The Law of Attraction and a wide range of subjects, including, Relaxing Music, Meditation, Nature, Nature Videos, Relaxing Videos, and the sister site to TranquilGeo Youtube channel. If you go a few days and weeks and find yourself too busy working on this complex goal of yours to fuss about the jigsaw puzzle concept then pat yourself on the back. Find the four most important aspect of your complex goal and designate them as your corner pieces. For all of my single peeps out there on the dating scene, know that dating can be fun when you do it Law of Attraction Style. Since complex goals are similar to jigsaws, an effective way to manifest this complex goal for us in the easiest possible manner, is to solve the goal in exactly the same manner we would use to solve a jigsaw puzzle.
When you have an awareness of the Law of Attraction and how it affects everything in your life, your dating experiences will be more enjoyable and you will have more satisfying outcomes. Throw in the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing into the mix and it becomes a whole new ball game!

Faith - Have faith in your decisions and see yourself as having achieved the vision alreadyd. Consider the traits you are looking for in a person and if your own current traits will match up. Every time you do anything related to your complex goal, you are filling in another piece which will get you closer and closer to the centerpiece. If you want someone to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, say words of love and encouragement to yourself. Imagine the chemistry between the two of you, the conversation, the touches, the eye contact. The Law of Attraction will yield to you whatever your emotions are so your feelings will draw more of the same to you.
Or your perfect date might be someone in your own back yard who shows up one day at the grocery store, just when you gave up thinking there was anyone worth dating in your area.

Be open and stay tuned in to the inspiration your Inner Guidance gives you.Dating can be a joyful, playful experience that enhances your life and contributes to your personal growth. Just remember to be easy about it, don’t take things too seriously and let your dominant intention be to feel good. The Universe will take care of the rest. Christa Smith is a Freedom Coach and EFT Practitioner.
Then you'd really enjoy the awesometastic, inspiring notes to live well, feel great, and work smart - on your own terms - straight to your inbox. Whether you're in search of an inspiring life, a profitable solo-business or a healthier body, I'm here as your Mediocrity Escapologist and Coach.

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