While you can advance in the current business and social environment speaking just one language, people that have foreign language skills definitely have more advantages.
While you may not reap the full benefits of being bilingual or multilingual if you haven’t practiced it for a long time, you can still get that back as soon as you start speaking in a different language again.
As a foreign language speaker, you will be able to bring new experiences and perspectives to your team.
Bernardine Racoma writes for Day Translations, a global translations and interpreting services provider with headquarters in Tampa, Florida, US, and offices worldwide.
Related posts How Much Revenue is Lost by Having Only English-speaking Employees What Does It Take to be a Conference Interpreter? According to physiological studies the cognitive process of people that speak two or more languages is better. Even people who begin their language study when they are already adults can also achieve the level of fluency like that of a young learner and take advantage of the mental benefits it brings.
When you are multilingual your brain functionality is constantly challenged, thus it is able to communicate, recognize and negotiate meanings in dissimilar language systems particularly in areas of problem-solving. Multilingual speakers, including children become skilled at switching between two methods of structure, writing and speech. There were already several studies made on the correlation of speaking different languages and onset of dementia.

The University of Pompeu Fabra in Spain conducted a study, which revealed that multilingual speakers observe their surroundings better. In a study conducted by the University of Chicago, they found out that people speaking several languages make rational decisions and are more confident. Since learning a foreign language makes you focus on grammar, sentence structure and conjugations, it makes you better in speaking your mother tongue as well. The team gets exposed to new vocabulary, new cultures and diverse outlooks that can trigger more creative outputs. If you would like to write for the Adventures in Technical Translation blog or participate in one of our ongoing series, please visit the Guest Posts page for more information. As you know, I run it in my spare time and I won’t be having any of that until the summer break! Likewise the brains of multilingual people operate differently, which provides distinct benefits to mental health. Foreign language students score better on standard tests especially in vocabulary, reading and maths.
Those who are monolingual are likely to show signs of dementia at age 71 while the mean age for those who are multilingual is around 75.5 years. Language learning strengthens the brain though the vocabulary building and memorizing rules of a new language.

They have the ability to focus on what is important and set aside those that are not relevant.
The study results revealed that their confidence and decision-making are affected by the biases, nuances and implications of the vocabulary of the languages they speak, as they tend to think in several languages as well.
You will be able to speak and communicate better and you will develop better listening skills. Multinational companies today not only rely on employees that are native speakers of any language, they are looking for job applicants that are fluent in other languages, which is highly beneficial in today’s business setting.
The studies that were conducted considered several factors, including physical health, gender, income level and education level and they got consistent results. This mental exercise improves a person’s overall memory, which means that multilingual speakers become better at remembering things.

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