish this.

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