Have you every wondered and thought about all those “lucky” people in life and wish you could have the life that they have or the possessions that they have? What if I told you there was no “luck” and it was simply all about your body, mind, and soul being in alignment with each other? Law of attraction will take you in when there isn’t any resistance holding you back, isn’t that pretty neat?
First we need to eliminate resistance in our body and mind to allow the law of attraction to play in our lives.
Here is exactly what you need to do to master these skill so that the LOA will work for you: Close your eyes, get into a relaxing place and listen to this teaching of Abraham.
House of an Internet Marketer – Bali Style ;)Another day in the office- Just Monkeying AroundRipping around Bali on our new wheels! I sit an think about life all the time and to be honest I know what it is about and how it should be lived, but we are in serious trouble now in the world we live in it is so hard to break away from all the hustle and bustle and latest trends, the list goes on. So life starts when we are born we are brought into this life, life on planet Earth as we know it. What makes the world bad is people, yes we have all these people who have changed the world dramatically and made it a living hell for people. The thing about life is that we get dragged into all this fake way of life and all this fear of governments and rules. So life is what you make it, simple, you can worry and stress and face fear but the only thing it will do is grind you down.
At the end of life we all die everyone of us so the guy with the big bank account and flash car, the seven holiday homes and the drug fuelled high life dies too. I use the law of attraction and the power of the mind to live my life and I have a wonderful life. So the next question is how do you eliminate that resistance from holding you back and how do you get your body and mind in alignment with each other?

You can literally manifest anything into your life when you have zero resistance, it is truly amazing!
Listen to it over and over and over again until you are able to soak it in without resistance. When we are born we are pure and we are symbolic to an angel or a pure person who has not sinned. We have governments who say they are running things smoothly to keep the world at peace and in a stable situation. It is a farce and we buy into it, we simply get scared of all the systems put in place to make us stay where we are and go no where and challenge no one. What happens we both get put into the same size of hole in the same wooden box with what we came onto earth with nothing but ourselves. Yes do not get me wrong I still like my rewards and some material things, these are aA reward I give myself to keep me motivated and reward myself when I deserve it.
The first time you will listen, you will most likely have a block up and resistance, keep listening and believing and eventually your resistance will be gone.
I disagree, the governments have a say in who goes to war, when they go to war or why they go to war. The mind determines are emotions by what is in there and gives us the feelings based on that thought.
I take in a lot more when I am in a state of calmness and I can see where others are going wrong in life. Why because of fear, You do not have money to pay the debt off, fear of running up more debt with interest added on, fear of getting more letters and phone calls.
We live in a great nice world with some bad people who try to inflict their evil onto others.
Life is not about buying all the materialistic things that is threw into our line of vision to get us to purchase and buy stuff we do not need.

When people say the big bad world, they mean all the suffering and the pressure of surviving in this so called bad world. Do not let the world we live in ruin YOURA life, you only get one life so make the most of it.
No one can control your mind for you they can try, but if you are strong you determine what goes in and what comes out.
No life is yours it is spiritual and it is individual and you choose what life you want to live.
The nature is so natural and beautiful, when we go one holiday it is the scenes of peace and tranquillity we want to visit. I know there is a lot of conspiracies about governments and war, it is all to do with money and I agree.
We have no choice when it comes to elections to overthrow any of these parties, because they are all as bad and corrupt as each other. Coming from an Island myself who was at war for over forty years and still to this day it flares up now and again. The thing is we get drawn into politics and the bull shit of fear passed down from them to the good honest people. At the end of the day this is a company that has someone working for them being paid to do this it is there job. We let fear rule every part of our life, fear of losing a job, fear of dying, fear of falling ill, fear of not being successful, fear of not being a good parent.

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