NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has teamed up with a telescope on the ground to find a remote gas planet about 13,000 light years away, making it one of the most distant planets known. A microlensing event occurs when one star happens to pass in front of another and its gravity acts as a lens to magnify and brighten the more distant star’s light. If that foreground star happens to have a planet in orbit around it, the planet might cause a blip in the magnification.
In the case of the newfound planet, the duration of the microlensing event happened to be unusually long — about 150 days. For more updates on topics asked in CLAT, keep visiting CLAT Gurukul which is a knowledge sharing initiative of The Knowledge Tree, Patna’s premier coaching institute for CLAT and for other law entrance exams like AILET, SET, LSAT etc. With a well stocked library of Law Books, Journals, Software & other resource material, we provide strategic support to candidates through Test Series, Practicing sessions in state specific prescribed Acts, General Knowledge, Study material, expert counseling & evaluation of Mains answer books by experts.
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Our students have secured top ranks in various statesa€™ Judicial services examinations and have joined as Judicial offfiers. When Spitzer watches a microlensing event simultaneously with a telescope on Earth, it sees the star brighten at a different time, due to the large distance between the two telescopes and their unique vantage points. Knowing the distance allowed the scientists to also determine the mass of the planet, which is about half that of Jupiter. The most simplified version of the Indian Consitution, ideal for Law, Judicial and Civil Services Exam aspirants. The book is a simple & concise interpretation of the Constitution of India and is a must have for Law Entrance, Judicial & Civil Services exam aspirants. Gupta and Ms Samiksha Gupta are authors of popular books used by students for CLAT Entrance examination.
Moreover, their applicable service conduct rules do not permit them to be used as advertisements in any mode.

However, the list of our selected candidates as well as their profiles is available in our office strictly on demand. It will be mandatory for all such classes to register themselves with the government," he said.
While some say that this is a welcome decision and was much awaited, others pointed out that it might make way for unnecessary interference.

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