Surprisingly, Sonny sounds like an expert in infant care as he gives Amanda tips when nurturing babies. The next scene brings us to what looks like a school parking lot where we hear pleasure-filled moans and groans coming from inside a parked crossover sports utility vehicle. Outside a home with a deflated Santa Claus in the front yard, Mike and Sonny knocked on Principal Bernstein’s door. After showing Principal Bernstein the woman’s photo in Zach’s phone, he told the detectives he does not who that person could be. In the next scene, we find Fin talking to Travis who denies knowing the woman in the photo.
Accompanied by a couple of State troopers, Olivia, Mike and Sonny methodically search the room where the suspect is said to have checked in.
Meanwhile Steve Roth, Phoebe’s lawyer asked to see his client and about the charges filed against her.
Mike and Sonny go back to Principal Bernstein and show him the pictures they found in the coach’s basement. At Bazinski’s arraignment, his counsel implored the judge to grant bail on the premise his client is an outstanding citizen with many coaching accomplishments in the academe. Over at O’Dwyer’s office, Cole and Serena informed him they are not allowing their son Zach to testify. To ensure a conviction, O’Dwyer said one of the boys Bazinski molested has to come forward and testify. At the station, Olivia asked Sonny if he was able to convince anyone to testify against Bazinski. Catfishing turns deadly when a sexting teacher and a high school wrestling coach put their students’ lives in a full nelson. Dodds (Andy Karl), Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Carisi (Peter Scanavino) track down Burnap to a ski lodge in Vermont, where they find her and her husband – no Zach.
Dodds and Carisi arrive at Basinski’s home too late to find Coach and Zach, but find photos of past wrestling students, all taken at the same wooded cabin in Pennsylvania. Returning to New York, Zach refuses a rape kit, and although he admits to being sexually assaulted, his parents won’t let him testify for fear of ridicule.
A high school student plans a clandestine hookup with his female teacher but ends up in a far more sinister situation.
FRIENDSSpecial thanks to all independent cappers: err0001, TM, Reb, XS, tNe, wrcr, Reb, MW, pwe, JannaJives, GF, SHO, bigfish5, loadstone2k12, thirteen28, CLDD, RKSTR and anonymous other cappers and suppliers. Just then the baby cries, Sonny picks her up from her carriage and effectively pacifies the child in his arms. She informs them her son was supposed to go skiing but Zach never texted or called her if he landed or arrived at the ski resort.
After some time, a grizzly and somewhat hung over guy in a Santa hat begrudgingly answered the door. As for Travis and Jordan who were mentioned in Zach’s phone messages, he surmised Mike and Fin might be referring to two members of the school wrestling team. It turns out prior to Riverpark where she now teaches, Phoebe had been to three different schools in four years.
As they inspect the entire suite, the detectives hear sexual moans and groans coming from the bedroom. At the interrogation room, Phoebe claimed she didn’t sext with Zach despite admitting she was the woman in the photos which Olivia had showed her. In another unexpected turn, it appears Coach Bazinski used Phoebe’s photos to catfish Zach. He confirmed the boys were Riverpark students because of their uniform but he doesn’t recognize any of them since he has only been principal for two years. They chatted with a nice clerk, Megan who helpfully identified Zach and Bazinski from a photo they showed her. The counsellor further cited the district attorney’s case was purely based on the account of a known school pedophile in exchange for a deal. Olivia and Mike contritely feel they pushed Nat into testifying which is what probably led him to atrociously force Bazinski to confess his crimes. In last year’s fall finale episode, Amanda was about to give birth after going through a difficult pregnancy.

