Sadly for Law and Order: SVU fans, their favorite show is currently on hiatus but luckily one of the cast members is sharing some secrets about the next new episode. According to the synopsis, Carisi's sister Bella (Marin Ireland) is preparing for her wedding to her fiancé Tommy Sullivan (Michael Chernus). The couple is also preparing for the birth of their unborn child but when Tommy goes back to his old ways and accuses his parole officer (Molly Price) of rape, the detective is forced to find out if the acquisitions are true or simply one of Tommy's crazy stunts. In your best interest, we decided to replace it with another and soon we will provide it to you.

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According to Yahoo, the 69-year-old regular will be making his exit, which was learned during last night's episode by Dann Florek's character (Capt.
During the new episode, Detective Carisi's (Peter Scanavino) family drama will become a huge topic of discussion. News to share a few teasers about the upcoming episode and he said that viewers will get a chance to learn about his family's back story.

In New York, such crimes are investigating the detectives an elite unit known as the Special Victims Unit.

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