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The action film was directed by Matthew Vaughn using a screenplay he and Jane Goldman adapted from the graphic novel a€?The Secret Servicea€? by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar.
Veteran agent Galahad knows they need a new member so he researches and recruits an intelligent kid with brushes with the law, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and puts him through the dangerous and grueling training process.Eggsy performs well, which is especially useful as the Kingsmen face a powerful new threat in Valentine (Samuel L. The Lion King How to Train Your Dragon Finding Nemo Shrek The Incredibles Toy Story 3 Toy Story 2 WALL·E Aladdin Beauty and the Beast Spirited Away The Little Mermaid Pinocchio Ratatouille Shrek 2 Princess Mononoke Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Dumbo The Nightmare Before Christmas Kung Fu Panda Tangled Fantasia My Neighbor Totoro Frozen Fantastic Mr.
Then let me teach you a lessona€¦ Boys, I've had a rather emotional day, so whatever your beef with Eggsy is, and I'm sure it's well founded, I'd appreciate it if you could just leave us in peace.a€?When Eggsy is confronted by a group of men in a pub, Galahad steps into action to put them in their place, but with manners, of course.
That is sick!a€?Having looked at his file, Galahad sees potential in Eggsy and invites him to capitalize on this by getting him released from jail.
All right, my point is, that the lack of a silver spoon has set you on a certain path but you needna€™t stay on it.

You need to solve problems under pressure, like what to do when one of your group has no parachute.a€?Eggsy and other recruits are awoken when their bunk room is filling with water causing them to find a way to survive. The Kingsmen agents are the new knights.a€?Galahad briefly explains what the Kingsmen are and what they do.
They secretly work to protect the world from evil as an independent international intelligence agency. Knowing that a ton of people will die does not bring out even the smallest amount of guilt. Ya€™all talk so funny.a€?Valentine, who seemingly is humored by strange accents and mass genocide, points out how strange the British talk. While they could be discussing worldly matters, like his plans to exterminate mankind, this topic seems pressing. Cana€™t stand the sight of blood.a€?For someone as ruthless as Valentine, his dislike of the sight of blood is an odd one.

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