Unlike in the old days, when the best NFL prospects tend to emerge from mostly powerhouse schools, now there's talent everywhere.
Every week, we round up NFL power rankings from around the sports world in our power ranking averages for a general picture of how things are going in the league.
Miguel Cabrera is hardly having a down year, but a slight dip in numbers is more than enough to guarantee that the Tigers star won't pull off a historic MVP three-peat.
While only one of the rumored coaches left, on Monday morning head coach Jeff Brohm announced the promotion of two current HilltopperĀ coaches and tacked on an extra set of duties to another coach. 31, after being besieged by students, alumni and fans over his handling of the football program over the past few months.
First, whom do I start on my fantasy team; and second, should I watch any of the games at Buffalo Wild Wings. The coaching staff have hit several states hard and often and have convinced potential recruits that UK is where they need to be.

With Leon Allen returning to the lineup, the running backs could be an engaging group to coach. While quarterbacking at UAB, Ellis raced up close to 3,000 yards in 11 games throwing for 25 TDs. Ellis will take over as position coach for a top rusher in C-USA, who amassed 1500 yards in his junior campaign. It really shows what this staff can do with a full year of recruiting even though their first year in the SEC ended with a 2-10 record. Brumfield, the secondary coach, and Shepherd, the wide receivers coach, will team up and handle special teams duties for the 2015 season.
The task is in Shepherd’s wheel house as a record-holding kick return man at DePauw University.
It’s not over yet as other schools still have room to add more recruits but it appears that they will stay in the top twenty and they still need to sign two more players themselves.

Shepherd, in his time with the Tigers, tied an NCAA record for return touchdowns in a game with two returns. At the end of his time at DePauw, he held the school record for kick off return yards and kick off return average. Brohm believes that all three gentleman, Ellis, Lankford, and Shepherd, will thrive in their new roles and expanded duties. After a year where WKU football appeared in their second bowl game in school history and won their first ever bowl game, the Tops are set to take on an even bigger task in climbing the Conference USA ladder. While WKU still isn’t the cream of the crop, they are certainly in prime position to take C-USA by storm.

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