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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. March 1, 2011 by Art Petty · 12 Comments With the clear disclaimer that there are no magic formulas, silver bullets or guaranteed fast-track approaches to success in the workplace, there are a number of critical steps you can take to accelerate progress and improve your odds.
Short of having a genuine out-of-body experience, learning to see yourself as others see you is a challenging task.  Our own view to our strengths and weaknesses is often pretty inaccurate, based in large part on the fact that we’re human and open to a huge number of cognitive biases.
Define a group charter, ensure everyone is comfortable speaking openly about perceptions, and hold people accountable for input…as well as for actions. Learning to assess and respond appropriately to the situation at hand is a core component of projecting your professional presence and building your brand.
The inability to assess and respond appropriately in varying situations is a derailment factor for too many. Managing upwards is one of the more important and in my experience, one of the most under-pursued critical professional activities of all.
Proper boss management requires you to invest in understanding the boss’s priorities, communication and decision-making styles and preferences.
Art Petty coaches and trains emerging leaders and consults with B2B firms on strategy and marketing. Two points I especially liked -the first is leading upwards, an essential skill that is still undreamed and so unrealised by many people.

I encourage emerging leaders to cultivate a feedback group comprised of other motivated professionals interested in gaining and giving input on performance and perception. Politically motivated members and social loafers should be quickly benched in favor of others genuinely interested in giving and gaining. While this sounds a lot like playing politics…and it may be, it is at least being smart about how you participate.  No one’s asking you to nod your head blindly…or, to compromise your morals. We all know the person who never passes up an opportunity to stand-up and standout, often in an obnoxious and off-putting approach. The better you are at building connections across the broader ecosystem, the more likely you are to gain access to unique information and insight to top talent.
Effective leaders apply the tools in 1-3 above and cultivate their power and influence across organizations.
Such an important part of building trust and being a leader is expressing your authentic self, which is difficult if you don’t have an accurate perception of yourself!
I think all great leaders have at least one great follower who exerts upwards influence upon them. Get access to the eBook and look forward to receiving the next issue of the Leadership Caffeine e-news to energize your high performance leadership!
While the recruitment of your 3-5 person group is not easy, a good (dare I say it) support group is a priceless source of frank feedback and idea exchange.
I am indicating that you should be smart enough and self-aware enough to adapt your style and approach to the situation.

A well-developed network where you constantly strive to connect parties (in contrast to just linking yourself into disparate groups), the better the opportunity to help others create value and for you to gain opportunities in the process. They learn to involve others in pursuit of vexing organizational problems and improvements, and importantly, they learn how to make heroes out of others.
For example, if the business is sold, much of the top management will be replaced by people loyal to the acquiring firm. Self-assessment and honest feedback from others are powerful ways to become engaged in your professional life.
All of this contributes to building relationships and improving the way you are perceived professionally and personally.
There is set of core communication and management skills that go into great project delegation and management. Instead they are skills that leaders at all levels of an organization and in all professions can improve on.
So many people are so foucused on getting their point across that they miss so much insight into the people around them.

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