Here are our responses to your awesome comments and emails regarding all the things you said you'd never do. Encourage them to use their mad Sharpie skills drawing tattoos on themselves and for taking incriminating notes about other people on newspapers. I'll teach my children sign language so they can communicate more effectively with me quicker. The only sign that has managed to actually stick in their brains is the aforementioned "all done." By god, do they love to tell me they are all done with things.
When I was a wise single girl I swore that I would NEVER let my children wear character shoes or clothes. Haukur Haraldsson (HH) is a pioneer in Human Resource, change and time management in addition he is specialized in marketing, quality and knowledge management. Reorganization of the workplace, the physical as well as the virtual, where HH's computer skills can be utilized. Setup and designing solutions for the web together with production of educational materials (manuals, videos, presentationsa€¦). In 1991 when the Icelandic government recognized the Baltic states a part of the process was that the government invited a delegation from each of the three countries to attend a management and marketing training in the summers of 1992, 93 & 94.
A 1986 (two year project): Analyzing and making a new structure for the marketing, sales and service function of the entire Icelandic telephone and post organization (at that time it was a state monopoly). 1997-2002: training of salespeople selling telephone equipment and other electrical devices (about 5 different companies in the private sector).
A 1987-1988 Iceland Air training the entire staff (1.850 people), working with their corporate strategy prior to the training's and follow-up.
1983-1985 Eagle Air, establishing the cargo department of the airline, marketing (introducing mainly Amsterdam as a new destination), interline agreements and responsible for communication with local travel agents. 1992-2003 Keflavik International Airport, training and consulting all the companies operating in the airport (except for the customs people).

1992-now Close collaboration with Heilbrigdisstofnun Thingeyinga on a vide range of issues. 1998-2005 Training and participation in conferences (with input) for various specialist unions and events within the healthcare industry.
1995-2003 The Pharmacutical Industry running trainings for doctors and nurses in context with introductions and as a part of conferences. 2005 service seminars for Farma in Lithuania (a chain of pharmacies), about 200 employees, performed with simultaneous live translation.
2004 Sales straining for Ilsanta (selling medical equipment to the health care sector) in Lithuania.
Specialized independent training and development processes for management and staff of the waterworks, power plants and fire departments for Reykjavik, Akureyri and Vestmannaeyjar, about 1.000 people. Tourist industry seminars and conferences Akureyri, Reykjavik, Stykkisholmur, DjA?pivogur, Vestmannaeyjar. 1988-2003 Many private companies in all kinds of industries, seminars and development processes ranging from 1 week to 3 years. 1996-2000 SVFI (Icelandic Rescue Services) a massive management training, input in conferences, change process and assistance to individual clubs. 1998-2002 various events within the church, focusing on change management, ethics and motivation. A 3-4 year project for Athletic Teachers union in collaboration with the ministry of education, where the aim was to increase attendance to their summer education program, we increased the number of participants from 60 to 120 the first year and the last year the attendance was up to 240 participants.
I broke that rule as soon as my firstborn realized he needed to grab everything in Walmart that wasn't nailed down.
We'll just go the car!  Please look away!" while simultaneously trying to pry away the bottle of Miller High Life your child believes is ginger ale because Uncle Joe told him so.
Apparently, I'm also incapable of stopping this car right now or giving anyone anything to cry about.

Today my three year old is wearing a faded Handy Manny t-shirt for the third day in a row and I have no plans to try and talk him out of it. One morning my little cupcake baked by the devil (my new fave way to describe my kids, thanks ladies) decided it was very important to wear his I love Hooters beads from the Mardi Gras Parade to Baptist preschool. How hard IS it to arrive somewhere on time?" Turns out it's not as easy as just adding another 30 minutes to your prep time, because even when you've planned everything perfectly and you're heading out the door right on time, the baby throws up and then she needs to be changed and fed and burped and whoops, YOU need to change too, and now she's falling asleep and should we wake her or just cancel the whole outing?
I always swore that my kids would be well behaved in stores, yeah, I am THAT mom screaming "GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!! During that time he was a part of TMI (Time Manager International) international team of trainers participating in development projects and training 1986-1996. Members of SVFI were about 20.000 making it one of the largest organization in the country. I arrived at playdates with fresh baked muffins, and juice I picked up at the store on the way. I also once once bought the ugliest pair of plastic, light up Yoda sneakers that you could possibly fathom because my son refused to put them down in Walmart. And then I realized Disney, et al - after taking a gander at my loud, filthy, vagrant children - would probably prefer to pay us NOT to wear their clothes.
HH's job has been development of support materials for all the products and technical support for the ACT! There kids were wearing mis-matched clothes, hair not brushed, drinking day old juice out of sippy cups they found in the car. My middle daughter is a fashion nightmare, dressed in every bizarre outfit imaginable, with leg warmers on her arms for extra flair.

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