Mike and Fin inquire further if Zach has a phone or computer which annoys Serena because she felt they should go look for her son instead of asking too many questions. A young woman with a similar Santa hat and dressed only in a robe with her underwear showing was with him. Olivia assumed Jordan may have received the same kind of messages which the woman in the photo must have sent Zach. She was not fired but had resigned from her teaching jobs possibly because of similar circumstances.
Even when pressed with damning evidence, she maintained her innocence and proclaimed she doesn’t have any knowledge about Zach’s disappearance. Olivia worried that Phoebe might get away with her crimes was reassured by O’Dwyer that at the moment their priority is finding Zach.
Nat could not provide them any information since he had not seen nor talked to his coach for a long time.
She also informed Olivia and Sonny, Coach Bazinski stays in a fishing lodge in the mountains.
In one of Season 17, Episode 10’s highlights, Olivia compassionately tells Zach his rape was not his fault.
They will now allow Zach to go through any public scrutiny especially with all the frenzy and coverage the trial would attract. Just when they thought their chances of finding anyone to help the case were bleak, Nat arrived with something to help them out. He triumphantly gives the recording device to Olivia as Mike, Fin and Sonny watch in disbelief. O’Dwyer disagrees with them and states, Nat’s actions were premeditated and will be charged with murder in the first degree. Nat, a former wrestling student, denies having been to the cabin despite being photographed there, but says he has heard of it and gives Carisi and Dodds a key clue in finding the cabin. After getting shut down by every other assaulted former wrestling student, SVU is stunned when Nat brings a video of a beaten and tortured Coach Basinski confessing to raping past students, including Zach and Nat. Travis runs to school and meets a couple of classmates, Jordan Messina and Zach Foster by the lockers.
Mike gives a rundown of everybody’s status beginning with Sonny shadowing ADA Rafael Barba since he is also studying law. Olivia gave instructions to check if they could get security footage from Jamaica station which was were Zach was headed based on the text he received on his phone. Fin categorically stated if Travis is withholding information and is covering for the woman, he is an accessory to statutory rape.
Administrators from two previous schools said prior to her resignation, there had been rumours about Phoebe’s promiscuity with students. Even though, the detectives prodded David about his peculiar relationship with his wife, their stories and alibis checked out.
So even though it is likely for Phoebe to get a deal for any information, she will still answer for engaging in sex with two underage students from her school.
He said one of the boys is a certain Enrique but he only stayed for six months and had gone back to Colombia.
Fortunately, Olivia intervened and directed them to focus on providing relevant information about the wrestling coach which Zach might have shared with them.
When they inquired further about whether Bazinski would take him or the team on out of town trips, Nat became apprehensively evasive. While Bazinski was being processed for his extradition, Cole and Serena arrived at the hospital. She exceptionally tried to help him understand that whatever ensued was his body’s reaction to his rapist’s provocation. She further ordered Bazinski to wear an electronic monitor and is prohibited from making contact with any minors. Basinski, seeing Zach as easy prey, uses the sexy photo of Phoebe to lure Zach to the train station and take him to his house where he roofies him. When they enter the cabin, they find Zach, drugged and unconscious, and Basinski, who insists he did nothing wrong. Dodds and Fin (Ice T) enter Basinski’s basement to find him bleeding out and barely conscious.

They all rush to class before the principal and the school’s wrestling coach could admonish them further. Mike and Fin looked alarmed although Zach’s father seemed approvingly amused by the photos. Sonny also shared some information from Zach’s previous messages which mentioned Travis and Jordan. He looked more peeved at first and was more surprised when he learned the detectives were asking about a missing boy – Zach. But when Mike mentioned they were only there because they were investigating Zach’s disappearance, Nat seemed concerned.
They were accompanied by state troopers who assisted in a ruse to get Bazinski out of the house so they could search the cottage. They head to the supply room and once inside she immediately kisses and seduces Jordan on the pretense of helping him get his average up.
The young boy calls his father, Cole Foster and lies by telling him to ignore any calls from his mother during the holidays. It was only because of the detectives’ concern and possible rape implications that he realized the gravity of the situation.
The messages inferred Zach should ask his classmates how he could get extra credit in school. To which Olivia quickly retorts, “Like you.” Caught unaware, Jordan defensively asserted his trysts with this mystery girl was nothing like that – he didn’t want to do it but because he had. O’Dwyer advised the group to focus on their priority which is to find Zach especially now that they seemed quite sure he is with Phoebe. The young man told them Bazinski happened to be driving by when he saw Zach supposedly waiting for Phoebe at Jamaica station. The predator now looked more like the helpless prey as Nat repeatedly and violently beat up Bazinski.
He unremorsefully asked if Bazinski bled to death to which Olivia replied, “He did.” Upon Olivia’s prodding, Nat admitted the incident happened last night. It appears Zach will be meeting his teacher and doesn’t want his parents to know of his planned rendezvous with Ms. She also warns him to be wary of the neighborhood and to just call the person he is waiting for. On cue, Fin comes in and interrupts to report about a 15-year old boy who has been missing for over 48 hours.
Since it was already winter break Fin implied it would be difficult to get a hold of anybody from school. He explained he felt pressured to improve his grades or else he would have been kicked off the wrestling team. The young man who was compromisingly handcuffed to the bed turned out to David Faulkner – Phoebe’s husband. He told Mike and Fin he gave his coach the photos Phoebe sext him as proof of her predatory behaviour around school. To which the young man non-committedly responded to having knowledge of a place Bazinski has in Pennsylvania. Zach narrated his coach offered to give him a ride home but instead they went to his house, ordered pizza and watched hockey. Fin was about to hand the case to someone else but Olivia directs him and Mike to check out the report.
Nat claimed Coach Bazinski brought the team some stuff he got at a merchandise store with a Viking statue in front of the parking lot when he went off on his fishing trips.
She also used her card to buy gas which ultimately led the team to track Phoebe down to the Haywood Mountain Resort.

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